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Mass Market Paperback The Duchess Diaries Book

ISBN: 006051969X

ISBN13: 9780060519698

The Duchess Diaries

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Lady Lara Darling, a country gal, is fiercely independent, reckless by nature, and absolutely unable to turn her back on a dare - even if it comes posthumously from her grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Marleston. The late Lady bequeaths Lara money for a debut Season, the services of her dear friend, Lady Tattenbaum, and the prized possession - the old dame's diaries. For in the Duchess Diaries lie the secrets to a successful - and happy -match...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

This Diary is a Winner!

This is the first book by Mia Ryan that I bought. I found it while looking for another author and thought I'd take a chance on her as new romance novelist. Was I pleased!!! This was a great book (less the cover photo which must go - it is too cheesy by far!). Some of the other reviewers gave it mixed reviews - I couldn't disagree more! It had a feisty heroine, Lara, that was not your usual debutante. Instead, she was witty, intelligent, outgoing and prone to doing things she should not (running, swimming, racing horse carriages, shooting and the occasional profanity when upset). Some of these things should have ruined her but, instead made her the darling of the season. I get tired reading about stories that involve the perfect English beauty with the perfect manners and ways lurking around every ballroom in England looking for the perfect and handsome high level Duke! Boring!! I want more to a story than typical royal ranking, beauty and wealth. Thankfully, these givens are not to be found in this book. Also, book reviews often say a story is funny and laugh out loud interesting but, usually aren't. Lucky for you...when I say this book had great hero and heroine banter, funny lines and interesting plot twists - I'm not joking - it really has these things. Lara's beloved grandmother Nanny L dies and her will states Lara must go to London, have her season and find a rich man to marry WITHOUT a dowry - she does this as a dare to Lara who cannot back away from dares. Lara finds the local dandies either too old, too sick, too dumb or too unattractive but, she marches on and will pick out the least worst and do what she must to secure a wealthy husband so, her other sisters can come out later and marry well themselves. Lara wants to be independent and only an old husband will do she decides. Enter our hero...Griff. A fallen from grace Lord who lost his reputation, inheritance and place in society when he and buddy, Thomas, spent too much time around town drinking, gaming and seeking out the naughty gals. Griff's dad dies before he can redeem himself so, Griff becomes a mail delivery driver and spends years earning back money and his reputation quietly. Griff is quiet in his attempts to gain respect and dignity again and all those who know and meet him attest to the fine man he is. All his actions throughout the book are kind and worthy as well so, no dim witted or dull hero here. Griff meets up with Lara early in the book in a carriage race and their relationship is off. The attraction between the two is great and they meet up in all the strangest places which is half the fun. The love scenes are tasteful and fit well into the story. You'll have to buy the book to find out what gadget Lara's dad creates that could change the carriage industry and what the outcome of the great London final carriage race means in the end for Griff and Lara. The other side characters are equally interesting in this book - Lara's' many sisters and scatter br

Not bad

Because I adored "A Dozen Kisses" in the Whistledown anthology, I purchased this novel. As with most romances, the plot was a bit predictable (gorgeous male lead meets feisty, headstrong female, hijinks ensue). But I enjoyed it anyway, because it was fast paced, witty and well-written. Granted, some scenes could have been better, but none were wretched enough to ruin the novel.

Darling Debut to an Enjoyable Series

Lara Darling is both a `darling' heroine and a sometimes - actually quite often - walking disaster whose exuberance for life gets her into so much trouble. Lara can't quite back off from anything, especially if someone says, "I dare you!" It is these words precisely that came to Lara through her dear and loving grandmother's will and diaries that convince her to go to London for one season to find a wealthy husband. Finding a husband is the last thing Lady Lara Darling ever wanted to do! Why, she'd have to behave like a lady - not drive a coach, not shoot guns, or even swear - my goodness! But her grandmother knew her granddaughter best and with that dare in mind, Lara set out. Before Lara even arrived in London, she is somewhat impressed by a daring feat of driving of a coach and four by a driver known as `The Baron', Griff Hallsbury. Griff, the coachman was devastatingly handsome and something of a mystery and probably the first man Lara had ever been attracted to. Lara was overheard to boast that the driving feat could be accomplished by herself and just had to prove it. Griff, not forgetting his once elevated station in life realized how if it became known who she was it could ruin her before she ever reached London. Pretending she was a `Mrs. Hastings', he came to her rescue and alleviated her first social disaster. Their paths would cross several times during the season as he always seemed to `be there' when she needed him yet the mystery of who he was and the undeniable attraction between them would grow as well as Lara's frustration that she just would never find a husband or be happy as a wife. As she soon recognized her love for Griff, she was recognized and blackmailed by people from Griff's past that were seeking revenge by placing them in a race to humiliate him and unmask her. Both would then have to `race' to save the other.I found this to be a totally delightful, fast paced and immensely enjoyable light-hearted romance with just a light touch of suspense and danger. The lead couple was absolutely made for each other and their chemistry was skillfully written. The addition of the grandmother's diary entries was a nice touch that gives the readers insight into the characters and their relationship. The secondary character development of Lara's sisters was a very key and enjoyable entry into the plot and the reader will, as I do, look forward to a continuation of the series as the Darling sisters foray into town for love and romance. The author uses great imagery, witty dialogs, and unusual situations that will leave you chuckling - the `unfortunate incident' with Lord Cartwright is an absolute hoot not to be missed. Bottom line, this is going to be a wonderful series if the first book is any indication of what's in store for the rest of these `darling' sisters! --- Submitted by Marilyn, Official Reviewer for ---

Different kind of romance, but worth your while.

When I saw that Mia Ryan's book had been released, I was very excited. I loved her story in Lady Whistledown and could not wait to read more of her work. I almost did not buy Ms. Ryan's book when I read the reviews below, but I am glad I gave the book a chance. The story is not the same "everything is happiness as long as you have on a gorgeous dress and a handsome man on your arm" kind of book most of us are used to. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Lady Lara does not fit into the lady-like mold that Society demands. In fact, the harder she tries, the worse it is. The people she meets are horrible and the only people she enjoys spendng time with are misfits like herself. While the story is not the fairy tale readers may expect, the story is fun and I defy anyone not to laugh at the Unfortunate Incident with Lord Cartwright. Give Mya Ryan's book a chance. There are some lovely parts and quite a few chuckles. I expect we shall be seeing books telling Lady Lara's sisters' stories in the coming years. Frankly, I can't wait to see what is in store for them, especially Rachel!

An amusing adventure.

This book is perfect for anyone who enjoys a leading lady who has brains and isn't completely perfect. Lady Lara in this story is incredibly adventurous, and scandalous by society's terms, but her sweet spirit makes her a very likable character. She meets her match with Griff and it is a wildly amusing ride from there. A great, lighthearted read that will surely leave a smile on your face even after you finish reading it.
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