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Paperback The Giver (1) (Giver Quartet) Book

ISBN: 0544336267

ISBN13: 9780544336261

The Giver (1) (Giver Quartet)

(Book #1 in the The Giver Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

A PBS Great American Read Top 100 PickThe Giver, the 1994 Newbery Medal winner, has become one of the most influential novels of our time. The haunting story centers on twelve-year-old Jonas, who lives in a seemingly ideal, if colorless, world of conformity and contentment. Not until he is given his life assignment as the Receiver of Memory does he begin to understand the dark, complex secrets behind his fragile community. Lois Lowry has written three...

Customer Reviews

7 ratings



Book for all ages-One of the best books I have ever read!!

Shows us what has become important in our lives against what we are forgetting that are our true reasons for living!! Beautifully, clearly written. You feel the characters' pain. A wonderful book for any age-timeless and thought provoking!! Loved every page!!!

The giver is a great book.

Simply amazing story. Wonderfully told.

Awsome Series

Lois Lowry is one of those unique authors who has won the John Newbery Medal for children's literature twice. Once for the first book in this trilogy and once for a book about the Holocaust called Number the Stars. (Just as an aside only one other author has ever done that Madeleine L'Engle who I would also recommend highly.) I would begin by recommending any of her books; they are all worth the time and the effort. This trilogy is set in a post apocalyptic world. The first two books each focus on different community's who have recovered from the devastation differently, both have strengths and both have weaknesses. And a young boy must heal them both and the land if either is to survive. The Giver Lois Lowry Laurel-Leaf Books ISBN:0440219078 Jonas is a young boy who lives in a community with a lot of technology and many rules about it. He has only seen an airplane twice for planes were not suppose to over fly villages, it was against the rules. Children of the same age are raised together and each December they move up a grade, when the reach the age of twelve they are selected for occupational training Jonas in talking to his friend states about selections: "Jonas Shrugged. It didn't worry him, how could someone not fit in? The Community was so meticulously ordered, the choices so carefully made." However all the other Twelve's were assigned and Jonas was skipped then at the end of the ceremony it was announced that he had been selected he was chosen to become the `receiver of memory.' He was to learn all the history and story of the people and become an advisor to the council that ruled the village. It only happened every so many generations and only 1 keeper of memories was installed in each village. Jonas and his family take in an infant who is not maturing and growing quickly enough. The child is given a year extension, when the child is marked to me replaced (abandoned and killed). Jonas takes the child and runs away. Through the winter Jonas knows he will not make it and pours all the memories he has learnt into the child. But can he save the child? What will happen to him and his community? Jonas thought his world was perfect, that the elders had everything under control, that there would never be war again. But also a world without choices. Till he is given the knowledge of the past the choice to save a child or let it die? Gathering Blue Lois Lowry Laurel-Leaf Books ISBN:0440229499 Kira, is an orphan and she has a twisted leg, she lives in a village with very little technology and one that casts aside those who do not contribute. The weak, injured, and helpless are abandoned. However things are starting to turn around for Kira, she has been spared by the all powerful Council of Guardians, for she has a gift she is a weaver and can die cloths in ways no other in the community can. As an artisan she is installed in the palatial Council Edifice and spends the whole year working her trade, her primary task is to care for the Robe of

Suspensful Plot and Awesome Theme

In a community that is all the same lives Jonas, who discovers he is very different. Jonas is the main character in the book The Giver, my favorite book. I loved The Giver because the plot was very creative, the theme was magnificent, and the setting was vivid. I think you should read this book for many reasons. The theme of this book is clearly represented: freedom, the right to make your own choices, uniqueness, and individuality are worth dying for. In Jonas's community, a commitee selects one's job, war is unheard of, all people wear the same attire, and all are assigned spouses and families. When Jonas is given the special, wonder-filled occupation of becoming the Receiver of Memory, he finds that there is much more to life. Through his task of becoming the Receiver of Memory, he discovers the meaning of love, pain, frustration, color, and cold. That is when Jonas realizes how much more there really is. Life soon becomes overwhelmingly unbearable in his world of "sameness." He finds life isn't worth living without the qualities (often that we take for granted) he discovered. That is when Jonas goes on a dangerous journey to find a land that is different. The setting in this book made it quite a pleasure. Everything in the community was predictable and pre-planned. The housing units were all the same. There were designated spots for everything. The setting helped develop the plot and theme. The mysterious ending leaves one filled with curiousity and wonder. The book, The Giver, by Lois Lowry is guaranteed enjoyment, especially for someone who likes a good theme and plot that ties in with the setting. I loved the boook The Giver, and I truly believe that everybody should read it!

The Giver

This book is about a kid named Jonas, who lives in a controlled world, with no fear, no pain, or no war. You might think he lives in a perfect world, Right? Wrong! In the Community, there is no choices, colors, pleasure, weather,love, emotions, etc. You can not choose your job, spouse, or anything like that. In the "Ceremony of Twelve", 12 year olds are assigned a job in the Community. Jonas is singled out, and gets special training from The Giver. When Jonas becomes the "Receiver of Memory", The Giver gives him the memories of the far past; memories of pain, fear, war, pleasure, colors,and love. (This book takes place in the future) Jonas receives the truth.......This book is VERY original in it's plot, and it is interesting to see the point of view in Jonas's controlled world. I like how Lois Lowry decribes the memories that The Giver gave to him. She also well describes the way Jonas is feeling. It is a very thought-provoking book, which really makes you ponder. The ending sort of leaves you hanging though. I have read this book 3 times, and every time you read it, you understand more of this remarkable book. It just never gets dull. I read it first when I was in 4th grade,(I'm a good reader) although I would recommend it to kids 11 and up. 5 STARS!

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