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Exorcist by William Peter Blatty (1971-06-05)

(Book #1 in the The Exorcist Series)

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What an excellent day for an exorcism...Originally published in 1971, The Exorcist remains one of the most controversial novels ever written. A literary phenomenon soon after its release, it spent... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

9 ratings

Scary Classic

It was my first time reading the book after seeing the movie a thousand of times. IT WAS FANTASTIC, I loved the elements and themes that played throughout the story.

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

In 1971, William Peter Blatty, the author of several books, and screenplays in the 1960s, wrote a horror novel about a girl who is possessed by a demon. Regan McNeil, is a young girl who lives with her actress mother, Chris McNeil, and her secretary, Sharon, and servants, Karl and his wife, Willie. When Regan plays with a Ouija Board, she is possessed. As a result, Chris hires Father Damien Karras, a Jesuit Priest, who loses faith after his mother's death, and Father Merrin, an old exorcist, who try and save her, as Lt. Kinderman, a cop, investigates a series of deaths. The Exorcist is a huge, bold horror novel. Both novel, and the William Peter Blatty 1973 movie, directed by William Friedkin, evoke a religious terror story that grips the reader from beginning to the end. A classic book.

The exorcist, came early,condition as described. Read this yrs. Ago cant wait to read again, terrif

The writti g is exceptional, I had to sleep with the lights on after reading

This will scare the living spit out of you.

I watched this movie many years ago. I have slept with a light on for 23 years when I am alone, as a result. We all know the saying, “the book is always better than the movie.” Read this. You will believe that phrase.

The Demon 35 years later!

I first read this book while I was in the army, after I had been a flight medic in Vietnam and infantry medic on the DMZ in Korea. It is the scariest book I have ever read. It made what little hair I had on the back of my neck stand up and even gave me the chills now and then. 35 years later I read the new release just to see if it was as "bad" in 2006 as it was in 1971. Between those years I had been an MP and criminal investigator in the army and a civilian security police night superviser for the Depatment of Public Defense in the State of Iowa. All I can add to the many fine reviews is that 35 years later it's just as scary! If you haven't yet read this book, where have you been? If you do not like scary books I dare you to read it. If you like this type of fiction, but have not read it yet, lets get with it!! If it doesn't scare the pee right out of you, you are not human either! SSG C.E. Howard( US Army Ret.)

The scariest book of all time.

I love the book and the movie but the book of The Exocist even more. I won't bore you with explaining the plot of the book..but...but I don't know how to finish that sentence. Anyway, just as I said in my review for the directors cut, my favorite part is when Ragaen is spider crwling down the stairs and follows her Chris's secretary around almost mechanically. Whenever I read that it gives me the chills. The part of the book that makes me uncomfortable is when reading the part where Ragaen is(uncontrolably)jabbing herself with a crucifix in her genitalia(I find it hard to read even though I'm of the oppostie sex). And it's even more uncomfortable watching it in the movie(but I can't resist). Another scary part is reading where Ragaen is running away in terror from Captain Howdy, and saying that he was beating her, mouthing obcenities, and threatening to kill her, and therefore hiding under her mother's chair. Then she get's spun around in mid-air and looks at everyone with an evil sneer. Anyway, this is a great book, and make sure you read it with all the lights on, and the T.V. and radio on. Otherwise, you'll have nightmares for weeks. In conclusion, kudos to William Peter Blatty for writing The Exorcist, the scariest book of all time.

Domine, Non sum dignus

I had this book for the last two years sitting in a pile of books that were 'in-line' to be read. I should've moved this novel to the top when I first laid hands on it. Bill Blatty's writing style is not only of another time, but of another era. Smoking in hospitals - check Priests imbibing on hard liquor - check Repetitive use of blasphemies - check Overwrought moments of dramatic dialogue - check Insights into the Roman Catholic Church - check Visually entertaining - check Swearing that would make a sailor blush - check, check, and check again. Fast paced - check This all lends itself perfectly to the story and is executed with magnificence. Many writers ham-hand this style thinking it all too easy, but how often they are mistaken when their second published attempt fails to sell. Blatty does justice to the subject matter, the genre and suspense in general. Factoid, much of the dialogue was pulled directly from the book and adapted into the screenplay unchanged. You will notice, thankfully, whole sections of communication exchange as it was on the screen. Now that's called being true to the novel.

Don't read this before going to bed.....

I've read this book at least 5 times, and seen the movie maybe 100 times, and I never get sick of either one. I never get tired of being scared...and this book IS scary. For those that don't know, The Exorcist is the story of Regan MacNeil, the 12 year old daughter of actress Chris MacNeil, and the nightmarish ordeal of demonic possession that they must endure. The book builds slowly, allowing you to get to know the characters, but never lets it's relentless pace falter; Blatty uses some razor-sharp prose, and some amazing psychological and theological viewpoints, to carry the reader along to the riveting conclusion. Blatty also creates some truly unforgettable characters, such as Father Merrin, the aged Exorcist who is drawn into battle once more with his implacable enemy, Pazuzu, and Detective Kinderman, who is, for my money, the coolest fictional detective since Sherlock Holmes.If you want a truly well written thriller, give The Exorcist a try.

An excellent & terrifying novel...

I first read this book during my last year of college. I really became absorbed in it...I couldn't put the novel down for 3 consecutive days. Blatty presents various psychiatric & neurological conditions to explain the bizarre phenomena occurring within the MacNeil household...but at the end, the reader is forced to accept the concept of demonic possession. One of the most chilling sections in the novel occurs when Detective Kinderman tries to research Satanism...reading the description of satanic rituals/rites was quite disturbing for me...even at the age of 21 when maturity should temper shocking material. The rising tension & suspense created by the novel was great...and I certainly had some difficulty falling asleep during the 3-day span of time I spent in completing the book. Moreover, I kept pondering the themes of the book (the nature & existence of Evil) for a long while afterwards. The Exorcist galvanized me to explore the genre of the supernatural, the occult, & the dark aspect of the human experience. If anyone wants to chat about this book & /or related topics, feel free to send email to

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