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Hardcover The Genesis Prayer: Discover the Ancient Secret to Modern Miracles Book

ISBN: 0312347790

ISBN13: 9780312347796

The Genesis Prayer: Discover the Ancient Secret to Modern Miracles

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Format: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

A prayer that promises miracles "This book is for anyone who wants a miracle, has ever wanted to see God's work in action, or needed proof of His existence. It is for the doubters and believers alike.... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

What an AMAZING book

Being a very religious person, I was attracted to the title of this book which I found in a little bookstore. Once I picked it up and read the cover, I was a little skeptical at first and actually walked out of the bookstore without buying it. But something tugged at me to return and buy it. I am very glad I did. The Genesis prayer focuses on the beauty of the purity and intricacies of the Bible and shows that there is a hidden mathematical system throughout the entire first five books (Torah) of the Old Testament that is designed as a blueprint to guide and protect us through life. Although I bought this book for the focus of prayer based around my Christian beliefs, I was completed amazed by the mathematical "coincidences" that continually repeat throughout the first five books of the Bible. The accuracies are so amazing especially considering the calculations couldn't have been made by modern man thousands of years ago. If you are a fan of math, the calculations within this book will be of great interest. When the Bible is broken down and looked at mathematically, no one could deny that we are led by the Father. But beyond the mathematics presented within the Genesis Prayer is something much deeper; a prayer to help guide us to the correct choices in life. I've already seen the blessings that can be granted by reciting the Genesis prayer within the first few days of beginning to read it. This book and this prayer are simply amazing. God left us with a blueprint to keep us on track and give us the keys to happiness. And its been right there in front of us all this time. Whether you are a believe or a non-believer in God, this book will change your life, open your eyes to God and bless your life beyond belief! I will continue to use the Genesis Prayer daily for the rest of my life.

Beautiful results when using for myself and others...

I was looking for a book while doing some researching my product and I came upon this book. Although I do not understand all of the mathematical theories behind the Genesis Prayer, I do understand the power of prayer. After reading and re-reading, I started using the Genesis Prayer as part of my paradigm in the creation of all Zenspiration Gardens. A skeptic at heart, I have to say that this prayer instills a deeper connection with the Universe and it has shown me greater possibilities for myself and others than I'd ever imagined. I now use this and other prayers as part of my daily routine as I pray for others and at times when I need some extra help. It has never let me down. Perhaps you can find some solace in using this prayer for yourself and others. Merry Street/Zenspiration Gardens -

a Very good book

What makes me interested in purchasing this book is the fact that the book is authored by a mathematician. I'm a physicist therefore, at first, I am very much interested in the mathemathical aspects of the book rather than the so-called miracle claimed in the book's title. The author has done terrific job in deciphering the codes. This book gave me a new perspective for the bible and wisdoms contained within it . As for the miracles, I was extremely skeptical at first, but soon after, when I give it a try, I found myself even more amazed by many "lucky coincidences" that happened in my life. In other word, IT WORKS! A word of advice, from my experience, miracles don't happen instantaneously and I found out I realized it later because often times it took a completely different form of miracles from what I had I expected. But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself. Overall, this is a very nice book. Well done, Jeff.

I got a true miracle because of this book

This book amazed me. Believe it or not this prayer actually works. I was truly shocked. I bought the Genesis Prayer just before visiting family in Toronto, Canada. My cousin's wedding was great, but it was now Sunday and I had to be back in Chicago to take care of my three young children by Monday morning. My husband always helps out and somehow managed with the three of them on his own for the weekend, but he had to be at work first thing Monday morning and we couldn't afford for him to take off time from work. I had to get the children to school. It was imperative that I be back on time. When I arrived at the Air Canada ticket counter in the Toronto airport, the check-in clerk asked to see my ID. I showed her my permanent residency card and she shook her head and asked for my passport. When I told her that I never use my passport to travel from US to Canada and that I only use the residency card, she cringed and replied, "They've changed the rules. You can try, but I doubt they'll let you through customs." Panic set in. As I rushed to the customs area I saw that there were signs everywhere saying PASSPORTS ARE REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE ENTERING THE UNITED STATES What was I going to do? I knew that reasoning with US customs officials was futile. RULES ARE RULES. And things were worse now with Homeland security, much worse. I also knew it would take at least 2 days to get my passport by Fed Ex. I couldn't breathe. My kids' faces kept flashing in my head. Then I remembered the book I just finished reading and all those miracles people had. I reached into my bag and quietly recited the Genesis Prayer while waiting in line-all 42 words-all the while thinking how much I wanted to be home with my family. I begged for the prayer to work for me too. It happened so fast I couldn't believe it. Not a minute after I finished the prayer the customs officer asked me to step forward. He looked at my documents without saying a word and stamped the departure card, sending me on my way. He didn't even gesture about a passport, nothing. I was in shock, grateful, but totally surprised. I rushed to the gate before he could change his mind. What happened? It could only have been due to this amazing prayer and book. It really works. To Mr. Meiliken, my family thanks you so much. Everyone who needs a miracle any time in his or her life should use this prayer. It worked for me. That is why I wanted to tell people about it

This book have saved my life!

Besides this book being fascinating, I mean I felt the stories of people and their personal dramas spellbinding. But this book is different than anything else I have ever read. I have read 100's of books and when they are finished they are finished. But the Genesis Prayer lives on. I tried using the prayer a few times to catch a cab in the pouring rain during off duty periods. The first time it worked I thought hmmm a coincidence; the second time ---interesting, BUT the 3rd time I thought hey, maybe there is some truth to what Meiliken is offering. To be able to get a cab easily when it usually takes a half an hour or more in these conditions is nothing short of a miracle. But one day I really put it to the test. One evening I felt a large lump on my breast. I was really scared. I am a young mother and feared the worst that I wouldn't be around to raise my children. I barely slept that night. The next day I called my OBGYN and she told me to come in the next day. She scheduled me for a mammogram and sonogram a week later. In the mammogram session the doctor told me that she did see something that looked abnormal and needed to do more x-rays at different angles. The lab. tech then did a few more x-rays, which the doctor then analyzed. She then came back and said that they needed more x-rays to really focus in on the parts that seemed to be at risk. I was petrified and shaking as I sat in the waiting room clasping my husband's hand, waiting for more x-rays. Just then my husband reminded me about this book I had been raving about. He said why not try it. You sure could use a miracle, honey. I started to do the 42 word prayer over and over again, meditating on the line that Meiliken says is for healing. I must have said the prayer a dozen times during the next set of x-rays. The doctor then came to me and said that she looked at the last set of x-rays and gave me a clean bill of health. A big sigh of relief! This prayer may have saved my life. Now I do this prayer every day and I see amazing things happen right before my eyes. I think that every one should get this book. It only takes a few minutes. It's easy and it brings miracles- big and small every time. What do you have to lose?
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