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Paperback The Inner Sky: How to Make Wiser for a More Fulfilling Life Book

ISBN: 0979067715

ISBN13: 9780979067716

The Inner Sky: How to Make Wiser for a More Fulfilling Life

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Book Overview

Covers the basics of astrology including planets, signs, houses and aspects. This title shows how they reflect the rich complexity of life. It teaches the reader how to be fluent in the language of... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Great read!

I really enjoyed reading this book. It put interpreting charts really into perspective. The author doesn't tell you what to believe or how to believe, and he really keeps it objective and straight forward allowing the reader to take initiative and attempt to research more on the subject. He also provides 5 steps to follow for interpretation, and gives samples in the back of his book. Worth the read, I will check out more of his work!

A Great Book

I knew nothing about astrology before this book. Nothing about signs, planets and houses. Now I know what I bought this book for: read my own birthchart. The author explains everithing you need to understand and read the informations in a birthchart. Besides this, the author uses a very easy language and style. The best thing in this book is that you don't get confused. The author teaches you a sistematic way, step-by-step, to read a birthchart and not to be a "fortune teller".

The best beginner astrology book

Steven Forrest introduces what he calls evolutionary astrology. The main idea is that astrology is not fortune telling. It is a tool to happy and fulfilling life. The horoscope is a map to follow to achieve your highest potential. I have used astrology for years, and believe this is the only way to use it. Nothing in the chart is good or bad, it is there only to point the way. The book is written in a poetic, easy to understand style. It takes the reader thru the process of reading natal charts, step by step. You will not be able to be a professional astrologer after reading this book, but if you spend enough time and energy reading charts with the tools provided in the book, you'll be well on the way. I just love this book!

A Very Useful & Methodological Approach to Understanding Astrology

As someone who has been interested in understanding various concepts in astrology, I have often been displeased with the amount of information overload that is all too often given in typical "cookbook"-type astrology books. Many astrology books provide lengthy lists of descriptions that explain the meaning of when particular planets appear in specific signs or houses in an individual's birthchart, as well as some information about aspects between planets. Unfortunately, too many of these "cookbook"-type astrology books don't provide sufficient (or any) explanations as to how to synthesize the information from the numerous lists into a concise and unconfused birthchart interpretation, or how to recognize which features in a birthchart are more important than others. Thankfully, this is not the case with Steven Forrest's 1988 book "The Inner Sky: How To Make Wiser Choices for a More Fulfilling Life". In his book, Mr. Forrest provides an elegant set of guidelines that enable novice students of astrology to grasp what the most important features in a birthchart are so that a concise synthesis of the lengthy amount of information contained within it can be effectively navigated and understood without falling prey to information overload. (In my opinion, information overload is probably the single largest impasse that most students of astrology face when attempting to interpret a birthchart.) Mr. Forrest advises that to begin a birthchart interpretation, an individual should only focus initially on three key features: the sun, moon and the ascendant; which is what he refers to as the "primal triad". By using the archetypes of the signs in which the sun, moon and ascendant occur, a basic understanding as a starting point for developing a more comprehensive interpretation of a birthchart can be more easily remembered as more features of the birthchart are slowly and methodically taken into consideration. This includes something that no "cookbook"-type astrology book that I had previously read effectively addresses: how to understand a planet's position in a sign and house taken together. The next step that Mr. Forrest suggests is to then consider whether the birthchart in question has any hemispheric emphasis by observing how many planets are contained within each birthchart hemisphere. Then, one of the most beneficial descriptions (in my opinion) that Mr. Forrest describes in the book comes into play: identifying the focalizers. Focalizers are those planets within a birthchart other than the sun and moon that should be given greater emphasis (or priority) in interpretation. No "cookbook"-type astrology book that I had previously read had ever provided a clear way to identity which planets in a birthchart should be regarded as the most important. This alone makes "The Inner Sky" stand out as an extremely useful resource. Other guidelines that Mr. Forrest suggests should follow understanding the primal triad, the hemispheres and the focalizer

Anything by this author is worth reading

Steven Forrest writes simply without dumbing down his material.He does not force his philosophies or worldviews down your throatand in fact explicitly warns against would-be astrologers doing the same. He presents astrology as a tool (not religion) for helping humans choose to live more consciously. It's a far cry from the "All Cancers are great cooks and parents" nonsense that litters our bookshelves. Steven Forrest'swriting are firmly grounded in everyday experience, where people actually change and interact with a complicated world.

Excellent book for serious beginning students of astrology

An excellent book by a highly regarded author, "The Inner Sky" takes the reader through a gradual, systematic approach to weaving together the elements of the birth chart. Though this book is dense with information, author Steven Forrest strikes an easy-going and engaging tone that encourages rather than overwhelms the reader. Some information is given on the mechanics of how to cast a natal (birth) chart, but the primary focus is on understanding the characteristics of the houses, signs and planets, and how they interact with each other. Major aspects are covered, as well as the influence of retrograde planets. Rather than providing lists of rigid interpretations for each configuration, "The Inner Sky" teaches the reader what questions to ask, and where in the chart to look for the answers. The author takes the view that an astrological chart indicates inclination and opportunity, not irreversible fate. Most importantly, you will learn to organize the wealth of information present in the birth chart in a way that enables you to give a professional, fluid and intuitive interpretation without losing the structure of the chart. After practicing the methods outlined in the book, you should be able to do an "in person" chart interpretation without having to stop and consult reference materials. You will learn to identify the seeds of opportunity present in whatever chart you are looking at; you will be able to articulate, for each individual, the early warning signs that they are getting 'out of balance' with themselves; and you will discover what experiences, in which life arenas, will help them re-connect with their essential self. If you could only buy one book to learn natal astrology and the basics of chart interpretation, "The Inner Sky" would serve you well. For those interested in further reading, "The Inner Sky" contains an appendix of books recommended by the author, Steven Forrest, all of which are reputable and handily broken into "beginner's" and "advanced" categories.
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