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Mass Market Paperback The Kill Book

ISBN: 0671874535

ISBN13: 9780671874537

The Kill

(Book #3 in the The Forbidden Game Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Book Overview

The bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries now completes her terrifying romantic horror trilogy. Before disappearing into the Shadow World, Julian takes Jenny Thornton's boyfriend and cousin. To get them back, she must go on a treasure hunt. To lose means paying the devil himself. Consumer sweepstakes.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Need to give it like 100 stars!

WEll this is actually a review for all 3 books but I'm writting it on the last one so I don't ruin the first two. These three books were so well written. Everything in them was real. I know in the first two I was afraid to walk where I could see a shadow. But L.J.Smith made everything in the final book, where as now I am not afraid of anything and almost feel protected by shadows.In Book one Jenny is looking for a game to play at her boyfriends, Tom's, birthday party. Scared into a mysetious shop she purchases and odd box. The players begin and are swept into a differnet world...the shadow world. Each one has to face their own fear, Ultimately with Julain, the Shadow Man( in love with Jenny and kinda like the devil) playing the part of the antagonist. Through bravery trickery all but one of the players leave.In Book two Jenny and her friends become swpet into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Julian is leaving little clues about who he will take next. But he isnt playing fairly, hes leaving the clues to late or acting to quick upon them. IN the end Her cousin Zach and Tom are stuck in the other world.Book three(my fav) Her,Micheal,Audrey and Dee are in over there heads when the willingly enter the Shadow World to save Zach and Tom. They run into a game, actually a treasure hunt. It's in a hallucination of a theme park Jenny used to go too. You see a whole different side of Julian, a side I fell in love with because it was such a contrast.Well that's all im going to say about the third since most people reading this havent read it yet.

Don't judge a book by its cover

It's always been a sore point with me that this series had such garish neon covers just like a million other little thrillers, because the ordinary type of young adult horror is conventional and a dime a dozen, like R.L. Stine's thousands of identical stories. L.J. Smith is in a completely different league! The Forbidden Game is packed with jewels, from imagination-firing tales of ancient Nordic myths and runes to dramatic shows of sacrifice and unconditional love. This is not some generic cheap slasher mystery, it's a great fantasy that ought to be in every kid's collection.

Best Antagonist I've Ever Encountered!

Oh, man.... Three days ago, my friend lent me the first book (The Hunter)in this trilogy, and I couldn't put it down. The day before yesterday, I swapped it for the second one (The Chase). Yesterday evening I borrowed this one. What can I say, besides "How could Jenny choose Tom over *Julian*? " What a tear-jerker! It tears at your heart-strings! As there's probably not a big chance for a sequel, I can only hope that anything I write could somehow be this good. This enthralling. This masterful. And it being the last book (and Julian 'gone') leaves me with another problem: What do I read now, when anything I could possibly pick up could only be disappointing? (If you've got an idea or want to talk about the book or anything, please email me!)

The Forbidden Game

The Kill was the best book out of the entire Forbidden Game trilogy. At times this book had me really frightened. The part where Jenny found out what happens to her grandfather just gave me chills. I love Dee's words of strength that she got from the kung fu movie. "I am as strong as I need to be. I am my only master." When Jenny finally realizes to herself that she loves Julian I started to cry. I cried even more when Julian died but it was a good ending to the book. I was cracking up at the part when all her friends are trying to get her out of the park and Jenny wanted to stay and talk to Julian. Ironic. Anyway, the trilogy can be quite scary at times. This was probably the scariest of them all. I loved the entire Forbidden Game series. Dark Visions, Night World, and Vampire Diaries are just as good but none of them really touched me the way The Forbidden Game did.

the wickedest book in the world!!!

this book was the best! i just read it again (for about the hundredth time *S*) and i cried as much as when i read it the first time. is it just me... or was julian the hottest character?!? wow!!! why on earth did jenny choose tom over julian? tom was nice yeah, but he was kinda boring and plain. julian was so compelling and seductive, i wish he was real! forget about jenny, if he wanted a girl that could appreciate him... *S* i'm not obsessed with him or anything, and i know he's just fiction, but LJS has created a truly unforgettable character. the endind of this book was soooo sad! when julian died i was crying so much. at the beginning he was the typical "bad guy," but at the end he proved himself worthy. he actually gave up his existance (can't say life can i?) to save jenny. that is true love. and that is what i want! that jenny was a lucky girl. and i'm really glad that summer wasn't dead, she was kind of an air head, but she seemed nice. that novel has given me so much adrenaline (which i know is weird), i just want to shout out to the world how great the novel was. i'd really like a sequel. i wish julian could come back but i know that's not possible. but imagine the story! *S* did anyone else love the poem in the hunter? i typed it up and put it in my locker i loved it that much. it was really good. and i loved the "all i refuse and thee i chuse" thing. that was so romantic. did anyone else like this trilogy as much as i did? i liked it better than the dark visions one and the night world series (though both r just excellent! ash is a close second after julian, and thierry is a close third after ash and ...*S*) though i haven't read the secret circle or the vampire diaries cause i can't find them! if anyone knows where i can get them please email me! and if anyone wants to chat about LJS and how great her books r then email me! i always reply. also, has anyone else noticed that LJS creates the perfect male heroes? strong and romantic, yet with a bad side too. i just loved julian (as i've been saying throughout this whole response *S*), ash, thierry, gabriel, rob, etc. her females characters r okay too, they're incredibly lucky! and though this doesn't concern the forbidden game trilogy, does anyone else feel like mary-lynette's and ash's story isn't over? i really want to find out what happens to them. cause sure they found each other, but they're not together. ash said he would come back i a year. and i want to find out what happens. ash is featured in a lot of other night world books so maybe if we're lucky... *S* anyways, i was reading this girls's response on how this trilogy should be turned into a movie and i totally agree!!! it has a wicked plot. i think i've written enough so i'll end this now. but like i said before, always looking for new LJS email pals so if anyone is interested email me! that's it, bye.Unity, Lily (yes i have that evil girl's name *S*)
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