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Paperback The Healing Runes Book

ISBN: 1859060544

ISBN13: 9781859060544

The Healing Runes

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. Since the beginning of recorded history, the oracular tradition has been associated with healing and with the Divine. For Ralph H. Blum, the journey toward spiritual and emotional healing began with...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Runes Retooled for Recovery

I bought this version of Blum's Rune book (written with Susan Loughan) after owning the first "Book of Runes" for a few years. I now use both in my life. I pick up "The Healing Runes" when I have a particular situation in my life which needs healing. The book takes the same attitude toward runes and the quest of the spiritual warrior. The difference lies in the interpretation of the individual runes. For example, the rune shaped like an "X" is the rune of "trust" in the "Healing" book. In the original book it is "partnership". The healing book asks you to examine trust in your life and what you can heal around that issue.I find these runes very useful and enjoy the "recovery" language used by Mr. Blum and Ms. Loughan. There are so many people who are putting their lives back together -- runes can only aid them in the spiritual quest. I have used runes for about 6 years now and always get so much out of them.

"A true classic"

I received the "Healing Runes" as a gift to help me cope with menopause. Much to my surprise I discovered that parts of my own internal life, needed as much help,as my physical life. I think there's a good chance,"The Healing Runes", will become a classic. Karen J., Los Angeles, California

A new friend in the American Indian recovery community

Very simply,"The Healing Runes" are rapidly becoming a mainstay for Native American youth in recovery. It's message comes across with the same quiet strength, as Susan herself does in person. I had the pleasue of hearing her discuss the need for schools, to add a mandatory class on emotional development to their curriculum, state by state, as a deterrent to crime. The common sense of her thinking is very evident in this book. I find my emotions moving around when I read my daily passage. When I met her I asked if this was intentional, her smile was my answer. She said the weaving and positioning of specific words,was done to evoke an in the moment response---especially in groups.!!!!! Thank you Susan, for your generosity to the national American Indian community, and thank you BOTH for writing this book.

This book has a depth that creeps up on you

This book has become an integral part of my daily life. The depth of knowledge creeps up on you. You will be quite suprised. I love it. A grateful reader, from, the Sonoma Valley.


This is one of the most amazing books that I've ever read, without a doubt,THE HEALING RUNES ,HAS PROFOUNDLY CHANGED MY LIFE. Six months ago, I was brutally raped and felt my life would/could never be the same!!! For the first few weeks I was at the rape crisis center EVERY day. Then one day in a group discussion, I asked if anyone could suggest a book or books that might help me in beginning the long journey back. Three women said almost at the same moment---THE HEALING RUNES. I got a cold chill and when the group ended, headed for my local bookstore. From the moment I held it, I felt something from just from holding it. I know it sounds silly, but it's true. Years ago, a friend had given me THE BOOK of RUNES, which I enjoyed for a number of years . At that point in my life I simply felt that I had outgrown it. I tucked it away until the recent event I mentioned earlier, AND THEN OUT OF HEAVEN'S GIFTS, A MOST CHERISHED FRIEND WOULD BECOME A PART OF MY LIFE-----THE ! HEALING RUNES. WHAT AN AMAZING GIFT. WHEN I GOT HOME FROM THE BOOKSTORE I REACHED INTO THE VELVET BAG OF RUNE STONES, AND PICKED THE FIRST OF MANY RUNES THAT WOULD SET ME BACK ON COURSE. I picked the 14th Rune, the Rune of ACCECPTANCE. The first paragraph left me with tears streaming down my face, and the hairs on my arm standing up in profound understanding that this little green book, with it's beautiful stones and passages ,had, without knowing me, hit a bullseye!!!!! The Rune of Acceptance said in the first paragraph, exactly what I needed to hear. "This is a Rune of major blessings, blessings received and blessings bestowed. Acceptance forms the foundation for loving yourself. Before you can rebuild your life, you must come to know the peace that accompanies self-acceptance, for out of that peace arises the willingness and the wisdom to greet each day with a quiet heart." This is most certainly a MUST READ BOOK for anyone going through any form of hea! ling. Healing from emotional, physical, spiritual, or psych! ological pain of ANY KIND. This is a very powerful little book that I take with me everywhere. Thank you both for this pearl of wisdom. I love the strength of the feminine voice, it was long overdue in your Rune series, bless you Susan, and thank you Ralph for bringing such a powerful voice to the Runes to represent all women. ESPECIALLY ME!!!!! BRAVO, IT'S A CONTEMPORARY MASTERPIECE, and a vital part of the lives of almost everyone I know, as I have gifted them all with it. M.K.T.RUNES
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