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Paperback The Annotated C++ Reference Manual Book

ISBN: 0201514591

ISBN13: 9780201514599

The Annotated C++ Reference Manual

This book provides a complete reference for the C++ programming language. It consists of the C++ reference manual, approved as the base document for ANSI standardization of the language, plus annotations and commentary. The annotations and commentary discuss what is not included in the language, why certain features are defined as they are, and how one might implement particular features. The commentaries also help the reader to understand the relationships...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Great but Outdated.

This was "The" standard for creating C++ 99. Since then the standard libraries were added, a full implementation of templates and exception handleing etc. So while its a good reference for the "core" of C++, i.e. the classes etc, it shouldn't be the first book (or even the 2nd) on C++ you buy. Better to get the Hardcover "The C++ Programming Language (Special 3rd Edition)" which has chapters on all of the language.Note: That's not the first book on C++ you should get either, if you are just learning, it is however one you should own if you are going to profressionally write C++.On why there isn't a second edition of the ARM, has in part due to the restrictions for republishing the ISO standard. And its also 2003 and now the language looks like it will continue to evolve and thus a second ed. ARM would be soon out of date as well. Maybe we'll be lucky and there will be one for C++2005.

BEST for those who want to dive into the SECRETS of C++

Well, I know it was out there. But I was referring other books most of the time. I paid for that. Many cannot answer questions like "Why the hell you need a COPY constructor in the first place?" or "Why Copy Constructor always takes a reference to the object as an argument". Here I found the answers. Again this is the BEST reference book available. If you are a serious programmer who wants to know in and out of C++, this is a must. I won't recommend this for those "POOR" souls who just want to be a C++ programmer. Again being a reference book, you don't have to read the PREVIOUS chapters to understand a specific topic. You may have to read couple of times to understand certain sections.

Timeless Reference for C++ Programmers

This book is, definitely the one of the best references available. It provided a lot of things that you won't find in any other references.However, this is the reference for "C++" not its library. (And being the reference for the language itself made this book a timeless reference). So, if you want those information, you might be disappoint. But if the thing you want to the better understanding of C++, this book belong to your shelf.

The best C++ language reference

This book is suitable for intermediate to advanced C++ programmers and provides clear guidance on the rules that make up the language. It's not always an easy read, but then the language it describes is not an easy language. There is no other book I know of that describes the language itself as accurately and in as much depth as this. But if you want information about the standard C++ library (the STL, for example) you will be disappointed - this is not what this book is about. In that case try Stroustrup's 'The C++ Language' (3rd edition), which also happens to be a year or so more up to date than this book - important given that that year saw the language standardized at last. That said, for my money Stroustrup's solo affair still isn't as good on the core language as this book. If you are a professional C++ programmer, you need this book.

Excellent C++ reference. Highly recommended.

This is _the_ reference for the C++ language. Even though the C++ standard is presently something of a moving target, this is a good working reference manual for the basics (and not-so-basics) of C++. Once you think you've learned C++, get this book and read it -- you'll find things you didn't know, or things you thought you did but don't. Warning: This is a reference manual, and shouldn't be read from cover to cover, or used to learn the language. As a reference, though, it's an excellent resource.
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