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Spiral-bound SubTerrain Manual - Constructing a Lightweight Model Layout the Woodland Scenics Way Book

ISBN: 1887436022

ISBN13: 9781887436021

SubTerrain Manual - Constructing a Lightweight Model Layout the Woodland Scenics Way

In just five easy steps, you'll learn how to build a realistic model railroad layout with mountains, valleys, creeks and low-lying areas. The SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System makes it all possible... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Spiral-bound

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Customer Reviews

3 ratings

A Must Have if using the Product

As mentioned in other reviews, 95% of the book is for Woodland Scenics products. If you want to use their Subterrain Foam products, I highly recommend that you buy, read, re-read, and keep at your side from doing the preliminary design of the layout to adding the final touches. Even though one reviewer mentioned it can be perceived as an advertisement for the products, you have to have this book to help solve tricky situations, even if building a simple 4x8 layout. Some of the solutions in the book can help with under-the-track switch machines, multilayer designs, double overpasses, placing buildings on non-flat surfaces, complex or grades not offered, or even adding modifications to an already finished layout (Which all model railroaders know a layout is NEVER finished). I am a civil engineer by trade and have no problem doing all the calculations required for layouts. I also have the advanced skills to design and build a highly complex and detailed layout. I am using this system for my current layout for a few reasons. #1 Time. I have found this to be the fastest way in magnitudes over conventional benchwork; especially compared to an open frame design. #2, I can build conventional benchwork, but absolutely hate it. I can spend days soldering every rail joint or even hand-lay the track including turnouts and love every minute. #3 Lightweight - even though I do not plan on moving anytime soon, in the basement, were my layout is located, I sometimes need to move it around and it is a breeze with all that foam. #4 Flexibility. I made some last minute design changes after some installation and this stuff is very versatile for cutting up and patching back together (Which is mentioned in the book), as long as you do it before adding the plaster cloth - once that is in, the job is very messy, but amazingly plausible to recycle the foam underneath if care is taken in tearing it up. #5 Seamless Transition. No matter how careful my craftsmanship was with wood benchwork, I always would have problems with the surface where the track was set. Most of these problems were minor and only required shims or lots of sanding, but it took forever to get it perfect enough. With the Subterrain system, I worked slow and careful, had very few minor imperfections, each easily and quickly repaired, and the whole process took not even half the time it would have going conventional. All you have to build in respect to benchwork is a flat table surface. For this system, I recommend you use 2'x4' sheets of homasote as a base. It is great at accepting the pins, but be careful with too much moisture and only should be used in a climate controlled room(Unless you live in an area that always has low humidity). High humidity is homasote's enemy. Also, always wear a mask if cutting with a power saw, lots of dust. The one big negative of this system can be the price. If you already have the tools for woodworking, going conventional costs peanuts i

A Worthwhile Infomercial

There is no doubt that this book is an instrument designed to further the sale of the Woodland Scenics product line for building sb terrain for model railroads but that does not diminish its usefulness at all. It is a good introduction to building sub-terrain. It is well written, easily understood and amply illustrated. Just about everything in this manual can be done, and probably is most often done using other material or other methods but this company has developed a product line that is lightweight, effective and works together. One of its great advantages is that a reader will know precisely what is needed and where it can be obtained when the products promoted here are used. That is not always the case when using more conventional hobby methods; then, material may need to be scrounged from a variety of sources. On the downside, using these products exclusively is likely to be significantly more expensive than using the traditional approach. Still, this gives a good primer and may well provide ideas that will work better in some situations. It was well worth the minor expense and brief amount of time I invested in learning about these options.

Build Your Own Little World

This small books provides complete information for planning and building a scenic railroad layout or and other terrain model using the clever, lightweight Woodland Scenics Subterrain system. Ample black and white illustrations show exactly how to use the system and tools. There is a useful glossary and index. These tips and techniques will save the modeler hours of time, prevent mistakes and help achieve better results. Highly recommended.
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