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Hardcover Terri: The Truth Book

ISBN: 0525949461

ISBN13: 9780525949466

Terri: The Truth

You think you know the whole story. But you don't know the truth. So writesMichael Schiavo in this memoir to be published one year after Terri Schiavo'sdeath. 8-page photo insert.


Format: Hardcover

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Glad I listened to both sides of this story

"Always listen to both sides of the story" was my motivation when I bought this book, after reading and favorably reviewing Mark Fuhrman's Silent Witness. Detective Fuhrman takes the position that Michael Schiavo spent 12 years working to free himself from being married to a woman who could never be a wife to him again. I'm not sure what I expected from Schiavo's own book about his long battle to allow his wife to die at last, 15 years after her lapse into a persistent vegetative state; but it certainly wasn't what I got, in reading his account of those years. Schiavo's work, assisted by a professional co-author, is crisp and well organized. It's what nonfiction should be, and often is not: readable in a literary sense. It's also mesmerizing, as Schiavo takes the reader along on his journey. He comes across as honest, at times humorous, and always a man in love. Yes, a man can love two women (Terri after her collapse, and long time partner Jodi) at the same time. I suspect that whether or not you believe this may have everything to do with how you'll react to his book. My own response? I didn't know that Michael Schiavo had become first an EMT, then a registered respiratory therapist, and finally a registered nurse who chose to work in emergency rooms, during the years Terri lay physically alive but brain dead (brain dead as "completely flat EEG"). I didn't know that in the course of the legal battle known as Schindler vs. Schiavo, money from the malpractice award that followed Terri's collapse became a moot point, because there was none left. After that, Schiavo's legal team worked pro bono. I didn't know a lot of things that I know now. Once in awhile I run across a nonfiction work that is even more a "can't put this book down" proposition than the most engaging of novels. This is such a book. Highly recommended!

Amazing and a true thought-provoker...

Being 24 years old, I didn't even suspect in my lifetime that with a war (unnecessary in my opinion) going on, millions of people without health care AND food, and the educational system of America simply going down the tubes that we would be subjected to the Federal government sticking their noses where it didn't belong in such a big way. Michael Schiavo and the whole Schiavo team had to fight everyone and everything just so that his wife would be able to be put to rest. The ultimate word I can think of to describe the events that transpire in the case of Terri Schiavo is "insanity." Now the real reason I'm reviewing this book is because it was such a wonderful read. I decided to take the book to work and finish the last 2 chapters on my lunch break. I had to close the door because I was in tears. The story of what the Schiavos went through arouses many emotions - happiness in the beginning, anger and rage throughout most of the middle, and peace and sadness at the end. Terri got what she wanted and while I didn't know Terri any more than Bill Frist or Jeb Bush did, any reasonable human being can come to the conclusion that in such a debilitated state, who would want to remain on a sole source of artificial sustinance and be a financial, emotional, and mental drain on the ones they love the most? If this book taught me anything, it was to have a written DNR order and convey that feeling to all members of my family. I highly recommend this book. You won't be able to put it down and it will really bring some perspective to a small, but important part of living - death.

How many men, would stick around?

I just finshed the book, Terri.The Truth, it was such a sad story. I can't see to many men sticking around to do what Michael did. He fought for something that he belived, and may Terri rest in peace, knowing he stood by her. Great read.

An Impressive and moving book

I found this a very convincing and well-done book. Although Schiavo is telling the book in the first person, he has kept it well focused on the issue of Terri Schiavo's case. I was somewhat surprised, for example, that he didn't tell us more about his studies and efforts to enter medical fields, but on the whole, I think that's best. The book is written almost as if Schiavo is talking directly to the reader. It is extremely clear; he often notes if he thinks the succeeding section is particularly important, or ask the reader to remember a point that he will come back to, without talking down. I still plan to read other books on the case, but honestly, I will be surprised if they change my mind. The book is extremely well-documented, with quotes from depositions, affidavits, and trial transcripts to back up his claims. Michael Schiavo occasionally gets a bit venomous and sarcastic, but I can only sympathize after vicious slander and libel that he has endured, not to mention the disgraceful political circus. I often wondered during the case why Michael Schiavo wouldn't turn care of his wife over to her parents. I say this not because I think it would have kept her alive, but because I think she was effectively dead already. I never criticized him for it, never having been in such an emotionally fraught situation. After reading this, I feel that I understand and sympathize with his reasons. There are a few things I might have done differently if I had been dealing with the situation, but this doesn't convince me that Michael Schiavo was dishonest or ill-intended. The Schindlers certainly got more than their fair share of days in court, publicity, and government oversight. In the glare of all the publicity, I find it difficult to believe that Terri Schiavo was simply a bed-ridden, perhaps slightly brain-damaged woman who was otherwise alert and aware. I trust that those who claim that they have attacked Michael Schiavo because of their concern for protecting women from abusive husbands are active supporters of battered women's shelters. The book includes numerous websites for further information about various aspects of medical and legal issues. Unfortunately, there is no index, which I find quite frustrating when I want to go back and check something. August 24, 2006 I have now read the Schindlers' book, A Life That Matters: The Legacy of Terri Schiavo -- A Lesson for Us All, which came out at approximately the same time as this. It is interesting to see how the two books use the same witness, Cindi Shook, pp. 105-113 of the Schindlers' book and pp. 179-189 of Schiavo's. One might think that there were two different women. The Schindlers argue that Terri was not in a persistent vegetative state (PVS). With all the oversight that the case received, they simply don't convince me of this argument. Michael Schiavo would have to have organized and sustained a large cabal of amoral doctors and judges, beginning before the case

Amazing Book

This book truly made me realize how important it is to hear both sides of the story. I remember at the time that this case was being played out how I couldn't understand why Michael wouldn't just hand Terri over to her parents, and how the media made it appear that Michael had been unattentive and just wanted her out of the picture. Reading this book made me realize how WRONG I was, and how much he really and truly cared about Terri. Yes, it is his version of the events, but so much of it is verifiable (his frequent visits, his fundraising efforts for her, his insistence upon her receiving quality care, his numerous trips to different doctors with her etc.. etc. etc.), and his version of events is so absolutely convincing. There is no question in my mind that he loved her and was carrying out what he believed she wanted. I would very highly recommend that anyone who sympathized with the parents read this book from cover to cover and see if they still feel the same way! I used to really feel for them, but now I TOTALLY understand why Michael didn't maintain a relationship with them anymore, or want them involved in any way. And as for the parents so-called expert doctors who claimed Terri could recover.. Look up those doctors credentials (or lack thereof! - especially Dr. Hammesfahr - the one who made a fake claim about receiving a Nobel price nomination, and doesn't even belong to the American Neurology Association), or their other key doctor who wasn't even a neurologist at all! Read about them in the book and see if you would believe or trust a word they said, or if you would want them caring for you if you developed a neurological problem. Or, learn about brain injuries and you'll discover that the claims they made COULD NOT POSSIBLY be true! It is amazing the lengths people will go to for money, and her parents definitely proved that. (The book explains how and what they did in great detail). Terri would have to be appalled at the actions of her family if she knew what they did throughout the course of this trial. Absolutely appalled! I definitely have a list of politicians to NEVER EVER vote for after reading this book, especially Jeb Bush and every other right-wing fanatic that found it necessary to stick their nose where it didn't belong in this case!
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