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Paperback The Case for Christ/The Case for Faith Book

ISBN: 0310608821

ISBN13: 9780310608820

The Case for Christ/The Case for Faith

(Part of the Cases for Christianity Series)

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Book Overview

Using the dramatic scenario of an investigative journalist pursuing his story and leads, Lee Strobel uses his experience as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune to interview experts about the evidence for Christ from the fields of science, philosophy, and history. Winner of the Gold Medallion Book Award and twice nominated for the Christian Book of the Year Award. "The Case For Faith" is the anticipated sequel to Lee Strobel's best-selling "The Case...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

An answer to many difficult questions...

The Case for Faith is a must-read for those who want to believe in the promise of Christianity yet feel hindered by nagging doubts. This book looks at 8 major issues that keep many people from truly accepting Christ. As a major skeptic, I read this book and found that the scholars interviewed within the pages offered convincing arguments as to why we should believe. Like many others, I had a hard time believing that a loving God could exist when there is so much pain and suffering in the world; that is one of eight issues explored within the book. Strobel does not rely on his own ponderings to answer these fundamental questions to the validity of Christianity; rather, he interviews scholars and scientists, all of whom give thoroughly researched answers, not vague dogmatic assertions.

Excellent overview of answers to tough questions

I've read several books purporting to provide answers to tough objections to Christianity, but this book succeeds like none of the others. First, it deals with the right questions -- the ones that seekers and skeptics are asking. Second, it goes to excellent sources for answers. Rather than the author merely providing his own perspective, he interviews knowledgeable scholars. They are able to offer solid yet understandable replies. Third, it's well-written. The interview at the beginning with Charles Templeton, who once was a friend of Billy Graham's but later lost his faith, is riveting! The entire book actually is the unfolding of a story -- the author reliving his own spiritual investigation from atheism to Christianity. Fourth, the book has a fine bibliography. If any reader wants more in-depth information (after all, one book can only provide an overview), good resources are offered. Will this book help Christians strengthen their faith? Undoubtedly. Will it help spiritual seekers move closer to God? I'm sure it will. Will it convince hard-core skeptics? Probably not. That doesn't mean there aren't great answers for them, merely that one book can't go in-depth enough to satisfy everyone. That's where the bibliography comes in. All in all, I give this book five stars because it accomplishes its objective of providing thoughtful answers to the Big 8 objections to Christianity. You will not be disappointed by this book!

Good starting point for anyone who wants answers

Although I'm not a Christian, recently I have been interested in exploring spiritual issues (probably a product of turning 30!). As a mechanical engineer, I tend to have a logical approach to life, and so I have rather systematically been reading literature ranging from books by atheists (such as George Smith) to books by people defending their faith in God (such as Patrick Glynn's "God: The Evidence"). Of all the books I've read (more than 30 at this point), I have to rank "The Case for Faith" and its companion volume "The Case for Christ" as among the best.I know that conclusion will rankle people whose approach is to fold their arms across their chest and defiantly dare anyone to try to provide any evidence for faith. But adamant skepticism becomes just plain silly after a while. In my view, a person who's honestly evaluating the evidence will have to admit that there are, indeed, significant strands of evidence that point toward the veracity of the Christian faith. At least, that's my opinion at this point.Contrary to some others, I think this book's treatment of the pain and suffering issue is well-reasoned and as persuasive as anything I've seen on the subject. If people want something more in depth, they should try the writings of Alvin Plantiga, the most respected philosopher of the 20th Century, who has written extensively on this topic from a Christian perspective. While this is an emotional issue (and one the author admits is a stumbling block for many), the existence of pain and suffering falls far short of disproving the existence of God. That's why few atheists even bring it up in debates anymore -- the last time one tried, Dr. William Lane Craig demolished him. Further, as Dr. Peter Kreeft points out in this book, critics must then wrestle with more than 20 arguments in favor of Christianity. And that's the point -- anyone can claim the Christian evidence falls short, but why can't they come up with a coherent philosophical viewpoint that accounts for ALL of the evidence? As the author claims in the last chapter of this book, only a theistic viewpoint -- in fact, only a Christian viewpoint -- can account for all of the evidence offered in these two books. That's why I'm taking the claims of Jesus seriously at this point.Other chapters were very enlightening in helping me sort through my faith questions. The chapter on the impossibility of life emerging from nonlife was, in my assessment, extremely powerful. There seems no way around the scientific hurdles there. The author's interview with Dr. Ravi Zacharias on Jesus being the only way to God handled this touchy subject very well. And I could relate very much to Dr. Lynn Anderson's discussion of doubt. Doubts are what have kept me away from becoming a Christian.Personally, I felt like the author went as far as he could in exploring these eight objections to Christianity. To pursue some of the rabbit trails others have suggested would have resulted in an encyclopedia. These books ar

Great answers to tough questions

Yet again Lee Strobel has created a powerful combination of facts and storytelling to tackle what he refers to as the "Big 8": the eight toughest questions people often have about Christianity. Rather than shy away from facing the kinds of struggles people have with the Christian faith, Strobel attacks them head-on, looking at their ins-and-outs and striving to uncover every facet, and then providing answers in plain language that don't require a master's in philosophy to understand. His natural storytelling ability makes you feel as though you've drawn up a chair beside himself and the many brilliant minds he interviews. Your intellectual side will be satisfied, as will your craving for a good story. It's a great read, a book that makes you think, and a story that can change your life. Read "The Case for Christ" and see for yourself.

Solid, convincing answers to the toughest questions

This excellent resource provides persuasive answers to the "Big 8" objections to Christianity. As a former skeptic myself, I consider this book to be the very best of its type in terms of readability, cogent analysis, and honest engagement with the most difficult issues involving Christianity. Like the author's previous best-seller, "The Case for Christ," this book is sure to garner a huge number of strong supporters as well as a small group of vociferous critics. That's because some people simply won't like the author's conclusions and will do anything to discourage people from reading the book. However, read the negative reviews yourself and you'll see their logical holes or their blatant misunderstanding of the author's points. Incredibly, one reviewer accuses the author of not disclosing he's a minister -- when that very fact is emblazoned across the back of the book! So the credibility belongs to the author, and anyone who is sincerely seeking answers to their tough questions about faith will find this book to be thorough, engaging, and potentially life-changing!
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