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Paperback Kristy's Great Idea: A Graphic Novel (the Baby-Sitters Club #1): Full-Color Edition Book

ISBN: 0545813875

ISBN13: 9780545813877

Kristy's Great Idea: A Graphic Novel (the Baby-Sitters Club #1): Full-Color Edition

(Book #1 in the Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

A graphic novel adapted and illustrated by Raina Telgemeier, the #1 New York Times bestselling, multiple Eisner Award-winning author of Smile!

Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey are best friends and founding members of The Baby-sitters Club. Whatever comes up -- cranky toddlers, huge dogs, scary neighbors, prank calls -- you can count on them to save the day. Baby-sitting isn't always easy, and neither is dealing with strict...

Customer Reviews

8 ratings

Babysitters Club

My middle school students are enjoying the Babysitters Club graphic novels.

Wrong item

The title says "graphic novel" yet it was not. It was a regular chapter book.

Middle Grade Graphic Novel

This is a Middle Grade Graphic Novel, and this is the first book in the Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels series. I read all the Baby-Sitters Club books when I was younger, and they were my favorite books when I was young. I know I had to read the Graphic Novels base off the Baby-Sitters Club books. I love the drawing in this book, and I really think it helped the story come to life. I really enjoyed reading this book. Great Read.

Beyond My Expectations

I became a Baby-Sitters Club fanatic at the age of nine. I'd make frequent trips to the library to read as many books as possible; back then, there were only about 40 -- now (including mysteries, super specials, and spinoffs) -- there are hundreds. Over the years, I've made an effort to collect old copies of the books at thrift stores. Yes, even as an adult, I still have a soft spot for the BSC books. When I saw they'd made a graphic novel of Kristy's Great Idea, I didn't expect it to be anything special. However, from the first page of this book, I was hooked. The text is taken nearly word-for-word from the book, and the illustrations, believe it or not, are amazingly similar to the pictures I had stored in my imagination since I picked up my first BSC book over fifteen years ago. For example, in the first chapter of the book, Kristy is sitting in a warm classroom with bees buzzing around; I remember feeling that warmth while reading the book's descriptions. The same is true with the illustrations in the graphic novel -- the shadows, the look on Kristy's face, the way her hair is drawn, somewhat damp-looking in that scene -- you feel hot right along with her. A few things have been updated from the original story; for example, the baby-sitters' outfits in the illustrations reflect current fashion trends... they're not straight out of the 80's, as the oufits described in the book. However, they're still true to the characters: Mary-Anne with her plaid skirts, Kristy with her jeans, Claudia with her funky outfits, Stacey with her chic ensembles. In addition, the way each character is drawn reflects their personality perfectly -- Kristy has broad movements; Mary Anne, on the other hand, is often seen with her face lowered, as she (at least in the early BSC books) is extremely shy around strangers. Then there's Janine, Claudia's sister. In the original novel, her scenes of obnoxious grammar-correcting aren't particularly special; in the graphic novel, these scenes come off as completely hilarious. The looks on the Baby-Sitters Club members' faces are priceless. Other scenes, like the one where Kristy "baby-sits" for Pinky and Buffy, are much funnier with illustrations. The illustrations are worth a thousand praises and they bring a whole new life to the story. I am eager to read and view the next graphic novel, The Truth About Stacey, and hope that more BSC graphic novels are to come.


I love everything about this book. Raina Telgemeier managed to capture the characters perfectly, and there's so much energy in the drawings. She also does a really good job distilling the book's original text. If you like the BSC, or liked it as a kid, you'll definitely enjoy this.

Brilliant adaptation!!

A fantastic adaptation of the first BSC book!! All BSC fans need to have a copy; kids who haven't been introduced to the original series will really like it too!

BSC Anniversary

Twenty years ago, Ann M. Martin and Scholastic had a great idea: The Baby-Sitters Club. What began as a modest book series about four middle-school best friends, their baby-sitting jobs, and their families became an international phenomonon, spawing over 100 books, a television show, a film, and more, appealing to readers of all ages all around the globe. Scholastic has re-released the first BSC novel, Kristy's Great Idea, as a graphic novel. The text, approved by Ann M. Martin, is mostly pulled straight from the original book. It is not contemporized in any way, and the brief references to G.I. Joe and Rainbow Brite remain in tact. The new book is around 180 pages in length, and the story begins with Kristy suffering in a classroom on a hot afternoon - just as readers remember it. The stories are timeless, focusing on friendship, first crushes, families, and school. The original characters were twelve years old and in seventh grade when the books began; the majority of the readership is composed of students in elementary school and middle school. The books discuss respect, loyalty, and responsibility, mixing in plenty of fun, secrets, and slumber parties. Illustrator Raina Telgemier has created characters that not only look their age but are dressed appropriately. She has captured the essence of these familiar faces and their personalities. The characters change clothes often, which is rare in comics, but their wardrobes are always modest. Tomboy Kristy wears comfortable, sporty attire; shy Mary Anne wears her hair in braids and dons schoolgirl skirts due to her father's strict rules; fashionable Stacey has cute tops and jeans; and creative Claudia shows off funky ensembles that are her trademark. On the cover of the novel, Kristy sports a shirt for 06 (as in 2006), but other than that, the clothes don't scream "trendy" at one extreme, nor "1986" in the other. In fact, the only part of the pictures I disliked was Claudia's bangs on the front cover, as they were dyed pink, something she never had in the books. Other than that, the illustrations are adorable and stay true to the book's descriptions. Telgemeier conveys the girls' emotions and energy very well. Those who read the books in the 1980s and 1990s may now share the books with their own children, students, and younger siblings . . . and add this well-done graphic novel to their own collections!

Raina's great idea

Let me tell you a little something about "The Baby-Sitters Club". When the series first came out in the 1980s I was like millions of other little girls around the country. I wolfed those puppies down like they was popcorn. Couldn't get enough of them. Ann M. Martin (who later went on to garner herself a Newbery Honor or two) only intended to write four books (one for each club member) but popular demand was so strong that she started writing more and more and more. If you were to walk into your local library you'd find dog-eared, yellowing, crumbling paperback editions. The series has never been republished, so libraries are forced to hold onto the dying original copies with their lamentable late 80s/early 90s hair and fashion. But do these covers deter the kiddies from reading them? Hardly. My library shelves literally cannot keep these puppies in stock. Put a new one (which is to say, a donated one) on the shelf and VOOM! It's gone the next day. Which is why the people at Scholastic are geniuses. Right now I am holding in my hot little hands a brand-spanking new "Baby-Sitters Club" book. It's the first book in the series and it has been utterly and completely graphic-novelized (is that a word?). Scholastic has been veeery slowly cornering the market on high-quality literary graphic novels for children. I'm not talking about superhero comics or manga or any of that run-of-the-mill material. I'm talking about things like Jeff Smith's, "Bone", done in full color twelve-episode editions. Really high quality stuff. Now they've given us "The Baby-Sitter's Club" in graphic novel form and the timing could not be better. At this moment in time million of women who grew up with these books are now having children of their own. It makes me feel old, but it's true. There's a real love for this series and with one fell-swoop Raina Telgemeier's drawings are going to attract an entirely new breed of reluctant reader to the books. Imagine it. You get kids, GIRLS, who are often reluctant readers themselves but who don't have their own "Captain Underpants" equivalent (unless they like "Underpants", which is cool). Now they have a great series to get interested in. They'll read the graphic novel then probably want to read other books in the series and start (cue the heavenly choir) reading real books in the end! It's bloody brilliant, people! If you ever read the first book in the series, "Kristy's Great Idea" then you'll know what to expect. It's fairly straightforward. Kristy is this tomboy who starts a club of baby-sitters. It's a business model with Kristy at the head. Her best friend Mary Ann (who Willow on the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" could easily have been modeled on) is Secretary and shy. Claudia is cool, Asian, the Vice President, and not the greatest student gradewise. Then there's Dawn who I never liked much as a kid but that was just me. She's from New York City and is diabetic. Each girl carries about an u

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