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Paperback The Fabulous Girl's Guide to Decorum Book

ISBN: 0767910109

ISBN13: 9780767910101

The Fabulous Girl's Guide to Decorum

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Good manners will make you fabulous. Good manners will make you sexy. The well-mannered get invited to more dinner parties, see their career aspirations blossom, and have a wider array of friends and eligible suitors. So if you want to become your most fabulous self, read onThe Fabulous Girl's Guide to Decorumis your ticket to becoming the girl you want to be. Authors Kim Izzo and Ceri Marsh know first-hand that today's young women require etiquette...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Critics missed the point

I found the Fabulous Girl's Guide to be just that--utterly fabulous. YES, it contains topics that a "lady" (or an FG for that matter) does not talk about in public. YES it contains less-than-honorable situations. God forbid, it talks about sex. And all its forms. From the one-night stand/casual fling, to the "friends with benefits", sex with your boss and marital infidelity, as well as within the context of a relationship. This doesn't lower the book, however. It doesn't advocate extramarital affairs any more than sex ed tells teenagers to go off and do whatever they want. Rather, since sex is a part of every woman's life, whether she admits it or not, it suggests ways to behave in all the circumstances we might find ourselves in. Like it or not, people DO have affairs. So, why not follow some basic rules of behavior and not flaunt it in anyone's face? People DO sleep with their bosses. So let's at least be polite about it and not bring it into the whole office's daily lives. The reviewers who objected to this content missed the entire point of the book-a book about manners in ALL situations. Without hiding the ones that a "lady doesn't talk about". No, the book does not recommend that a fabulous girl behave as though she were a prostitute. But it does assume that a modern young woman is intelligent enough and knows her own mind enough to decide for herself what situations she is willing to get into, and provides guidelines for proper behavior accordingly. That being said, as a young woman myself, with many fabulous friends, I found the book both extremely entertaining, as I recognized many of the situations and characters mentioned in the book, but also helpful and practical, when discussing things like your basic wardrobe, tips for setting up on your own for the first time, and ALWAYS bringing hostess gifts and writing thank-you notes. It's etiquette for Bridget Jones, not Elizabeth Bennett, or any of the characters that Doris Day played. If you are easily offended by frank reference to sexual situations, DO NOT buy this book. If, like my friends and I, you appreciate someone who has the honesty and candor to speak openly about innumerable less-than-flattering situations that the modern woman can find herself in, you will appreciate this book for just that, honesty and candor. And if you labor under the delusion that an etiquette book should only discuss the situations that you can talk about in public without breaking the rules of etiquette, stay far, far away. I think the Fabulous Girl's Guide is a must-read for every young woman. It can take you from graduation to your thirties, and addresses everything along the way. The difficulty of finding a job and networking, the pitfalls of dating and roommates, up through marriage and children. All of my friends own a copy, and although I may not refer to it frequently to dispute a point of etiquette, I don't need to. Because it's not about which fork to use. It's a

A very useful and highly recommended guide for women

Collaboratively written by Kim Izzo (Features Editor of the Canadian magazine "Flaire") and Ceri Marsh (Fashion News Director for "Fashion" magazine), The Fabulous Girl's Guide To Decorum is a solid and practical reference to feminine manners suited for every occasion. From sex and courtship, to weddings and divorce, to entertaining guests, and surviving the daily grind at the workplace, The Fabulous Girl's Guide To Decorum has solid, practical, accessible advice for getting along with people. The Fabulous Girl's Guide To Decorum is a very useful and highly recommended guide for women -- and offers a great deal of value and insight into good manners for men as well!

Lighthearted, realistic etiquette guide

This is not Emily Post. It is not supposed to be Emily Post. It is also not a guide to morals. Rather than preach, the authors recognize that you may find yourself in a less-than-desirable position and advise you on ways to handle it with grace. It also provides guidance on events such as quitting a job, putting up with a just-to-pay-the-bills position, and a self-absorbed engaged friend. Like the Etiquette Grrls, the authors recognize the world is lacking in manners. Unlike the Etiquette Grrls, they are not haughty about it. (Thankfully, they also do not abuse the Random Capitalization Style of Writing.)This is a book geared toward a younger set of single career women. Recent college graduates to about 28 years old. I found it to be very helpful. The writing style is enjoyable and the interwoven portions of fiction are fun to read.

Life is fun if you don't take it too seriously

The authors of this book know how to have fun in an elegant, dignified way and aren't afraid to speak the truth about it. And what truth might that be? For starters, the proper way to deal with a date who lasts for one twenty-four hour period. Or for the date who confesses to having a marital status when you thought there was none. Or the right way to deal with losing a promotion that you knew (or thought you knew) was right for you. This book is a primer for the secure single woman of the new millennium.My favorite part of this book is the language. It's written in the voice of an etiquette manual, but then details the down and dirty aspects of singledom, which makes for great plays on words. Well done, FGs.


With charisma and style also comes confidence and refinement, and there is an old adage that says, "if you do not have style, you do not have class." There are those who think they posess class but, alas, do not even know the meaning of the word. Class has nothing to do with wealth, social standing, or power. There are many among the rich and famous who would not know class and style if it fell upon them, and those living in poverty who exude as much, if not more, class and style than princes and princesses. These authors certainly know how to be liberated, chic, sophisticated and vivacious but well-mannered, warm, down-to-Earth and human. They can tell you how to set a formal table just as professionally as any restuarant known for it's fine cuisine. Are you afraid of asking for that raise or promotion you feel you deserve, or not sure how to go about it? You may find the answers in this book. The authors even help you improve you social skills and personal image. This is an absolutely fantastic book, and one any woman who wants to improve her image will be happy and thankful to own. The authors even offer advice on that romantic interlude, that is, when to turn from that cozy, intimate dinner scene to the bedroom. Personally, I still believe each woman, if she is using her head rather than her hormones, is her own best judge. I think it is important, not only as a woman myself but one who counsels women, that women do not sell themselves short. I have seen that happen far too often. As the book quickly points out, with confidence, compassion, super social skills, respect for others and an outgoing, but not snobby or vain, personality, one can work towards the goal of reaching their full potential. Why settle for average or good, if you know you have the potential to be great at whatever your aspirations may be? If you are truly into self-improvement and are committed to achieving your goals, read this book for it contains a ton of useful and important information.
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