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Paperback The Invisible Man (Apple Classics) Book

ISBN: 0590440160

ISBN13: 9780590440165

The Invisible Man (Apple Classics)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

A quiet English country village is disturbed by the arrival of a mysterious stranger who keeps his face hidden and his back to everyone.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Invisibile Man

This book started out kind of dull. But as you got farther into it, it got more and more and more incredible. The whole book was confusing, but it was very interesting. Adrian

One of my most beloved books

The invisible man tells the story of a man who invents an invisible serum which not only affects his personal life, but also his mental state. The book overall is very discriptive. It containd so much eloquence and scientific backround you may think that the serum is real. The sence of realism and scientific explanation creates a story so pulse pounding you will not put it down. Probably the main strength of the invisible man is the personal life of Griffin, the scientist that invented the serum, he did not have a joyfull childhood, and he did not have a good life overall, though he is a man of great brilliance, so once he became invisible his life went to an all time low. He is in the nude in mid london, he does not have much money, he is very much frustrated. He then becomes a tad violent and mentally unstable at times; and due to that he cause a discord in an inn in the rural london that makes him a n infamous beast, and ofcourse london is at a peak of terror. Well if you were mentaly unstable , invisible, and everyone is afraid of you ofcourse you would go.......... well...........nuts. to find out more read the book.

A great classic.

This is a classic tale about a researcher who, while he was the equivalent of a graduate student in physics, discovers a treatment for making himself invisible (using chemicals and mathematical expressions containing four dimensions). He quickly discovers how dependent he is on others and that he doesn't have the power he thought he would. I had always thought, based on what I had heard about the film based on this book, that the invisibility process made the researcher (Griffin) mad. However, upon reading the novel, I find that Griffin is morally and ethically bankrupt long before he takes the treatment. His initial reasons for becoming invisible is to avoid paying his rent (as he sneaks out of the building, he sets it on fire as a "lesson" for his landlord). All he thinks about is himself and to have power over others. He steals from his father who, since it wasn't his money, commits suicide. Griffin goes to the funeral simply because it is expected of him; but, he feels no remorse. He is a man who feels that the end (his power) justifies the means. Wells clearly has Griffin as the villian.

A positive summary for a truly excellent sci-fi novel.

Imagine an insane lunatic wandering around your town. Sounds creepy, eh? On top of that, say the man is invisible! That is the basic plot behind The Invisible Man. This story is an excellent piece of science fiction literature by one of the world's most reknown sci-fi authors-H.G. Wells. At the beginning of the story, the invisible man appears (or not!) in a small village in England called Iping. He presents himself wearing bandages around all of his features to hide his invisibility. After an extended stay at a local inn, the man begins to draw suspicion from the citizens of Iping. Soon the man's secret us uncovered by the suspicious townspeople. After a wild getaway sequence, the invisible man must escape the angry people of Iping. In the story, there are many different twists and turns. There are plenty of exciting details that make the magnificent ending even more unpredictable. Another plus for the story is the outstanding web of characters. Some of the characters are people such as Dr. Kemp or Thomas Marvel. Each character has a unique personality. All of the characters strongly influence the outcome of the story. One final element of the story that caught my attention was the theme. The story emphasizes that care should be taken so that valuable information should not be used for evil. I would definetely strongly recommend this book. The Invisible Man is a great sci-fi-mystery-thriller combination. It contains interestin characters and a surprising outcome. If you are a sci-fi nut like myself and seeking a mysterious thriller, you'll be sure to enjoy The Invisible Man.

Alien Voices have done it again

What can I say? I'm a lover of the classics. H.G. Wells' THE INVISABLE MAN is one of the greatest sci-fi/horror stories of all times. Alien Voices brings this great piece of literature back to life with their version of it. John de Lancie and Leonard Nimoy bring their characters (Giffin and Kemp) a certain realistic quality which only they can do. Bravo!!!! Another Alien Voices success.

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