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Paperback The Call of the Wild Book

ISBN: 1453064516

ISBN13: 9781453064511

The Call of the Wild

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Book Overview

A story of a dog whose life is changed forever. Kidnapped from his sunny California home, Buck is taken to the cold, hard world of the Klondike. Buck is hitched into the traces of a dog sled, but the traces cannot hold his spirit, his will, or his true nature--to be wild--to be free.

Customer Reviews

36 ratings

Looks very old like in 60s and smelly.

And it has a price tag of $2.95, and I paid over $4.

It was okay

Despite the book being complex it was enjoyable. There was a lot of inspiration and character change during the novel. Buck, the dog lives in a comfortable environment, but is then dragged to the Yukon territory to be a sled dog. This courageous character is lead through a dramatic journey of loud cries, pain, but most of all dominance. At the end with the ties between cruelty, kindness, and pain will he accept the call of the wild. This book does expose the the hardships and consequences with mankind during the Gold rush. Even though people may say this novel is dull and boring at some times this novel represents many changes but also connects it with american history. While I wasn't obsessively in love with this novel I did enjoy the the struggle and obstacles Buck had overcome.

I dont like it

I wouldn't recommend to adolescent children. This novel is a pg-13+ book. How the Indians assassinate John and his people extremely heart-wrenching. Another reason is how buck, a pamper and privileged dog turned barbarian, assassinate the Indians, because they slaughtered his best friend. If you are compassionate and caring toward dogs I wouldn't purchase this novel, because it shows them experiencing and surviving exhaustion, abuse, and exasperation. It's really fatiguing to remain engaged and connected into the story. Even though some may say this novel is enjoying and marvelous at times.This book repeats Americans history. The setting is in the harsh and tremorous yukon. I wouldn't pick it up because is really monotonous and, just not my style.

Don't answer the call.

I would recommend this novel if you like surviving in harsh environments. If you don’t like anything that has to do within the lines of abusing animals, then I suggest you don’t read this novel. Overall, this story wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t good. It had the potential to be a good book, but the author didn’t get enough action to be a good story. This book is really bitter. He started off in a lively, ecstatic home. Every event after that just made it look like he was never going to be jubilant, I would even say daunting. All in all, do you think he answered the call of the wild? I wasn’t very wild about the book though. Some may say this book was very compelling and breathtaking, but it is a really lackadaisical book that doesn’t upturn my enthusiasm.

I didn't enjoy it.

I would not recommend this book. Especially if you are looking for a suspenseful, on the edge of your seat novel. Call of the Wild is about a dog named Buck and his transformation from a domestic dog to a primitive beast. This takes place when he is taken from his comfortable home in the sun kissed Santa Clara Valley and introduced to the wild and brutality of the Yukon territory. In the end, will he cling to the civilizations of man or join the adventures of the wild? This book was quite dull and boring and didn’t have much exhilarating action. Also, since the events weren’t relatable to me it wasn’t very interesting or engaging to read. Even though it does inform readers well into the harshness many dogs face and leaves a valuable message, the other boring aspects of it just outweigh the theme. Although it is not the worst book I have ever read, I definitely would not urge someone to read this novel.

i did not like it

Novel Review I would not recommend this novel at all to anyone. I honestly did not enjoy reading the book. When I was reading the novel, I could not fully comprehend what I was reading. The novel is definitely more towards people who are advanced readers. I could only understand that it was about dogs getting treated atrociously by their owners, and then going on an interesting adventure. I hated to read about the dogs getting beaten over and over again. Although some people may say that the novel is delightful to read, because it challenges your mind, the novel tended to confuse me a lot. I’m a genuinely superb reader, and even I had trouble completely understanding what was happening the entire time.

it was okay.

I wouldn’t recommend this novel because it isn't interesting. It is about a dog named Buck who faces multiple obstacles especially the call of the wild. At the beginning of the story, Buck is a domesticated dog that has a trouble-free life on his family's farm. Throughout the book, Buck gets sold to multiple owners and has to face many hardships in order to survive.There is no exhilarating action taking place in the novel. Even though some may say that this book teaches you about the Yukon Gold Rush, it is still really difficult to engage in it and to be interested because there is not a lot of action. Overall this novel isn't worth reading because of the lack of excitement.

It was a pretty decent book

I recommend this novel to teens and to people who aren’t dog lovers. I thought it was a pretty well-made novel because it had some of my interest, like when the ruthless dogs were pushing the sled and Buck was getting stronger and eventually became the leader. This novel showed a journey of dog that had a great life, but of course that all changes. He has to work for his owners that dognapped him, but in the end will he come out and accept the Call of The Wild? The only reason I wouldn’t recommend this novel is because it is dull in some parts and is drug out. I would recommend this novel because it is a heart-wrenching thriller. Even though people say this novel is too slow, I think it’s slow only at certain points and is worth your time. Over all I think everyone should read this novel at least once because its a important part of American history and honestly is a pretty well-made book and makes you wonder what’s going to happen next.

4 stars- I liked it!

As someone who has read a variety of different books, I think that the novel Call of the Wild is definitely worth the read. Starting off as a beloved pet of a wealthy judge in California’s Santa Clara Valley. When he his stolen and sold by a poor farmer, Buck is introduced to the harshness of not only the rough Yukon region, but also the true reality of rage in mankind. After a long, treacherous journey through the Yukon, will Buck stay with the men who saved his life or follow his “call to the wild” as an uncivilized beast? Some may say that Buck’s journey lacked suspense, but I thought that the novel had just enough of a push without it being too much. Although this is not my favorite novel that I have read before, this heart-wrenching novel was definitely still worth my time.

it was good but not great

I would recommend this novel to people who enjoyed the outside/outdoors and tales about ruthless dogs. But it is slow to get to the interesting events events. In this book you see buck manifest from an average dog to a beast/wild dog. He faces a lot of hardships in his journey. That will keep you interested. Even though some may say it is tedious/slow at times. It talks about a signtime in history.But if you do not love the outdoors or dogs you may not love this one to well. It takes place in the frigid rugged Yukon Alaska, and this is why he has some of the challenges he has and it makes him have to adapt to the environment. But at some parts of the story it will try to make him give up but he doesn't so it shows you that he has a sturdy will power and that is one of the reasons he goes wild.

bad book

Call of the wild 2 stars This book was not interesting at all in my opinion a dog is facing call of the wild. It's about a dog who starts off a calm life as a pet in cali and faces many challenges when he gets bought and shipped to the yukon.The book is also very drug out and boring it's on and off topics like crazy and is not interesting due to boring things that happen to buck or bucks owners.Some may say the book is very good and challenging book with troubles and hardships but in my opinion the book is very very dualit can not stay on one topic without losing the attention of the reader. So, I would not recommend this book at all to anyone.

For a certain taste

I quite enjoyed the book even though it was slightly difficult to keep up with Buck’s owners. This story of Buck is not something for small children because of the amount graphic scenery but for the most part it seems to be a well researched story. People like to complain that London was a nature faker but he had proven if not all then most of the reasons for this accusation to be false. People like to think that animals do not feel like we do which is true to an extent. Dogs act on instinct and simple reasoning while human act on emotions and most times complex reasoning. I feel London translated this very well and I would recommend it to others if they are not scared of a beginning and ending that is not for the most part particularly happy and up beat. It takes a certain type to enjoy this read but I for sure did.

Must Read

I would recommend The Call of the Wild for a mature audience. The text says "He felt the warmth of the blood in his mouth. Younger audiences might not understand some of the content in this book, they might not understand what is being said, or they might think it's too violent. Even though I believe it's a good book others might think it is too bad of a book or it's just a waste of time for anyone.

I would not recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD

I would not recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD to middle school students. One scene when buck would not get off the ground, and they whipped him and hit buck with a club also. Then they cut him lose, but before that one of the guys helping with the travel he said i will kill you if you don't quit whipping him. Even though THE CALL OF THE WILD is a classic it took way to long, and there were too many advance words for middle school and high school students.

Don't Read It Sucks

I do not recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD, by Jack London, but I would recommend it to high school bound students. An example of why I would recommend it to more advanced middle school students is, "He was preeminently cunning...". My reasoning is that some people won't understand the vocabulary. Even though some middle schoolers might be able to understand the vocabulary.

The equivalent to garbage water

I would not endorse, THE CALL OF THE WILD, to an easily confused person. In the novel it states, "Thus, a token of what a puppet thing life is, the ancient song surged through him and he came into his own again..." First of all, this quote is referring to life and then, halfway through the sentence it develops a new meaning. Not to help the fact, the book also uses many substantial words. Despite the fact that the novel is a classic, it has long, unclear, and vague chapters with extensive words that can simply confuse anyone.

I enjoyed the story line; i did not like the pacing.

I would not recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD by Jack London. It is written in prolonged chapters, which makes the reader feel as if it was going to last forever. In the book, there is a scene where Buck pulls 1,000 pounds, Jack has written in people betting on Buck , and it causes the situation to drag on, as well as takes away from the excitement. Even though some may say it is a classic, i believe it is poorly paced; which cause one to lose interest.

I would not recommend, The Call of the Wild, to others. Especially to younger children because of the amount of violence. The text says "It was Buck a live hurricane fury, hurling himself upon them in a frenzy to destroy. He sprang at the forestman, it was the chief of the Yeehat, ripping the throat wide open till the rent jugular spouted a fountain of blood." This quotes shows how gory and sorrowful some parts of the book are. Even though some people say it is a classic, I would not recommend it because of the amount of sadness and violence.

a must read

I would recommend The Call of the Wild for a older more mature audience . Near the end of the book he felt revenge for what they had done and his revenge would not be for a younger audience it said gruesome things . some people may think that there was not enough plot progress but others think there is plenty of plot progression

I would not recommend to younger children.

I would not recommend, THE CALL OF THE WILD, to younger children in elementary school. In the text it has some words that younger kids may not know and might be hard to understand. The reason why is because it might be to hard for them to figure out. Although older kids like teens and young adults would like it, I believe that younger kids wouldn't like it.

Many Meanings

I would definitely recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD to others because the message just isn't about Bucks adventures on finding out who he really is ,but the meaning hides in the words. The meaning is about us humans finding out who we are. We have read that Buck thrives and struggles on who he is as a dog. As well as us; we thrive and struggle as humans. Although the concept is full of a predictable plot the call of the wild is an action packed adventure about a dog escaping the domesticated world.

Difficult to understand.

I would not recommend, CALL OF THE WILD, to other middle school students. The vocabulary is difficult to understand, and is suitable for older students. In the text, "Thus, a taken of what a puppet thing life is, the ancient song surged through him and he came into hi own again..."This quote shows the complicated vocabulary and is tough to understand. Even though this book is difficult to understand it would be a great book for older students.

I do not like this book.

I do not recommend this book to people who are light hearted or are troubled with harder vocabulary. It's more difficult for younger readers. I don't recommend this book for younger children because there is a lot of violence and harsh content for elementary kids. Buck was beaten, starved, and pushed until he was weak and tired. There were dog fights and people and animals were killed. This kind of content could affect younger kids if they read this book. This explains why younger children should not read Jack London's CALL OF THE WILD. Even though this is a classic book there is too much harsh content for children.

I wouldn't recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD at all.

I personally find fiction more exciting then non-fiction. In my opinion it is also very over-specific. You can do whatever you want when writing in fiction. When writing in non-fiction, you are greatly limited. Even though it is a classic, its not in my liking.

This book is a must read!

I would definitely recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD to others because it is interesting and the story is really important. Even though the word choices in it are hard to understand and relate with, it is very good book. It has many conflicts and turning points that make it interesting based on Buck's decisions that he makes. For example, when Buck meets the other alpha wolf, Spitz, there was a lot of dispute between them which ends with one of them getting killed. The story is very important because of the loving and hateful people that Buck encounters with throughout his journey to pursue what he always was meant to live for; to be a dog in the wilderness.

I enjoy the book!

Yes, I would absolutely recommend , THE CALL OF THE WILD, by Jack London to other students and young adults. In the book the author said, " Love , Genuine passionate love, was his for the first time". I know this because in the novel, we can see the love Buck has for his master John Thornton, and how he risk his own life to save him. Even though, some people say the chapter is too long and monotonous, THE CALL OF THE WILD is a decent book.

This book is not worth the time.

I would not recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD to others unless they enjoy nonfiction literature with a very simple plot. In the text it talks about Buck's story, and how he felt about the different things that happened in the journey but it is very unrealistic. Buck saying his feelings and different things of that sort makes it hard to focus to. Many people like this book because of the more advanced vocabulary and learning some about how the journey could go using sled dogs. If I did recommend this book to people, I would recommend this for highly advanced older middle school children.

I would not recommend this book to young children.

I would not recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD for a younger audience. My reasoning is that it is very boring and the middle drags on forever. Another reason is it is very depressing and there is lots of death.

Would not recommend the novel to everyone

I would not recommend, THE CALL OF THE WILD, to people who enjoy longer and more detailed stories. The book was only 85 pages long which made it fast paced, if it was longer the story could have gotten more detailed and more interesting . If people enjoy longer stories then I wouldn't recommend this book which had only 85 pages. Even though some may say the story was interesting and full of action, the story could have had more to the plot.

It is great for middle school to college students.

I would recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD to 6-12 graders because it shares many life lessons. It also teaches students about the gold rush and many different breeds of dogs and wolves. This book provides a very good learning experience for students. People may say that it is to rough for middle schoolers but I truly believe it is a good book for middle schoolers to read because it teaches many different things and it is a great book!!!

The Call of The Wild is not a book i would recommend.

I would not recommend THE CALL OF THE WILD for unadvanced or immature readers. In the book sometimes it was confusing as to who was a dog and who wasn't, due to the dialogue. The book also had gory scenes and a great deal of death which could be to violent for smaller readers. If you read this book before being prepared on certain topics it most likely won't be a good book because, you could end up confused. Although some may think it's simple to understand there are unadvanced readers who may find it complex.

A Review by Lyric

The Call of the Wild is a moving book written by Jack London in 1903. It is a wonderfully written piece based on the historical facts about the Alaskan gold rush. The characters are lively and interesting. It is very entertaining to follow the dramatic, sad, adventurous, fun, and loving lives of the characters. The story is about a prideful and well respected dog named Buck that is kidnapped, sold as a mush dog to the Canadian government, and mistreated. When he was being beaten so badly that he was about to die, a man named John Thornton saved him. Buck stayed faithful to his new master until the man died while searching for gold. In the end, Buck left mankind to join a pack of wolves. Jack London builds beautiful characters- dogs and men that are just like real dogs and humans. Buck begins in his story as a proud and faithful dog, so the readers do not expect him to change or grow at all. However, as he learns more about being a dog for an unfair master, his wild side grew and he became untamed. John Thornton, the man who saved Buck's life, is described by London as a kind, gentle, and soft hearted man that is adventurous and sets off to find a legendary gold mine from which no one has returned. London was very skilled at making his characters just like real humans and animals. He made them come to life with the way that they acted and the things that that they believed and stood up for. They all had faults and failures, but they also had good things that made them special. The book is packed full with action and adventure. The book is only 62 pages and the action starts on the first ones when Buck is kidnapped and it ends when he joins a pack of wolves and haunts Indian people whose ancestors killed his favorite master. Jack London wrote an unsatisfying ending in which one of our favorite characters, John Thornton, dies tragically and Buck, another favorite, becomes discontented and wild. The book is dramatic and many loved characters die. The mush dogs find themselves in the hardest situations. Only half way through the book, the most loved dogs are limping and struggling to survive along with their masters who they defend and remain faithful to. The Call of the Wild is action packed, has realistic characters, is historically accurate, does not have too much or too little description, is dramatic, and the characters have qualities that make you love them. These are all traits that a good book should have. It demonstrates the irresistible call of the wild that dogs have and the persistence of a faithful dog that loves its work and will not fail his master if he is treated right. It demonstrates the love between dogs and their masters.

Gripping story of survival

London is a tremendously talented writer and his understanding of life matches his tremendous knowledge of the snow-enshrouded world of the upper latitudes. His writing is beautiful, poignant, and powerful, yet also somber, morose, and infinitely real. This isn't a story to read when you are depressed. Although The Call of the Wild is a short novel and on the surface a dog's story, it contains as much truth and reality of man's own struggles as that which can be sifted from the life's work of many other respected authors. The story he tells is stark and real, and as such, it is not pretty picture he paints, nor an elevating story he writes. As an animal lover, I found parts of this story heartbreaking from Buck's removal from the civilized Southland in which he reigned supreme among his animal kin to the brutal cold and even more brutal machinations of hard, weathered men who literally beat him and whipped him full of lashes. Even sadder are the stories of the dogs that fill the sled's traces around him. Good-spirited Curly never had a chance, while Dave's story is only made bearable because of his brave, undying spirit. Even Spitz, the harsh taskmaster, has to be pitied, despite his harsh nature, for the reader knows this harsh nature was forced upon him by man and his thirst for riches. Buck's travails are long and hard, but it is his nobility of his spirit that makes of him a hero, despite the primitive animal instincts and urges that dominate him. Buck not only conquers the weather, the harshness of the men, the other dogs and the wolves he comes into contact with, he thrives. Hopes for redemption with John Thornton are dashed in the end, and that's when Buck finally gives in fully to "the call of the wild," becoming a creature of nature only. While this is a sad ending, the reader also feels joy and satisfaction at Buck's refusal to surrender and his ability to find his own kind of happiness in the harsh world in which he is placed.

A poignant, moving story of nature and survival

I have to admit that I have not really given Jack London his proper due up to now. Perhaps it is because I don't by my nature like outdoor adventure type stories, or perhaps it is because I associate White Fang and "To Build a Fire" with my youth. The fact is that Jack London is a tremendously talented writer. His understanding of the basics of life matches his great knowledge of the snow-enshrouded world of the upper latitudes. The Call of the Wild, despite its relative brevity and the fact that it is (at least on its surface) a dog's story, contains as much truth and reality of man's own struggles as that which can be sifted from the life's work of many another respected author. The story London tells is starkly real; as such, it is not pretty, and it is not elevating. As an animal lover, I found parts of this story heartbreaking: Buck's removal from the civilized Southland in which he reigned supreme among his animal kindred to the brutal cold and even more brutal machinations of hard, weathered men who literally beat him and whipped him full of lashes is supremely sad and bothersome. Even sadder are the stories of the dogs that fill the sled's traces around him. Poor good-spirited Curly never has a chance, while Dave's story is made the more unbearable by his brave, undying spirit. Even the harsh taskmaster Spitz has to be pitied, despite his harsh nature, for the reader knows full well that this harsh nature was forced upon him by man and his thirst for gold. Buck's travails are long and hard, but the nobility of his spirit makes of him a hero--this despite the fact that his primitive animal instincts and urges continually come to dominate him, pushing away the memory and reality of his younger, softer days among civilized man. Buck not only conquers all--the weather, the harshness of the men who harness his powers in turn, the other dogs and wolves he comes into contact with--he thrives. This isn't a story to read when you are depressed. London's writing is beautiful, poignant, and powerful, but it is also somber, sometimes morose, infinitely real, and at times gut-wrenching and heartbreaking.

No book provides more powerful images of Life

This, in my opinion, is among the greatest sociological books existing. Unlike any other book you have read: there is no jealousy in this book, no bickering, no envy, no greed, no pettiness -- there is only life and the struggle for life. That life is good. That living is good. That making it through the day, or the hour, is good.The book pounds the reader through the confines of the frozen north, where two men attempt to transport a decedent in his coffin. On the way, hungry wolves pursue the trail -- we can't blame them -- "their muscles are strings" -- the wolves are literally starving to death. The men understand this, but also that they have a job to do.Later, one of these wolves delivers a few pups, and the pups struggle to live within their den while the mother attempts to find food that is virtually nonexistent. One of these wolves is White Fang -- in his struggle for survival, he must rise above his fears and his teachings, and in so doing, discovers that living is essential, that living is good.Through trials and tribulations, White Fang understands that love is the highest pinnacle of existence, and that order is the highest essential of Life.Crammed with so many wonderful scenes, so many poigant and solemn images of life, the struggle for life, the very act of living -- impossible to put down, impossible to ignore.If you have doubts about your world, your doubts will be shaken if you read this book.

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