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Hardcover Terrorist Hunter: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman Who Went Undercover to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America Book

ISBN: 0060528192

ISBN13: 9780060528195

Terrorist Hunter: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman Who Went Undercover to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America

The remarkable memoir of an Iraqi woman who escaped from captivity in Baghdad and became America's leading undercover counter-terrorist expert. Here is the story of an anonymous counter-terrorism expert, a young woman, who, in disguise, has penetrated front groups of anti-American terrorist organizations operating in this country. In this edge-of-the-seat memoir, she chronicles her escape from Iraq via Iran to Israel, following a great tragedy that...


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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A gripping story

Yes, the author is a real person, and her name has been out in the open for some time now. And she stands behind what she's written. It is an exciting narrative which keeps one's interest throughout. Most people in America truly enjoy the benefits of living in this country. A few, however, are terrorists or inciters for terrorism and have it both ways: they enjoy the American way of life while they try to destroy it. And the author is definitely performing a heroic service to everyone by opposing such folks and warning us about them. The author shows something of the surprising and annoying extent to which some Muslim "charities" have actually been mere fronts for terror. Even more annoying is the amount of time it has taken to round up well-known terrorist leaders, such as Sami al-Arian. The author explains some of the reasons why such people have been left at large for so long after their guilt has become apparent. I recommend this book for everyone. Terrorism and incitement are problems for us all. The more we become aware of which groups are actually terrorist fronts, the better.

Every free world advocate needs to read this.

Rita Katz has put her life on the line as an undercover, first-hand researcher and now as a writer exposing this challenge to our civilization. I have had third-hand information like this for a number of years but getting it from this intelligent, courageous, first-hand source gives me an absolute confidence in my conclusion that we need to end the regimes that support this "holy war". You can't defeat an enemy you don't understand. Our enemy is not the tactic of terrorism. It's the ideas of mysticism, a hatred for success on earth, and a belief that you have the right to kill anyone who disagrees with you.

Completely credible, cooroborate my own personal experience

My hat's off to "Anonymous". Her story is totally credible, it matches in every dimension what I experienced on the "other side", when others including myself discovered Islamic fronts operating in Corporate America and the Government, and brought it to the attention of the FBI. And discovered FIRST HAND how the FBI was complicit in the events of 9/11, and the extent of the subsequent coverups. The fact the FBI had bumbled, fumbled and deliberately covered up, that government officials had taken Saudi bribes to look the other way is something WE can and I will attest to personally, if only the right forum ever had the decency to convene as we have been requesting (that would be a congressional hearing into FBI coverups where civilians could testify).I recognize the persistence of 'Anonymous'. If you ever have the misfortune to have a glimpse into that world, and the moral courage to not look the other way - so many sporting the re-white-and-blue do exactly that - you realize how horrifyingly bumbling the FBI and the JTTF forces really are.Her story corroborates many I personally know of, and my own experiences, about the beaurocratic, CYA stuff that really rules counter-terrorism investigations. Believe her story, and then realize how America - with $30 billion in intell spending - could suffer the devastation of a 9/11. Those attacks took interlocking planning and co-option of government agencies, planning, bribery and inflitration that went way back across 3 administrations.Justice for 9/11 means the Saudi's and those in the US government entrusted to the task of protecting the US, those who took bribes to look the other way, and those that did not take bribes but did so from criminal negligence, they be identified and taken to task. And the Muslim fronts (and I include elements within CAIR and MSA still spouting their nonsense) must be shut down or cleaned up. They provide place and opportunity for Islamic fascists to continue to operate, and what's worse, have hijaacked the Muslim religion, branded millions of people with the fanatic hatred of a few.In any case, the real point of this book is that 21 months after 9/11, we're hardly more secure, because instead of the cleaning up which means the expose of how 9/11 was really brought to us, the same corrupt forces are still running amok.

US Terrorism, Open Sources, and Federal Ineptitude

WARNING NOTICE: Reliable sources in the counter-terrorism world inform me that this book is partly fiction in that the author is systematically integrating the accomplishments of others into her story as if they were her own. I have, however, decided to leave my review intact because she tells a very good story and its key points are right on target. I recommend the book for purchase by all--on balance it is a fine contribution.----Although there are no endorsements or other means of validating the truth of this book, and "woman with four-children" may be a cover for a hyper-active Israeli man in his mid-20's who is of Arab descent, it reads with enormous credibility, it is loaded with correct references, and its many anecdotes about both the value of public records (open sources) and U.S. federal government ineptitude (especially the FBI but also including State, AID, INS, and the CIA) are in my opinion spot on.This book is an excellent companion to Steven Emerson's book, AMERICAN JIHAD: The Terrorists Living Among Us. Indeed, it has occurred to me that the anonymous author of this book is, if not working directly for Emerson, then possibly in one of the Jewish-funded research elements that he relies upon for research assistance.Among the many compelling points that I found to recommend the purchase and reading of this book are:1) Israeli McCarthyism against any Jew willing to express need for a Palestinian state as part of regional stabilization2) The Rabin assassination as the Israeli equivalent of the US Kennedy assassination--everyone remembers where they were3) The vital importance of reading all Islamic charity information in Arabic, where the messages are violent and subversive--English for the fund-raising, Arabic for the incitement to terrorism4) The catastrophic cost of American naivete pre-9-11 in putting all religious and charitable organizations off limits to US counterintelligence, however inept it might have been5) The extraordinary utility of public records, not just within the US but from Israel and the Arab states, in nailing down relationships among charitable organizations, Saudi financiers, and specific individual terrorists6) The extraordinary utility of historical (back ten years) Arabic newsletters and newspapers in nailing threatening statements and jihad intentions of people applying for US citizenship or already US citizens, because the federal government has no clue how to do proper open source research7) The accuracy of the 1990 predictions of American proponents of jihad who claimed that the US's ultimate intent was to "occupy the Arab and Islamic oil sources"8) The degree to which African Americans have been pulled into the jihad-aspects of Muslim extremism as practiced and preached in the US9) The ineptitude of the FBI's "knock knock" neighborhood canvassing approach to basic information, completelely eschewing proper open source research and proper undercover collection10) The ineptitude of the FBI in particula


This book is a must read for every American who wants to stop terrorism on our shores. I know for a fact that the information contained in this book is true. Some reviewers on this page have erroneously claimed the author is a fake or has stolen her info from Emerson and Loftus. On the contrary, she's very real--she's the source of their information and is an important intelligence source for several U.S. law enforcement agencies fighting the war on terror. Two important, key points of information contained in the book are: 1) The Terrorist Hunter warned the U.S. government, at the highest levels, of the domestic terrorist threat and documented her infiltration of domestic Muslim "charities" that were really terrorist funding mechanisms, but the U.S. government ignored her until after 9-11; and 2) The Terrorist Hunter, to this day, encounters difficulty getting the FBI to pounce on her information and the villanous organizations funding terrorism. However, U.S. Customs, now the Customs Investigations portion of BICE (the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement), is a great organization, moving swiftly and effectively in response to the Terrorist Hunter's information, to squelch the domestic funders of terrorism.Although meant as a biography, The Terrorist Hunter is an important read for those of us familiar with the inside scoop on the indictment of Islamic Jihad frontman Sami Al-Arian and why it took so long for our government to charge him--pro-Saudi politics which prolonged Al-Arian's life of freedom in the U.S., and which cost the lives of Alisa Flatow and Islamic Jihad's other American (and Israeli) victims.The only question that remains is why the Saudi-funded charities (at 555 Grove Street, detailed in this book) which funded Al-Arian, Al-Quaida, Bush Advisor/NRA Board Member Grover Norquist's Islamic Institute, and other evil forces behind terror, remain open for business. When they are finally shut down, we will have the Terrorist Hunter to thank. That they are still open for business shows the Terrorist Hunter's advice is still not heeded by too much of our government.Finally, the Terrorist Hunter's story of humiliation and the respective public execution and brutal murder of her father, grandmother, and other family members (merely because they were Jews) by the Iraqi government is not unique or past history. It is important to remember that this is regular practice for the remaining few Jews, Christians, and moderate Muslims in most Islamic and Arab states, today.
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