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Paperback The Bronze Horseman Book

ISBN: 006185414X

ISBN13: 9780061854149

The Bronze Horseman

(Book #1 in the The Bronze Horseman 00 Series)

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Book Overview

USA Today Bestseller Called "a Russian Thorn Birds ," The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons is a sweeping saga of love and war that has been a monumental bestseller all over the world. The acclaimed author of Tully, Simons has written a stirring tale of devotion, passion, secrets, betray, and sacrifice. "A love story both tender and fierce" ( Publishers Weekly ) that "Recalls Dr. Zhivago " ( People Magazine ), The Bronze Horseman is rich and vivid...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Not a fan....

I was able to wade through the mess that is the love story at the heart of this novel solely for the benefit of absorbing the history found in the pages. Once the primary focus was on the main characters I could suffer the book no longer though and chalked it up to a DNF.

Heartbreaking and Lovely

This is such a wonderful book on so many levels. This book contains a beautiful love story, complicated family dynamics and fascinating depictions of WWII. The main character, Tatiana is seventeen living in Leningrad Russia with her family just as Germany begins to invade in the east. Tatiana is living in a communal housing building and sharing a two room apartment with six family members. As the war begins in their country the family is scrambling to figure out what to do. Meanwhile Tatiana meets Alexander, a soldier in the Red Army. They quickly discover that they have an unbreakable connection however they also soon discover something that may (and should?) keep them apart forever. This is such a wonderful story. Those who love romance, love, and historical fiction will LOVE this book.

A lesson for everybody.

Soviet history is a big black hole in most people's knowledge, partly because of the secrecy surrounding it, and partially because we've had a few decades of books and movies about Nazi Germany and little else. Tragic events such as Stalin's Ukrainian genocide (millions more Ukrainians died than Jews in the Holocaust), and the siege of Leningrad are two such events that are only just coming to be known amongst Westerners. This book draws you in and holds you tight as you suffer through the annexing of Leningrad during World War Two. At the end of the war all citizens were declared Heroes of the Soviet Union - only, there was hardly anybody left. The Nazis' plan to starve the city into surrender is shocking, and was ultimately a failure. The Russians - already suffering under the Communist regime - fought on even as they dropped dead of starvation in the streets. This book could almost warrant five stars, but partway through it begins to lose its way just a bit. The romance between Tatiana and Alexander is the heart of the story, and though it does seem a little `Cinderellaish' it sure is addictive. However, once their relationship develops further we seem to lose track of the war and instead focus far too much on sex. The first half, and the ending just about make up for this lapse in the middle. All the same, this a story everyone should share.

Slow at first, but turns into something truly riveting!

Having read all of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novels, I wanted a nice, big epic as a replacement, or as something to keep me amused while I wait for DG's next big book. I picked up The Bronze Horseman on a whim. I thought that the premise of a romantic story set against the backdrop of WWII Leningrad in Russia, during the years 1940-1943, would make very interesting reading. Well, this novel became something of an acquired taste for me. I had a difficult time getting into the first two-hundred or so pages, but then the book became riveting as the story began to unfold. This tells the story of seventeen-year-old Tatiana Metanova, a pretty and good-natured young woman whose loyalty to her family is so grand that she sacrifices her love for dashing soldier Alexander so that her sister and best friend Dasha, who also loves Alexander, could have him. To make things worse for Tatiana, she is forced to answer the attentions of Dmitri, another soldier, who has information that could destroy Alexander. What transpires is a story of love, betrayal, struggle and pain in the light of the casualties of war. There are many twists throughout the novel. As said earlier, I had a difficult time getting into the novel at first. The first half of the book felt slow and dull to me and I had to force myself to continue. I'm glad I did because Tatiana and Alexander are a great romantic couple. They have this star-crossed lovers appeal that convinced me to continue reading during the times I felt I wanted to throw in the towel. Based on my review, the heroine may come across as a martyr to you, but her infinite love for her sister forces her to make some rather difficult decisions and this makes her an appealing character. Alexander is also great. His feelings for Dasha frustrated me at first, but then he grew on me as well. I agree with the reviewer who says that Dasha had a fancy for Alexander but did not love him, and that made her selfish and somewhat unlikeable to me. I also agree with the reviewers who say that the secondary characters are underdeveloped because there is too much focus on Tatiana and Alexander and the backdrop of the Leningrad Siege. The subplots centered on people dying of starvation and during the battle are depressing, but it paints a rather realistic look into the consequences of the war. All in all, The Bronze Horseman grew on me so much that it became one of the most enthralling stories I have read in a while. It is right up there with the Outlander series. Paullina Simons has written a wonderful novel set in her native Russia. I look forward to giving Tatiana and Alexander a whirl -- that is if I can obtain a copy.

Bronze Horseman is a golden treasure

Review of The Bronze Horseman, by by Paullina SimonsReviewer: Mark LamendolaThis is one of the most spell-binding books I have read in a very long time. Actually, I heard it on cassette, narrated by Kate Burton. Ms. Burton, a stage presence in her own right, is the daughter of Richard Burton. Obviously, the publishers thought highly of this book. And they had good reason to.Ms. Simons was born and reared in Leningrad, and immigrated to the USA. She's written other books, including a sequel to this one. Unfortunately, the sequel (Tatiana and Alexander) is available in some countries (e.g., Australia) but not yet in the USA.As a reader, you can't help but yearn for Tatiana and Alexander to realize their hopes and dreams. Yet, they face so many obstacles along the way that it's never certain they will. Their immense and powerful love for each other is evident, time after time.The siege of Leningrad, in World War II, is something few American history books talk about. But, those of us who have read about what happened know how horrific it was. Ms. Simons lived there, and was able to talk to people who had--barely--lived through it. And that siege formed the backdrop for this intense tale of passion, betrayal, and danger.It all began when 17-year old Tatiana was eating an ice cream on a beach when she noticed a Red Army soldier staring at her. Events moved forward from there. As Tatiana suffered one loss after another--her twin brother, her father, her mother, and her sister--Alexander showed his love for her. He often did so at great risk.In fact, Alexander risked everything for Tatiana at the end of the novel. But, this love was not one-sided. Tatiana gave of herself, repeatedly--and also took great risks. This story is not about two young people who survive war. It's really about two young people caught in a complex web spun by other people--like the devious Dmitri--while the circumstances of war also bear down on them.The Bronze Horseman brings romance, suspense, and adventure together into a story that is memorable and moving. That it's also entertaining, breathtaking, and heartbreaking is simply icing on a very tasty cake.Ms. Simons has a few books published. I hope she writes many more of this caliber.


THE BRONZE HORSEMAN took me to Stalin's Russia as Hitler's invading. With WWII as a constant presence, Ms. Simons introduced me to two most compelling leads, Alexander and Tatiana.Alexander and Tatiana meet near a bus stop. It almost seems like love at first sight. But, their love will have many problems. Not only do they have the war to contend with, but two other individuals, as well. They are Dasha, Tatiana's sister, and Dimitri, Alexander's comrade and a keeper of Alexander's secret past. Because of these other individuals, Alexander and Tatiana will keep their relationship a secret, through most of the book. And as illicit would-be lovers, they will do things that will seem, at times, not admirable.However, Alexander will prove himself in many ways. His presence will protect and help Tatiana and her family while war wages on. And, he will prove his love and strengths many times throughout the book. Tatiana will protect all she loves, and remain just as strong in her love for Alexander. They seem made for each other.THE BRONZE HORSEMAN carried me to another time and place. It introduced me to two wonderful leads, who still haunt me. This will never be a "happy" book. And, the scenery, with the ravages of war, are hard to take. Yet, this is a book that shouldn't be missed.
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