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Paperback The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge: In Our Own Words Book

ISBN: 0966433408

ISBN13: 9780966433401

The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge: In Our Own Words

The story of Ruby Ridge in 1992, as told by Randy Weaver and his daughter Sara. This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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The truth about Ruby Ridge

When the Ruby Ridge incident took place I was under the impression it was just some cray, ignorant extremist. This book changed all that as I only knew what I had heard on T.V. This book is not only their own words but also has copies of court papers, hearings ect. The Government was found at fault in this incident and that is proved by the copies in this book. It is a shocking book that should be read by every American. It's horrible to think OUR Government did this to these people--Murdered his 14 year old son and murdered his wife while holding an baby! The really sad thing is that no penalties were given to those in charge although they were in fact found at fault. THIS IS A MUST READ!

The Federal Siege At Ruby Ridge: In Our Own Words by Randy &

If you want to know the absolute truth about what happened at "Ruby Ridge" you should buy this book. I thank the Weavers for writing this book. I know it must have been very difficult for them. The story is in their own words. It tells the truth about their life before, during and after the siege. I have no doubt at all whether the facts in this book are true or not. Every American should read this book.

The USA, no Longer Liberty and Justice for all

In my opinion, "The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge", is an excellent choice to buy, and read. It is comforting to know that what I'm reading is actual truth. I recently completed a research paper on "Ruby Ridge", prior to reading this book, and find it frustrating that the material published in other books is not entirely accurate. If you want just the facts, mam, just the facts, then this is the book to read. Randy and Sara, in their book, "The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge", give an accurate chain-of-events description of the events atop, and surrounding "Ruby Ridge." Some of the other authors borrowed from each other, and consequently, they are collectively inaccurate. After reading and reviewing other sources of material, I found that some of them have conflicting data, and left me wondering, who was right? After reading Randy and Sara's book, I know which way it was. I don't have to be concerned whether the information is reliable, and if the author is credible. I also believe we, as Americans, owe it to the Weavers to read their book. "Ruby Ridge", the siege at Ruby Creek, and Caribou Ridge, affected all of us, not just the Weavers and Kevin Harris. "The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge", clearly depicts the actions of the US government officials who were involved in these events, and how Americans, in reality, have no rights. Unless you have a cast-iron constitution, reading this book will draw you into their feelings, as well as may cause you to feel passion for the injustice that was done to the Weavers and Kevin Harris.

Real life, real history, right now

This is the Weaver's account of the events at Ruby Ridge. One of the most powerful aspects of it is the inclusion of many word for word pages of the Congressional Subcommittee's investigation of the events, which make it pretty clear that the FBI and the US Marshalls' were criminally in the wrong. If you read much of the media hype of the event, it is illuminating to read both Weavers' own stories, and this sub-committee report.Do you know that the Weaver's were found innocent of any wrong-doing? That the government concluded that they were in no way dangerous, unusually armed or white supremists?This book is also the story of one family's tragedy from their own hearts. Reading Sara Weaver's retelling of those days will bring tears to your eyes, because it was alot more than facts or hearings, it was the horrendous death of her mother and brother.Lastly, I must say that as soon as Randy mentions that they are 'white separatists' I found it very hard to empathize. He is very clear that they aren't 'white supremacists', don't hate any races, or think them lesser in any way. They just believe that they should live separately. Anyways, I can't understand this or relate to it at all, but if you can get past the hype, the labels of 'white supremacists' 'survivalists' and the like, and see the real people involved, you will get a much deeper understanding of what went on and what it means about our culture, our government and yourself.

powerful description of the unchecked Federal Government

Randy and his daughter's description of the unchecked Federal Government should make the blood of every American run cold! This book describes what happened and how it feels to have your son murdered in cold blood by Federal Marshals and your wife killed the next day by the FBI Hostage Rescue Team. To read about a 14 Year old girl taking her baby sister from her mother who moments before was alive, and now lies on the floor with her head blown apart, is not something that will leave your mind soon! There were many things that I didn't know that came out in this book. That the Federal Marshals and the FBI Hostage Rescue Team did not make any attempt to arrest Randy before killing his son and Wife! Not one work was said before either killing, they just shot whomever they wanted to, without consideration of Justice! And when the Killer in the FBI was asked to explain his action at Rudy Ridge, he refused to citing the Fifth Ammendment of the Constitution. When did our Federal Government start to refuse to testify about what they said was lawful action, citing the 5th ammendment?This book should be read by every adult American! However I would not allowed children to read it, it would be too hard for them to realize that the Federal Government could murder their parents and not be punished!
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