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Paperback The Blue Castle; A novel: in large print Book

ISBN: 3387305206

ISBN13: 9783387305203

The Blue Castle; A novel: in large print

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Reproduction of the original. The publishing house Megali specialises in reproducing historical works in large print to make reading easier for people with impaired vision.

Customer Reviews

8 ratings

Short and Sweet

I had never heard of this book by the famous "Anne" author before I found it on here, but I'm so glad I did! It is definitely more an adult than a children's book, but there's nothing in it that a child would be embarrassed to read. I won't spoil the story, but if you enjoy Montgomery's descriptive writing style and wit, then you will enjoy this book. (And it's shorter than "Anne", maybe because she doesn't monologue as much here?)

one of my favorites

This book has been one of my favorites for awhile. The story has some beautiful nature descriptions that make me want to jump into the story. The romance is also very sweet.

One of my all-time favorites

This is one of my all-time favorite books. It came to me exactly at the point in my life when I needed it. This book always makes me feel like retreating into the wild, taking an adventure, and making the most of every day.

L.M. Montgomery's best work!

I have found very few perfect books in my life, but this is one of them. "The Blue Castle" is not only L.M. Montgomery's best novel, it may be one of the most charming books ever written by anyone. As a long-time fan of the "Anne of Green Gables" series, I am always eager to read anything by Montgomery, but this one far exceeded my expectations. Never have I read anything like this sweet fairy tale of a novel. Valancy Stirling is an "old maid" who lives with an extremely oppressive mother, as part of a very prim-and-proper family. She's never done anything special or worthwhile, and she feels as though her spirit is stifled. So when she receives a letter from her doctor informing her that she has a fatal disease and will only live another year, she decides to throw caution to the winds and do what SHE wants to do for the first time in her life. She leaves her family, deciding to move in with Abel Gay --- not for his sake, but for the sake of Cecilia Gay, who is dying. As if that wasn't bad enough, in the process, she gets to know the notorious Barney Snaith, and she falls in love with him. When Cissy Gay dies, Valancy proposes marriage to this supposed criminal, and is denounced and shunned by her appalled family. The story of Valancy's marriage is calm and sweet, full of the nicest kind of romance. Hopeless romantics everywhere will adore this novel. It's clean, it's charming, and it has such a perfect brew of comedy and drama. This delightful tale made me laugh and cry numerous times. It's so brilliantly told, and so sweet in its romantic content. It's a story that immediately captured my heart and has since become a part of my soul. If you love classic romance, this is one you will enjoy. I rate this right up there with such brilliant works as "Pride and Prejudice."

This should be rated higher than 5 stars!!!

L.M. Montgomery's works interested me at an early age. I first saw the Anne of Green Gables movies and years later read "Anne of Avonlea". I loved the atmosphere and the characters and wanted to know more of Anne. After reading the series, I knew I had to read more by this author. "The Blue Castle" caught my eye one day just because of the name. I read it right away and as soon as I was done I HAD to read it over again! I was completely enchanted, as I am DELIGHTED to see that others are too. Valancy's mother and aunt really got on my nerves and the entrance of Barney Snaith just driving by intrigued me to no end. Valancy in one of those enlighted spirits who is weighted down by her stodgy, judgemental relatives. She feels she is just doomed to waste away into old-maidenhood or maybe fall over dead. She has no hope of being married and considers herself plain with a "too-small nose". She dares not dress or do her hair as she wishes and can't even speak out of turn when twitted even though she is 29 years old! She hates the house, she hates her room, she hates her life, she hates the strict schedule she forced into as if she is still a child. She even is still called "Doss", her hated childhood nickname. A trip to an "unapproved" doctor turns all this around and she rebels against her family's oppression. After finding that a childhood schoolmate is dying, Valancy goes to nurse her where she becomes friends with the aforementioned Barney. Barney drives a beat-up rattle trap car "Lady Jane Grey" and mostly keeps to himself on his own little island, leading Valancy's nasty family to refer to him as "jailbird", criminal, drunk, etcetera. Valancy feels just the opposite. She buys a bright, stylish dress, takes trips "about the town" with Barney and is rescued by him from the rowdy Chidley Corners dance. Not wanting to go home after her friend dies and not wanting herself to die as an old maid, Valancy makes another wild decision. This decision will lead to a life better than her imaginings and the ending will surprise you completely! You don't see it coming so DO NOT spoil the surprise by reading ahead!!! It is delightful, heartwarming and creates a splitting smile across your face when the entire plot is revealed. I CANNOT reccommend this highly enough!!! It is TOPS on my list of single books.This is a book that teaches you to live for yourself and to try whatever you feel you are called to do. Be yourself, live your life to the fullest and don't let anyone tell you who to be or how to act! It is for a bit older audience though, late teens and up. It's a book you will read over and over again and NEVER be tired of! The Blue Castle is just proof of why L.M. Montgomery's books have been popular and celebrated for so long. They never go out of date or style, the stories are a timeless kind! You'll find, to use an "Anne" term, that you are "kindred spirits" with Montgomery and all her characters!

Carpe diem

The Blue Castle is a perfect example of marketing gone very, VERY wrong. Those silly publishers who gave this wonderful book such a tawdry cover and shallow synopsis have done L. M. Montgomery and Valancy Stirling a huge disservice. This isn't a conventional romance, but an inspiring story of a woman who takes control of her life and discovers a beautiful world living her dream, her Blue Castle. The positive reviews may sound a little over-enthusiastic, but women and girls have reaffirmed this book as an all-time favorite time and time again. Everyone I know who has read this wishes they had gotten to it sooner and/or laments its undeserved obscurity. My sister and I fight over our copy, stupid cover and all, since we both feel compelled to read it a few times a year.Here's why: Valancy Stirling is an Everywoman - all of us can relate to her helplessness and apathy, her joys and triumphs. In Valancy's case, her intimidating, suffocating family and poverty have instilled fear from a young age, when she was an insignificant little girl. After a lifetime of negative comments, she finds herself a hopeless, though respectable, old maid at the age of 29, unloved and unwanted even by her own mother. Then Dr. Trent tells her she has a terminal heart condition, and Valancy throws all caution to the winds, deciding to really *live* for her last few months.Her repressed personality and spirit finally express themselves, often humorously and cheekily. She says what's on her mind, sees her relatives as the sillies they are, and very importantly, refuses to wear her hated red flannel petticoat. You will feel deliciously refreshed as Valancy lives on her own terms for once. The characters are well drawn with Montgomery's typically detailed hand, giving life to each of the distinctive citizens of Deerwood, from hilarious Roaring Abel to sweet Cissy to the fearsome Rev. Stalling, as well as many members of the upright, uptight Stirling clan. Also as important as the people is the marvelous Muskoka "outback," with its evocative descriptions in the John Foster books Valancy devours, and the lovely little island of Mistawis and its natural wonders.Most readers will agree that The Blue Castle is an adult book. Considering L. M. Montgomery wrote *all* her books for an adult audience, this isn't strange. What makes this one more so isn't content so much as appreciation. Any adolescent will enjoy the book, but it takes those years after being a teen to truly empathize with Valancy's story. The Blue Castle is about disappointment and renewal, bitterness and second chances, rarely in the realm of an age of "firsts;" which is why this one markedly lacks the preciousness that is often found (appropriately) in the "younger" books like The Story Girl, the Anne of Green Gables, and the Emily of New Moon books. Give this book a try - you won't regret it. This is one to share and pass on.

Montgomery's best, most mature work

Ever since I was eleven, when I first discovered Anne of Green Gables, I have always loved L.M. Montgomery. I've read all of the Anne books, I have all three Emily books, and have read most of her others-- but The Blue Castle is my favorite.Valancy is the most convincing heroine Montgomery ever created. Only 29, she sees the rest of her life stretching out in front of her, and doesn't believe she can change it anymore-- until a doctor tells her she has a short time left to live. Valancy no longer cares about her oppressive family, or her own reputation. She leaves them and starts to live for herself. This is not a children's book. Not to say there is any crudity, just that Valancy is very much a woman, leaving her girlhood behind. Her relationship with Barney Snaith is far more memorable than any conventional romance. This is an astoundingly good book.

so good you'll wear it out!

Anyone who thinks L.M. Montgomery is just a children's author should read this book. Although it's appropriate for younger ages and its reading level may not be very demanding, I think adults would appreciate the wit and insights in this novel more than younger readers might. I discovered The Blue Castle at 25, at a time when I wasn't all that interested in adolescent literature. Reading it felt like discovering a long-lost friend. Montgomery's keen sense of human nature shapes characters so real that I'd swear I've met them. I've read this book so many times that I've worn out two copies of it. This is my favorite book by this author and one of my all-time favorites, period. As much as I like Anne of Green Gables, it pales in comparison to The Blue Castle. The story is so much better than the synopsis sounds, but it's hard to say much about the plot without giving away the best of it. This is also the only book Montgomery wrote which is *not* set in Prince Edward Island.

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