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Paperback The God Makers II Book

ISBN: 1565071379

ISBN13: 9781565071377

The God Makers II

This book peels back the "Christian" veneer of Mormonism to reveal a religion the authors say is so pagan that Mormon officials are pushed to bizarre lengths to conceal the truth. This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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My comment is in response to the reader who entitled his/her review "Condemned by Nat. Council of Christians and Jews, Part II". The National Council of Christians and Jews(which I believe is the International Council of Christians and Jews) made those quotes more than 12 and 20 years ago. Since that time, they have discovered the truth of "The God Makers" series. You attack the authors of the books because they portray their findings as "designed to misstate, malign, and encourage hatred", shoddy shcolarship, sensationalism, self-serving sources" and yet you do the same with your comments. The base of the books does not appeal to fear and hatred, it appeals to love. Read them. In "The God Makers II" p.210, Line 10: "The tragedy of all this is that such beautiful, hardworking, and committed people are spiritually blinded people, with the light of the glorious gospel of Christ hid from them by Satan (2 Corinthians 4:3,4). The Mormon people are not the enemies of God, but victims of a horrible and wicked hoax fed to them by evil teachers, who are of their father, the devil. Only those sent by God, with the knowledge of God, using the Word of God, can set them free. Are you one who can reach out to them and bring them the living light? We pray that you can and that you will!" p. 214, Line 5: "I saw clearly that Lucifer was the god of that place (referring to the Mormon Temples), blinding even those who loved God and sought only to serve Him. They were bondslaves to the prince of darkness. I wept that morning for the Mormon people, with groanings from deep within my soul. I knew that the battle was 'not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places'(Ephesians 6:12)." The authors express their deep remorse for the people of the Mormon church and they back it up with prayer and Biblical scripture. If you call that prejudiced, that's because it is. It is prejudiced towards the love of Jesus Christ, even for those who are lost and don't know it. I implore you to get on your knees and truly ask God to reveal his truth to you. If you are sincere, He will reveal it. When He does, check it with the Bible because God's revelation will never contradict His written word - The HOLY BIBLE. He loves you.

Review of The God Makers

Anyone who has questions about Mormonism should read this book. I read the book, and then read the numerous rebuttals from various sources on the Internet, and found that NONE of the rebuttals are based on anything other than the person's opinion. The God Makers cites numerous sources in a scholarly fashion. Inquiring minds can track the sources down and read them for themselves. Mormons call the information in this book libelous, disappointing, propaganda, or something worse. Ask them for specifics; ask for proof that the claims of the book are false. They will not provide any because there is none to provide. The Mormon Church will not answer this book, because they CANNOT.


In this great expose about the truth re the latter day "SAINTS", alias the MORMONS, aka LDS ,(America's fastest growing cult). Mr. Deckers unique experiences and very accurate reporting and research tell us the whole story.The authors untiring efforts to make the truth known is a great service to humanity,and also of great service to members of the LDS church. Mr Decker has the courage to do what the leasership could not-be honest and open! To inform the many innocent listeners, in the face of unfounded missionary claims and the utter secrecy and unnacountability that are common to the Mormons. The author helps us to understand why such young and naive missionaries are sent out with little understanding about other religions, and often even their own-all at their own expense.Joseph Smith and David Koresh (both deceased) were of the same mind, motives and behavior. There have been somany in religious history who desired to be Prophets, the proof lies in more than just numbers and talk. In the new Testamant Jesus gives us a long list of the qualities of a true believer. The records of history are clear on this. The only difference btween them at present, is the LDS growth due to great American business know-how, and the LDS head start of over 170 years, not by the leaders example or life. Jesus said "You will know them by their fruits". From it's conception the LDS church has never produced a soul like Jesus - Buddha and Krishna , or St Francis of Assisi, or Mahatma Gandhi. Unless they are keeping that a secret too! However, like many churches in America, the LDSchurch consists of many good people, sincere and devout followers, and a great sense of community.

Right On

Ed Deckers teachings on the LDS has been constant. This is more than I can say of the LDS. Its teachings vary from one year to the next. They violate scripture in many ways. I suggest anyone interested in the subject consider him an authority and read the whole series of his books. He is must reading for anyone who wishes to know about the "acceptable cults" of Mormonism and Masonry.

In defense for the Authour...

The God Makers 2 is an excellent book. Mormonism is changing its face, from a secluded cult, to a mainstream Christian church. The God Makers 2 does an great job of uncovering the "Christian Facade" and looking at the truth behind the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you are a Mormon, have family or friends that are Mormon, or just want to know more about one of the fastest growing religions in the world, pick this Book up!!
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