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Mass Market Paperback The Darksteel Eye: Mirrodin Cycle, Book II Book

ISBN: 078693140X

ISBN13: 9780786931408

The Darksteel Eye: Mirrodin Cycle, Book II

(Part of the Magic: The Gathering (#2) Series and Magic: The Gathering, Mirrodin Cycle (#2) Series)

The next title in a series that opens up a strange new area of the Magic: The Gathering world. The Darksteel Eye continues a series that explores a new and mysterious world in the Magic: The Gathering... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Awesome Sequel

The Darksteel Eye (Mirrodin Cycle: Book 2) By: Jess Lebow This is the sequel to The Moons of Mirrodin and continues the adventures of Glissa the elf, Slobad the Goblin, and Bosh the golem. Glissa and her firends travel across Mirrodin to try and find allies to fight Memnarch, the guardian of Mirrodin. In this book, Glissa learns that her sword is part of a set that she must recover and activate in order to have a fighting chance against Memnarch. While journeying to complete the "Kaldra Champion" she encounters some new and old friends as well as new and old enemies. The vedalkan leader Lord Pontifex is still in pursit of Glissa and is determined to kill her at all costs while Malil, Memnarch's "aide" attempts to capture the elusive elf. The fight continues on in the salvation of Mirrodin. This is another great MTG book, I totally loved it. It was a great read and was very hard for me to put down, hence the quick review for this book. Though it is great, it does have its share of sad parts, but still an exciting read. 10/10 for this author. Though I liked the way the other autor titled the chapters.

Zero the Hero's Review

The Darksteel Eye Jess Lebow ISBN 0-7869-3140-X Imagine a peaceful world where the flowers bloom magically and cute little animals prance about freely in harmony. Now take this world, turn it upside down, add lots of metal, mix in a few grotesque zombies, and massive armies of blue squid soldiers. This messed up world is where Glissa lives. Glissa, a young viridian elf, has been torn away from her family and friends. Together, with the help of her companions Bosh, the Iron Golem, the Goblin Tinkerer, and Slobad, they seek revenge on the creature that destroyed Glissa's life. They encounter many obstacles on their journey across the harsh regions of Mirrodin, constantly being held up by the seemingly endless vedalken army and the horde of mechanized killing machines, the levelers. All controlled by the keeper of Mirrodin, Memnarch. Also, making important friends along the way, such as the fierce viridian wolf, Al-Hayat, and the wizard Bruenna. The Darksteel Eye, the second of the fantasy Mirrodin cycle books, is an outstanding tale of magic and adventure. The author, Jess Lebow uses a unique style of writing, giving you the story from different characters points of view, so you know exactly what is going on. In this novel, there are lots of magical battles, character conflicts, descriptions of the characters emotions and feelings, and unusual plot twists and turn arounds. The Darksteel Eye is compelling, suspenseful, and overall well written. Readers of the last Mirrodin Cycle book by Will McDermont will enjoy this tide turning novel even more. This brilliant novel is for anybody who loves fantasy tales or magical stories and anybody who can stay bound to earth while their minds drift away in a fantasy world.

magic the gathering darksteel eye

This book is called Magic The Gathering: Darksteel and is the second book out of the Mirrodin saga and it was great. It's about three heroes: Glissa Sunseeker is a young elf who is trying to get revenge from the loses of her family, Slobad Goblin Tinkerer is a goblin who is a mechanical wiz, and Bosh Iron Golem a great golem searching for his memories. This saga takes you through their adventures through Mirrodin and at the end through the final battle between Glissa Sunseeker and Memnarch. This book has a ton of action in it and I could barely put it down. The plot of the saga is that there is an evil wizard called Memnarch and he wants to take control of the world. The story takes place on a world called Mirrodin. In this world everything is part metal. The genre of this book is fantasy. I would recommend reading the first book out of the saga first or you wouldn't get a lot of what's going on. I would get this book if you're a fan of the Magic The Gathering card game or you just like fantasy. The mood of this story is dark but some parts are sad. The three heroes face a lot of challenges in their adventure and they go through a lot of loses during the saga. The author's name is Jess Lebow and he uses a lot of vivid language in the book and he likes to use a lot of detail to describe the creatures, buildings, and landscape. Overall I think this is a great book and I would check it out.

Who Can Save The Planet Of Mirrodin!

This book is the sequel to Mirrodin's cycle. This book Stars previous characters such as Glissa, Solobad, Bosh, and the founder of Mirrodin Memnarch!, This book also has the expansion of Cards, which stars Myrs, wizards, and Drakes! and the new option of having indestructible cards!!! so read the book and play the game! "Dark Steel"! So if you enjoyed the previous book and have high expectations of this book, my opinion doesn't matter you must judge it for yourself! treat yourself to the legacy of Mirrodin that is "Dark Steel"
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