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Hardcover The Forgotten Man Book

ISBN: 0385504284

ISBN13: 9780385504287

The Forgotten Man

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Format: Hardcover

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In his majorNew York Timesbestseller,The Last Detective, Robert Crais returned to his signature characters, private investigator Elvis Cole and his enigmatic partner, Joe Pike. Now Crais delivers a stunning, edge-of-your-seat suspense novel that leads Elvis to the very thing he's always searched for- the dark secrets of his own life-as well as a brutal killer determined to stop him. Los Angeles, 3:58 a.m.: Elvis Cole receives the phone call he's been...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

What's the best thing about this novel?

Well the best thing is this book was my FIRST Robert Crais novel. That means, as best I can figure, there are eleven more books of his to read before the next one comes out! So I have lots to look forward to and can imagine that long time Crais fans probably envy me. Since I have not read anything else Crais has done, I am able to judge this book on its own merits without comparing it to his other stories. That said, it is well written, the story flows from scene to scene in an orderly and logical fashion. I know it sounds cliché but this book was hard to put down. The chapters are short and it is easy to read JUST ONE MORE chapter before going to bed. There was plenty of action, which is what you expect from detectives, and there were lots of witty repartee and cracking wise between the characters. Most of the best lines come as Crais let's us hear the thinking of his characters, so the lines aren't necessarily spoken to anyone. Elvis Cole (the man around whom the book is written) is a great PI, extremely introspective with lots of endearing qualities, and if you enjoy reading authors who develop their cast over the course of a series of books, then I would have to say that Robert Crais has the franchise for you. He seems every bit as good as Robert B. Parker, perhaps more so since this book has the "thriller thing" going for it. Highly recommended and you won't be disappointed!

The Phone Call He Was Waiting For..

Elvis Cole is back. He is just recovering from the loss of his lady and her son, when he receives a call that changes his life. All of his life, Elvis has been hunting for his father. He never knew his father but was told he worked in a circus. Elvis had enough oomph to run away at least six times not to join the circus but to look for his dad. His granddad would hire a detective to hunt for him and bring him home. Elvis never found his dad but he did find a career. He was very good at hunting down clues and people and thus he made a great detective. So, the phone call telling him that a dying man was looking for him, his son. Elvis becomes drawn into the search to find who this man was. The man, his father, maybe, was murdered and he was given permission to help the police department find the murderer. Elvis works with Diaz, a female cop and her partner. However, Elvis is faster and smarter than the police department- he uncovers clues very quickly, and the story starts to come together. This novel is also told from the murderer's point of view, so that we have insight into a mind of a person who is insane and who has no conscience. He tells the stories of his murders, and his life and that of the person he works with. This is a frightening look into the soul of a madman, from his perspective. The murder mystery all comes together little by little, and we are drawn into the mystery. We are frightened and shocked just as you will be. Elvis Cole, is this your father? What has happened to the life of this man? How does this all fit into your life and that of your mother? Robert Crais has once again given us a story that we can bite into, one that leaves us with a chill, but with admiration for the man who can write like this. His mysteries just get better with each novel. Highly recommended. prisrob


I have been devouring Robert Crais novels since his first book, THE MONKEY'S RAINCOAT. THE FORGOTTEN MAN is Crais' 10th title in the Elvis Cole series. There is no other P.I. like Cole. He has a witty sense of humor, a soft heart, and a strong sense of decency. In THE FORGOTTEN MAN we not only gain more insight into Elvis' past, we slip right into his head, learning his deepest thoughts. Crais has a talent for creating multi-dimensional characters within a well constructed plot. His style of writing is tight and straightforward, yet still conveys every detail to make everything come to life. As a consequence, every single one of his novels is packed with action and mystery. Crais excels the way few writers do. His stories are lush - his use of language is engaging and rich and alive. Each sight, sound and smell is detailed; each action, reaction, and thought is documented. I'll spare going into the plot for you since it seems just about every review already has that. But suffice it to say, all of Crais' books feature multiple, complex story lines and THE FORGOTTEN MAN is no exception. You are pulled through the entire novel from cover to cover. A tightly woven suspenseful plot, vivid and emotional, with real and troubled characters. I was definitely hooked from the first page. THE FORGOTTEN MAN is a book you should not miss, even if detective stories aren't your thing. I promise, you won't be disappointed. If I could, I would give THE FORGOTTEN MAN a 10-star rating.


I've been reading Robert Crais since 1992, and I'm still like a little kid whenever a new "Elvis Cole/Joe Pike" novel comes out. After waiting for two long years, I tried to make THE FORGOTTEN MAN last, but ended up reading it in one day. The newest novel continues a few months where THE LAST DETECTIVE left off. Elvis Cole has recovered from the wound in his hand, Lucy Chenier and her son, Ben, are now living permanently in Louisiana, the publicity has finally died down from the rescue of Ben from the kidnappers by Cole and Pike, and the World's Greatest Detective is now at a lost on what to do with his life now that Lucy and Ben are gone. When the telephone rings at 3:58 in the morning and a voice tells Cole that a man has been killed who, in his last few breaths, claimed to be the Detective's long, lost father, a new adventure begins that will lead our hero on a journey of deep introspection and eventually to personal tragedy. Along the way, the reader will learn of Cole's search for his father as a thirteen-year-old boy and what led him to become a detective many years later, why his mother would disappear for months at a time, leaving him with his grandparents. The reader will also jump up and down at the return of Carol Starkey (DEMOLITION ANGEL & THE LAST DETECTIVE), who now has a crush of the World's Greatest Detective, but is afraid to let him know. With the help of his close friends, Elvis Cole will track down the killer of the man who claimed to be his father, but at a cost that is devastating, leaving the reader numb and shocked, which is exactly how the author planned it. THE FORGOTTEN MAN is Robert Crais at his best, delivering a story that is both compelling and fun to read. It's been a tremendous pleasure to watch Mr. Crais grow as a writer over the last decade, as well as to see the characters of Elvis Cole and Joe Pike evolve. This is definitely one of the best series on the market today, and I highly recommend it any reader who loves suspense and action

Wow! A new favorite author!

I'd never read an Robert Crais novel before, so I was completely blown away by this book! What great characters! I loved the mood and pacing! Writing is tight and the dialog smart and smooth. (I kept thinking Bruce Willis would Make a great Elvis Cole). The story start when a homeless man is found shot dead in an alley, and the dying man claims to be Detective Elvis Cole's Father (cole does not know who his father is). Cole has always been curious about his father and The incident prompts Cole to find out the man's true Identity. As he searches for his past, Cole is not aware that an associate of the deadman wants to kill him. The book moves along at a good pace with plenty of snappy dialog, and some great violent action scenes. But what really sets this book apart from the typical thriller is the character development. These are three demnesional people you actually find yourself caring about. Now I can't wait to go back and read the earlier Crais' books. I also got to recommend "STATE OF FEAR," cool thriller!
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