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Hardcover The Art of Raising a Puppy Book

ISBN: 0316578398

ISBN13: 9780316578394

The Art of Raising a Puppy

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Book Overview

A community of monks offers guidance on raising a puppy by emphasizing commitment, choosing a breed, training the dog, and avoiding intractable behavior problems later on.

Customer Reviews

7 ratings

Not sure I'd follow their advice

Met a couple of these dogs--uncontrollable and dog aggressive. Stick with Ian Dunbar and positive training techniques. It ain't brain surgery

Not Scientfically Sound

As a professional trainer this book make me not only sad but disgusted. If you want an ACCURATE puppy book please look at books such as The Perfect Puppy in 7 Days by DR. Sophia Yin or Puppy Start Right: Foundation Training for the Companion Dog by Kenneth Martin, Debbie Martin

Puppyhood made understandable!!!

I have looked at many books on how to train puppies, and this is the one that I keep going back to, in fact it is the only one I continuously used after we got our pup, a Great Dane. It explains how a puppy matures and when is the best time to get your puppy in order for the puppy to become a part of your "family pack". I have followed this book in it's advice for training a puppy, which means starting from the very beginning. At the age of 12 weeks Buck, our puppy, will sit, lay down, come, walk nicely on a leash, and will sit-stay and down-stay for short periods of time. He also will shake your hand, which isn't in the book, but using their methods of praise for behavior you like, this was easily taught!! The house-breaking went unbelievably well and this too was due to the advice of the Monks. This book is an excellent choice for first timers and also for those who have had dogs before. This book helps you to understand things from a puppy's viewpoint and how to use this understanding to help your puppy mature into a wonderful part of your family. If you are someone who thinks that dogs belong outside of your house, away from the family, hopefully this book can change your mind. The most important information that I got from this book was this, don't let your pup do things as a pup that you don't want him doing as a big dog. This book is indispensable!!!

Sensitivity Plus

In July 1997 I wrote the following review for this book in our breed club magazine. It is probably worth repeating it. My thoughts have not changed.Some books are more special to me than others. On my shelves I have many books on dog behaviour, obedience, psychology etc. but there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes right down to the nitty gritty of raising puppies, and that is the most sensitive of books, "The Art of Raising a Puppy".Back in 1978 The Monks of New Skete published a book entitled "How to be Your Dog's Best Friend" and told how the Monks obtained their first German shepherd in 1966 and how "Training dogs grew organically out of our experiences with our own dogs". Their careful breeding and training of their German shepherds and the training of visiting dogs became the means of financing the running of their community. "The Art of Raising a Puppy, published in 1991 is a quantum leap forward in sensitivity; I loved it from the moment I read the first few pages and was gently lead through Anka's gentle birthing of her puppies. It matters not a jot that these are all German Shepherds; we can easily relate everything to our Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The affinity these monks have developed with their dogs almost sends a shiver down one's spine. As I read on I felt myself agreeing wholeheartedly with what they were saying...and wishing that I could have been the one to say it! They have managed to convey all the minutiae of canine behaviour that only constant and vigilant observation teaches and then convey it to the reader. I could not find a single area of puppy upbringing that was not covered; from the initial decision to purchase a puppy, finding a breeder, aptitude testing, general care, basic training for puppies, lessons from the pack, discipline and common puppy problems, and much, much more: a veritable wealth of knowledge all in one book. For instance there is a chapter entitled "Reading your Dog" (one of my favourite hobbies) with subtitles, Canine Communication, Vocal Communication, Visual Communication, Olfactory Communication, Pack Dymanics and Training the the Pack. And throughout the book there are excellent photos, some of which give you a puppy's eye view of the world, also their adaptions of the classic illustrations of canine facial expressions and body language. This magic book will certainly enlighten those who misread the messages that out canine friends give. In "How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend" they speak of "inseeing" and its importance in your relationship with your dog ..."Inseeing is standing inside your dog's psyche, putting yourself at her centre, where she is a unique, individual creature, and understanding her from that perspective", and they again reintroduce this concept in "The Art of Raising a Puppy" The closing chapter reminds us that "When you take the time and energy necessary to raise a puppy correctly, wonderful things happe

Perfect for the amateur who wants a friend & companion

My husband agreed to a Dalmation for my wedding present in spite of all the misgivings he had about the breed. I purchased many books on dog training to ensure that our dog would be a welcome member of the household all its years. In each of them, I felt that there were holes in the philosophy, problem solving that might cause injury to my dog. I wanted a well thought out, cohesive plan that addressed daily training, submission, and problem behaviour within a philosophical framework. This was the book that became our bible. It was sane, safe for both the dog & us, and it showed immediate results. We got our puppy at 8 weeks, by 12 weeks she would sit, lie down and stay on command for up to 15 minutes whether we were in sight or not. The techniques in the book were so effective that we were able to implement them easily, with just a little time set aside every day. When we began puppy classes at 6 mos., we were immediately promoted to the advanced obedience class and worked with dogs that were showing successfully in obedience with two of the top trainers. They owned and showed the #1 and #2 obedience dogs in the country. Our dog is now 7 yrs old, because of how good she is, we can take her everywhere. She is welcome at our friends, neighborhood children come to play with her, there are even restaurants that insist she come in. Our dog owes the fact that her life is full and happy to this book. She has never had to be tied up, left behind or locked in a room. The quality of her life is so much better,because these monks shared their knowledge in this book. People always ask how we trained her, we go to your website, print out the page and give it to them, because we do not want them to think any training book will do. Ideally, people would read this book before choosing a puppy and then be completely prepared for the sustained effort needed in raising and training a dog.

Helped us immensely

My husband and I are new to "puppyhood" and wanted some help. I did some research and was swayed by the reviews of the New Skete Monks' book. I am very glad I purchased this book. It offered us insight into dog behavior, specifically in regards to living in a pack. We have had our Shepherd/Chow mix puppy for one month and she is wonderful. She's 10-12 weeks old (we're not sure) and can sit, lay and roll over on command. We just got her an eight week old playmate on 1-29-00 who is also a Shepherd mix of some kind. We are implementing the techniques we learned from The Art of Raising A Puppy with her as well. I was very nervous about the Chow in our first dog since I was attacked by my brother's 12 years ago. However, the info on the owner establishing yourself as pack leader was indispensable. I feel more confident in training our dogs and am less fearful of their aggressive behavior when it occurs. I am now going to purchase the New Skete Monks book on How to be Your Dog's Best Friend. Highly recommend this book.

An excellent guide for new buyers, trainers, & breeders!

The breeder we bought our german shepherd puppy from recommended this book to us. I am amazed at the work the Monks of New Skete are doing for the german shepherd breed. My hope is that all breeders would use the New Skete method with their litters. If this were done, then maybe so-called "dangerous breeds" would lose their bad rap. Surely there would be less dogs in animal shelters and pet shops. I can not stress enough the importance of early human socialization, and the Monks of New Skete seem to agree. If you are planning on breeding a litter, I urge you to pick up this book an heed the authors advice. This book also stresses humane training methods, and the importance of positive reinforcement. Using this method has helped with my dominant GSD pup. Constant scolding will get you nowhere. A quick pop on the lead when bad and copious amounts of praise when good makes training a happy occasion for both dog and master. I would recommend the three tape training set "Raising Your Dog With The Monks of New Skete" along with this book. The tapes show the New Skete method from the puppy birth, to training the adult dog, and brings the information together nicely.
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