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Paperback Circle of Three #14: The Challenge Box Book

ISBN: 0060006064

ISBN13: 9780060006068

Circle of Three #14: The Challenge Box

(Book #14 in the Circle of Three Series)

As their year-and-a-day draws to an end, Annie, Kate, and Cooper must face individual challenges designed to test their fitness for initiation, causing Kate to debate whether or not she will choose to commit to the Wiccan path.


Format: Paperback

Condition: Good


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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Challange Box

Possibly the best book in the Circle of Three series yet. The book starts out with Kate, Annie, and Cooper each picking a challenge out of the challenge box. Obviously, none of them understood their challenges. They all hoped that their trip to New Orleans to visit Annie's newly found sister will help them. At the last minute, Kate's parents forbid her to go, after her big science project blow with Sherrie. All the girls feel auful, but life goes on. On their last night together, Cooper gives Kate a box of gifts to open while they were gone. And believe me, that box was full of surprises. Annie and Cooper encounter many, many surprises down in New Orleans. Including voodoo, a strange woman, a terrible case of stage fright, and the best food the girls have ever tasted!!! When the girls get back to Beecher Falls, they've all figured out their challenges, after probably the hardest week of their lives. The story takes a shocking and terrible twist when the girls take their challenges to class and find out who is going to participate in the initiation. It is probably the most shocking and sad thing I've read so far in this series. To find out this twist, you've GOT to read this book. It is THE best!!!!!!!!!

A great book from a great series

This is one of the best from the series. I liked how it told about the individual challenges of Kate, Annie, and Cooper. You got to see how they felt about possibly being initiated into Wicca. But the end really surprised me, which is why I can't wait until the next one comes out.

I'm So Sad!

I'm SSSOOOO sad the Circle of Three books are almost over!!!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Okay- done with that, about the book, I loved it. It held the element of suprise. Annie, Cooper, and Kate are supposed to go to New Orelens to visit Annie's Aunt, one is banned from the trip last-minute. ...Sadness. Astonishment. Read to find out more!?

A major twist in the series

I've been reading this series for quite a while, and I couldn't wait to find out what happened in this book. The story takes a major twist when Kate, Annie, and Cooper all recieve their final assignment. To solve their challenge. None of the firls get their challenges at first, but they all seem to receive the answers in different places. Annie and Cooper, in New Orleans, while visiting Annie's new-found sister. Kate, back at home, while going through a very hard moment. When the girls present their answers at the last class, they're all sure their going to be witches together. But then a major twist comes a long. A twist that could ruin their friendship, ruin their Wiccan bond, and destroy their circle of three. What's going to happen? I guess we'll all just have to wait until #15 comes out later this month.

The Challenge Box

This book was absolutely fantastic! If you like this series, you'll definately be up thinking about the twist ending long after you finished reading the actual book! This book starts with Kate, Cooper, and Annie's final challenges. They are asked to pull a sheet of paper out of the box and complete the challenge on it. Based on how well they complete their challenges decides whether or not they will be invited to the initation. In other happening, Annie and Cooper go to New Orleans, while Kate stays behind working on her make-up science project with the unbearable Sherrie. When Annie and Cooper get back they are all prepared for their final class at Crones Circle. Cooper is extremely confident they will all be witches next year and their circle will not be broken. After presenting their challenges and how they completed or had not completed them they are asked one at a time to proceed into the back room where Archer will tell them whether or not they are asked to the initation. As Cooper, Annie, and Kate walk in confident they will become witches together, they are faced with the cruel reality that one in their circle might not be ready to be a witch.
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