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Mass Market Paperback The Aware Book

ISBN: 0441012779

ISBN13: 9780441012770

The Aware

(Book #1 in the Isles of Glory Series)

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Book Overview

Blaze Halfbreed was dumped as a child in a gutter in The Hub, the capital of The Keeper Isles. Because of her halfbreed status, she is not allowed citizenship, but her Awareness has saved her from... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

4 ratings

wonderful surprise

I was apprehensive about reading this trilogy, but am happy that I did. What an interesting, vivid, and strange world Larke has created for us in her Glory Isles. These are a group of islands separated from the rest of the world and yet also separated from each other. With citizen laws that state that everyone has to have an ear tattoo to prove ther citizenship to a particular island and not be allowed to marry or mix with the races of any other island, it makes life extremely hard for the herione of the story. Blaze is of mixed heritage and was brought up an orphan with no tattoo. That means she is not allowed to stay on any one island for longer than three days with the exception for a group of islands known for criminal occupants. Whats more, there are three sets of people. The normal, those who can see magic and not be effected, and those who can create magic. I will say that this story reminded me alot of Zena, Warrior princess and her best friend Gabrielle. The whole tall female warrior and her sweet pretty friend whom loved each other so much thing was predominate within the story. I could go on and on about the basic principle of the story, but I think you would prefer discovering that on your on. Suffice it to say, this was a well developed plot, with intriguing characters, in a well thought out world, that will keep you reading well into the early morning hours.

The 3 book series of the "Isles of Glory" - a tremendous read!

Within the three books that comprise this fascinating and swashbuckling tale of the Glory Isles (`The Aware', `Gilfeather' and `The Tainted'), the author has created an absolutely unique world within a world - with the characters and their environment reassuringly familiar and down to earth at first, yet most decidedly - and with great inventiveness - turning out to be intriguingly different in so many unexpected ways that this reader could hardly imagine what might be over the next page, and could thus hardly put any one of the books down. Each book can certainly be read individually, but as they say the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.... The small world of the Glory Isles, and its ultimately satisfying tale of great good pitted against intense evil - depicted in both human and non-human characters - is recounted, in the best of story-telling tradition, through the eyes of the principal characters, which is a wonderfully effective way to both bring out each character and to intimately involve the reader in the joy and the pain of the events as they unfold. Even more cleverly, this small but complete world falls under the dispassionate scrutiny of a race of potential colonists - a supposedly more advanced civilization from over the seas that is intrigued by these islands and their inhabitants although in a distinctly anthropological and somewhat superior fashion - however which perhaps secretly admires their exploits, and their love of life. The affairs of the Glory Isles are thus critically evaluated and "documented" on a regular basis, and this provides a most effective backdrop to the "real" story as told by the principal characters! Without revealing the story, or of the recalcitrant heroine and her compatriots, the tales depicted here comprise an interwoven series of adventures - and misadventures - resulting from the existence of a immensely powerful "magic" force throughout the islands, containing both good and evil elements, which some (`Aware') folk can "see", and which others can and do use for the greater good of all or for their own extremely evil ends, depending on their predilection. Apart from the high adventure, on another level altogether the story manages to portray great sadness and the most base wickedness, countered by tremendous bravery and selflessness, and reading it can be an intensely poignant experience! Throughout it all, our heroine constantly demonstrates her great zest for life in a often cruel and uncaring world, and at the conclusion, can look back on her life and loves with some measure of quiet contentment. These books are a thoroughly satisfying read, and come highly recommended.

A Great start to a wonderful fantasy series

This is the first book in the Isles of Glory trilogy. This instalment reads very much like a typical fantasy adventure novel played out by the dregs of society in the islands. Blaze Halfbreed is the character who narrates this instalment of the series as what looks like a reasonably minor problem with magic and an escaped Princess escalates into something which may destroy all the Isles - if anyone with power will believe that the problem exists! I have read this entire trilogy - available already in Australia - and I would have to say that the first book is in some ways the weakest in the series, relying as it does on extended action scenes in places. However, by book 2 you realise how important the events described here are. They reverberate throughout the remaining 2 books in unexpected ways. All said, this is a refreshing and very original series that turned out to be much better than I expected and has become a "keeper" in my collection. Highly recommended to lovers of fantasy.

fantastic fantasy

The Isles of Glory consists of eleven island nations each a country with its own laws and rulers. It is an inbred place because it is forbidden for one islander to marry a person from another island. Blaze Halfbreed is the product of parents of two different islands and was abandoned as a child when it was obvious she was not a purebred. She is not a citizen and cannot gain citizenry from most of the isles but Blaze has Awareness, the ability to see and sense dunmagic (evil sorcery) and sylv magic (good magic). This ability makes her useful to the Keepers who rule the Keeper Isles by protecting the weaker islands from being assaulted by the more powerful islanders. Blaze works for the Keepers and in five years if she performs adequately she will be made a citizen of the Keepers Isles. She is on the lawless island, Gorthan Spit, looking for a Cirkasian who ran away from home rather then marry the Bastionlord of Breth who prefers his sex partners to be very young boys. She meets Flane, a slyv practitioner who comes to the attention of a very powerful user of Dunmagic. He tries to turn her into a dun magician but Blaze finds a way to save her. The two women form a bond of friendship so that when one is in trouble, the other will help get her out of it. Blaze learns that there are more important things tthan citizenships like friendships and ridding the Isles of Glory of Mordred the most powerful Dinmagican of all. Book one of the Isles of Glory is one of the best fantasy novels imported from Australia. Glenda Larke has written a fantastic fantasy full of action adventure and romance so that readers of other genres will enjoy THE AWARE. Blaze is a very complicated character who wants to be selfish but always manages to do the right thing even though it costs her the chance to be a citizen. It will be very hard to wait for the next book to be published as the audience will want to read more of Blaze's fantastic adventures. Harriet Klausner
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