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Paperback The Knowledge of the Holy [Large Print] Book

ISBN: 0802727077

ISBN13: 9780802727077

The Knowledge of the Holy [Large Print]

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

This timeless gift breathes a spirit of devotion for all Christians, from those who are newly arrived to those who are committing themselves anew to Jesus Christ. The Knowledge of the Holy by beloved... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

9 ratings

Knowledge of the Holy

Deep and truthful. To truly gain knowledge of who God is is given by the Most Holy Himself. Tozer spells it out. I love all of his works.

I haven't received this book yetI haven't received this book yet.

I haven't received this book yet.


If you want a more intimate relationship with the holy God of Israel, this is the go-to book!! Tozer is one my favorite authors/pastors; truly a man given wholly to God!!

The Attributes of God

I have been looking for this books for quite some time. It came in excellent condition. The price was soooo good. I love the selection of books Thiftbooks has. Never disappointed.

A meditation on who is GOD

This A.W. Tozer Classic is a great edition to any christian’s library. With short poignant yet rich chapters that contemplate I AM and what we can know of HIM is only what HE has revealed to us and only to the extent in which we are able to understand.

A must read!

Tozer calls us to a deeper and more meaningful relationshiip with the only true God--our Creator!

Know WHOM you worship and why you do it

This book is like an oasis in the middle of our busy lives. Here we get closer to God because we learn to know Him and thus, to love Him. This book reminds us that we are not to mistake God for a nice fellow whose job is to help us out. No, this one is an earth-shaking book. It inspires awe in the hearts of the fainted, it awakes you from your self-deluding day-dreams. By describing His attributes (holiness, immutability, divine omniscience, wisdom, omnipotence, transcendence, omnipresence, faithfulness, goodness, justice, mercy, grace, love, sovereignty...) is describes Him, and it produces a humbling experience in us so great that we feel embarrassed to spend so much time thinking of ourselves and so little of Him. It is a shame that we only remember Him to ask favors or to thank Him mechanically for blessings; if we only took some time to really focus on Him, to contemplate all His attributes, what He is and does in the world and in our lives. If we could only appreciate Him more completely, and not so narrowly... it would be humbling and awe-inspiring. This book really helps those who have a mechanical faith: a faith that has stopped growing because the focus has narrowed into attitudes like: "business as usual", or "it's all about me", or "what should I do". And we don't think about Him (the Trinity) actually; we think about things, whether spiritual or worldy, but things anyhow. Well, stop or you'll extenuate yourself. Focus of Him: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. How? Here are His attributes explained. It gives a completely new meaning to the words 'praise and worship' because, when you finish the book, you'll really know Who you are praising and worshipping. It won't be mechanical any longer. Then we can truly say that knowing Him is loving Him. Amen.

An Undescribable Encounter!

Before reading the book, it is recommended that one puts all of one's stereotypes about God aside and carefully read through what Tozer has written. For myself, it has thus far been a slightly frightening experience (but I mean this positively) in that I was lead to encounter God in a way that I was not expecting, and also was forced to confront those areas within my heart that I foolishly thought I could hide. I find myself wishing that the message of this book be pondered by more invidiuals (Christian or not Christian). I have not yet finished reading the book, but I have to HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is serious about seeking a closer relationship with God and sincerely has a desire to know Him more intimately.

A life-changing book... but not for the faint of heart

This book, first published in 1961, two years before the author's death, is, in my opinion, the most compact, and power packed vision of God ever to be put to paper in the last 50 years. In the edition I own, Tozer wrote a foreword in which he makes the statement that he wrote the book on his knees in prayer -- He needn't have told us this; the aware reader will sense the fact as soon as he or she reads the first four pages! Although this is a fairly small (and short) book, it is not one that can be read quickly. Each chapter, though less than 10 pages long apiece, must be savored, read slowly and meditated upon. (I should know. I received this book as a Christmas present in 1992 and did not finish it until October 1993.) There are several reasons for this. One is that the book, though written in fairly contemporary English, is written in a highly academic style which most modern readers find difficult to read easily. Modern American readers should be careful on this point.The primary reason for the book's difficultly however, is the sheer Presence of God which the reader encounters on every page. Beware -- to open the covers of this book and search its pages is to tread upon holy ground. It is to walk in the cloud at Sinai with Moses; it is to be standing at Horeb in the mouth of the cave with Elijah as the Lord passes by in a gentle breeze; it is to be with Peter on the Mount of Transfiguration, and it is to feel the earth shake beneath your feet with the guards at the Garden Tomb as the stone is rolled away.Each chapter begins with a prayer for a divinely imparted understanding of that which cannot be conceived by the human mind. It then goes on to discuss a specific attribute of God, attempting to define what each is, what each is not, and the application and impact these have on our daily lives. If you are ready for a devotional experience that will change your life, GET THIS BOOK ... but only if you have some time free to really absorb its awesome truths.This book changed my life and my perspective of God forever, and if you read it slowly and prayerfully, it will change yours as well.
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