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Hardcover The Day Trader's Survival Guide: How to Be Consistently Profitable in the Short-Term Markets Book

ISBN: 0066620856

ISBN13: 9780066620855

The Day Trader's Survival Guide: How to Be Consistently Profitable in the Short-Term Markets

Why does a stock like Juniper move 25 points in a single day white Microsoft never does? Why is Rambus a great stock for day traders, whereas Delland Cisco aren't? Why is the NYSE sometimes an easier market to trade in than NASDAQ, and why are executions usually better? And, last but not least, what do the three out of ten day traders who are consistently making money know that the seven who are losing money don't? These are the types of questions...


Format: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Are you new to the TABLE?

This is the first book on the subject matter that I have read. I must say this book is a must for any novice investor. The author sheds light on understanding why the online novice daytrader is not on a level playing field. (Did you know 7 out of ten daytraders lose money?)Upon reading this book, you will understand why. Currently, I have delayed further day-trading until I get access to a "more" level playing field. For example, quicker connection's, perhaps not using an online brokerage firm. Researching NASDAQ LEVEL II QUOTES!, understanding who,what,why,how the specialist, and money makers role is, researching software, and of course getting my hands on other books!!!

This book opened my eyes.

Yes, it way did. And I remember the first time I read this book I was very surprised and stunned. Also Farrel was writing very emotionally getting you even more stunned.This book is simply a must-read if you're trading using level 2 quotes (and keep losing).This book told me THAT tricks are being played, and WHAT tricks are being played. And it told me that I had to look at the supply-and-demand screen much differently than before because not all tricks market makers were using are covered.Sad to say that once the Super Montage is implemented this book (and the tricks uncovered) will be kind of obsolete.

insiders look at what makes day trading so difficult

I bought this book after reading the recent positive review in Online Investor Magazine (Feb issue) - this book is not some loose, "how to" book on day trading - instead, the author spends his time slicing and dicing many of "the shady ways" in which both the NASDAQ market makers, and NYSE specialists operate - is by far the most in-depth day trading book of the 10 I have bought because it talks about issues that, literally, none of the other day trading books I have ever read even mention - this books wastes no time on the "getting started 101" nonsense that so many other day trading books talk about (how to get started, what broker to choose) - also, this guy actually worked as a bond trader on Wall Street before he got started - so I think his perspective on "the shady side" of how Wall Street works is a bit more accurate than the others - Here is why I liked the book: Farrell attacks things like: why the NASDAQ can be so tricky, how the NYSE specialist can made a stock collapse by cancelling bids, how big firms like Goldman Sachs can hold a stock down with the appearance of 100 share sell orders, how hidden orders affect the supply and demand in a stock - this is all stuff that I had absolutely no idea even went on -

A text book on day trading

After reading over 40 books on day trading, I must say that Chris's book "The Day Traders Survival Guide" should be required study at ALL day trading schools and universitys. He has written the best take for anyone thinking of venturing into the perillous waters of Nasdaq momentum trading. His explanation of Level II is clear and most logical, on a level for beginners and advanced traders alike. He has some slick moves for the NYSE also. Looking back now, I realized I could have save a lot of money on books by just buying this book and Chris's first book "Day Trade Online". And of course, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, These books will make an advanced trader out of anyone. Thanks Chris for being honest and telling the truth.

surprised and blown away

as a somewhat active online trader, i was both surprised and blown away by alot of what I read in this book - particularly about the kind of nonsense that is allowed to go on in the NASDAQ -As someone who has bought about 14 day trading books in the past year,I guess I'm as good a critic as anyone - this book is so far ahead of the other daytrading books in both quality, illustrations, and content that it stands alone -I am a firm believer that if you can walk away with 1 or 2 lasting ideas from any book than you are ahead of the game - Farrell book has about 15 such ideas - not to mention I think that the 3 sections on how the market makers, NYSE specialists, and day traders manipulate stock prices is the most informative chapters in any of the daytrading books out there -
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