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Paperback Buszujacy w zbozu Book

ISBN: 8373595554

ISBN13: 9788373595552

Buszujacy w zbozu

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Good


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12 ratings

Classic? NOT!

I've read a lot of classics over the years. This book was so bad, I made it about half way through it, before collapsing from sheer boredom. I fail to see how this garbage book was even published, let alone purchased. To dum it up in one word - LAME!

"like-new" condition

I ordered this book in like-new condition... There was text written all over the book and highlighted things. The book is in good condition but come on. It's written all over. Very disappointed


I feel cheated! Not only did I pay over $10 for a book that was missing 3 pages but the story sure wasn't what I expected! Maybe I've lead a very realistic hard life....I sure don't see what all the hoopla is about this book! Disappointed!

A classic for a reason

The other reviews clearly didn't understand anything about the book. It's not about the story line or what happens in the book at all really.. it's about the thoughts and ideas that are brought up in the literature. They speak of shared human truths. If you're so scared and turned off by reading about sad truths or depression, you need to ask yourself why that is. This book is incredibly thought provoking and speaks on such deep shared human truths, it's classic literature for a reason. One of my favorite books easily. A beautiful and must read book.

Not the storyline

I loved the storyline but i got this book and it was completely messed up when it arrived its all drawn on. So dissapointed


I got this book because everyone has heard of the title at least and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I love books and I respect them but I muscled my way through this book hoping there would be a story within the 200+ pages. There wasn't. Someone tried to tell me of the symbolism, etc. I don't get it. I guess I like stories and this didn't have one. Please save your time and money. Summary: depressed guy is depressed. He tells some valid reasons he is depressed. End result after reading: you're depressed ( for having read this book) I hope I haven't offended anyone but I threw this book in the trash after I finished. Also the depressed fellow in this book loves to curse God on almost every page. I guess I'm sensitive to this. God is good, this book is not. '

I remember this fantastic book from long ago

Many years ago I read this marvelous story and still recommend it to young people I know as one of the best "Coming of Age" stories for those on the brink of maturing---a real masterpiece. Rose D., a former and long-time teacher of English and creative writing.

Excelente libro

La verdad me habian dicho que el libro no valia la pena, que solo era famoso por las controversias que ha surgido en torno a el.. Pero es un libro muy fácil de leer, con expresiones que uno utiliza a diario y muy bueno para analizar. Lo recomiendo al 100%.. esta definitivamente es la manifestación del odio y de la ansiedad.. no solo para adolescentes.. para todos.

The book of the 1950's

The catcher in a rye is a good book considering that it was written in 1951.The book was interesting when it starts off because it's confusing how he gets expelled then doesn't come back until after Christmas break. I liked how the story progressed because he pretty much told a story of his family and what happened in there lives. The prostitute part is very odd, but funny in a way you'll like this part. The main character Holden seems to be a very weak person, but tries to stand up for him self, but can't. It's really odd how he doesn't start explaining things till the last quarter of the book. The book was very good book, but it would not be a book that I would read again, because it's not the type of book I like to read

Detrás del guardián

En vista de que no publicaron mi resumen en inglés, les doy uno en mi "native language". EL Guardián entre el Centeno, es una obra qe no se puede leer a la ligera, pues el gran contenido espiritual que guarda tras el gracioso, irónico y cínico Holden Caulfield es más extenso de lo que muchos ha notado. Este libro nos narra las vivencias de un adolescente diferente, de un jóven que ve la vida más allá del éxito profesional o las relaciones humanas y se preocupa más por su aspecto psicológico y por vivir su vida a su manera. La figura de Phoebe representa su gusto por lo auténtico, por lo natural e inalterado, asì como el hecho de maravillarse de pequeños detalles tras haber despreciado grandes obras artísticas. Concluyo que EL Guardián entre el Centeno es un libro que va más allá de lo gracioso o cínico (lo cual también es parte fundamental) dejando entre sus páginas un nuevo modelo de adolescente, un triunfador fracasado.

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