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Paperback The Child Whisperer Book

ISBN: 0971214603

ISBN13: 9780971214606

The Child Whisperer

A gentle approach to improving self-esteem and confidence. This book can help you build your child's focus and self-control with very simple and easy to use techniques. This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Easy to read - not condescending.

This is a simple book. No fancy language or overdefinition of ideas. You can read it and then use it right away and it works. The best part about this book is that you can read it in an hour or less. I find that I am constantly rereading parts of it as I try the techniques in the book. I have read so many books that leave me feeling like I am stupid and a bad parent. The Child Whisperer doesn't talk down to me and I am so grateful.

It's so simple

This should be a study guide for all parents and school teachers. I have accomplished more in less than 24 hours than everything I have tried in the past 3 years.The method is so simple and practical. I am getting rid of all my other child behavior modification books and using this one as my bible. Today is the first day in ages that my daughter and I have been at peace with each other and not had a screaming match. I must add that I have also learned a few lessons as well.

The Child Whisperer

I found this to be a very simply written, lovely book. The first chapter deals with self confidence. Lack of self confidence is the # 1 reason that people can't reach their goals. As a teacher, I know first hand that in a classroom one childs inability to control themself can stand in the way of learning for the whole class. I always make a child calm down and look at me when I speak to them. So many parents speak to their children in a off-handed way and then wonder why their kids are fresh back. The way the author talks about kids thinking that just saying "I am sorry!", makes up for bad behavior is very familiar to me and I will deal with it in a different manner next time.As the mother of a teenager the chapter on self disipline was of special intrest. The book would be a nice gift for a teenager.As I try to define success in my own life I felt very bolstered in reading the authors words on failure as a part of growth, and the value of honesty and kindness in our daily lives. Although the chapter on community isn't patriotic in it's language, it is a simple picture of the best parts of community that we can all prctice daily. I call this type of book a "gift" book, (that is how I received it, and I am giving it as a baby shower gift) or a "pocketbook" book" or one I carry with me a take out over and over! I enjoyed it very much!

Simple Solutions to Complex Issues

Everyone who touches the life of a child should read The Child Whisperer. Mr. Pasquinilli's philosophies is as valuable as it is basic: Put your children first, and teach them well. Becoming a positive role model in the life of a child promotes happiness and health. Children who are loved grow up to become loving adults. Their children grow to become loving adults, and thus the cycle perpetuates. Feed your children "poison" and they harden and die mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We reap what we sow. The Child Whisperer is a beacon in the mire of societal corruption. Read the book and practice the philosophies it exemplifies. Our children depend on us.

Have you ever read a book that.....

have you ever read a book that says the same thing over and over again not really ever making it to the point? The Child Whisperer is the exact opposite of that. This book says that breathing helps to relieve stress and helps an overactive child calm down. Then, in simple language that comes right to the point, The Child Whisperer describes how to develop a pattern of breathing that will help your child to remain calm and increase focus. Full of simple, yet effective advice for parents of any child. I pulled five things from this book that I put into use immediately with my son. 1. Eye contact 2. Body control/helping your child stand or sit still 3. Mental focus/concentration tools 4. Breathing slowly three times to relax and refocus 5. How to use exercise to create the above four thingsAlso, not much martial arts in this book - that's good for me because I am not close to any good martial arts classes. I think the author wrote this book to be a guide for non-martial artists.
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