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Hardcover Strangers in Death Book

ISBN: 0399154701

ISBN13: 9780399154706

Strangers in Death

(Book #26 in the In Death Series)

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

The new novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series. New York may be a different place in 2060, but some events still receive more attention than others--especially those that involve the murder of a prominent businessman.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Another enjoyable addition to the "in Death" series

To any newcomers to the "in Death" series: you will enjoy this book even if you haven't read any of the preceding books in the series, but you won't enjoy it quite as much as if you had. The authors of long-running series have a balancing act between giving enough history of the characters for new readers to be up to speed and so much repetition that long-time fans get bored. This book is more on the long-term fan end of the scale. There has been a lot of character history and developing relationships over the course of the series that J.D. Robb does not repeat in this book. The book definitely stands on it own; but it is richer in texture and nuance if the reader knows how the characters got where they are. This is especially true because the book contrasts Eve Dallas with another woman who married a wealthy man. The plot devices Robb uses to compare the women's attitudes toward money aren't as good as having read the history of Eve coming to grips with Roarke's money in the prior books. Another caution: if you like the "whodoneit" part of the mystery the best, you will be disappointed. Unlike nearly all of the prior books where Eve Dallas is tracking an unknown killer, in this one she sets her sights on a suspect fairly early. The mystery is in finding the evidence to prove her theory. I found this an interesting and enjoyable change of pace. My only disappointment is that over the life of the series, Eve and Roarke have developed relationships with an increasing number of interesting side characters and not all of them made appearances in this book. Even without some of my favorite side characters, I really enjoyed this book.

The kindness of strangers

The year is 2060, and Eve Dallas is a New York City homicide detective who takes her job very seriously. Today she has a real headache of a case brewing: rich man and philanthropist Thomas Anders is dead, and he died in a very compromising position while his wife was out of town. The problem is, some of the death details don't add up to the sordid crime it appears to be, and the more Eve pokes at it the more confusing it gets. Add to that a nearly cold case involving an abused woman's dead husband killed by a prostitute, and Eve's in for her usual wild ride. Eve spends the first half of the book figuring out who her killer is, and the second half figuring out howdunit (and how to prove it). The mystery is a fascinating one and unraveling it definitely kept me enthralled. Part of the delight is watching Eve dig out the details and outsmart the killer, with the help of her friends, her co-workers, and of course her devilish husband Roarke. Oh, yes, Roarke. Marriage has hardly slowed these two down. Their chemistry is every bit as brilliant as when they first met, and their sex scenes are every bit as pulse-poundingly hot. In short, Strangers in Death is a delicious story that positively screams to be read in bed. If you want gritty or 'realistic' you should go with another series---these books are all about enjoying the sheer style that can be wrung out of a good futuristic detective caper. Like other books in this series, Strangers in Death stands alone surprisingly well, allowing you to come into the series at any book. The only oddness this might result in is that some side characters' appearances might seem slightly unnecessary if you aren't familiar with their importance in Eve's life.

Another great Eve Dallas mystery

This is an enjoyable return to form for J D Robb whose Eve Dallas series numbers over 25 books now. I have felt that the last ones have perhaps been rather tired and showed the limitations of a long-running series but "Strangers In Death" was a definite improvement with an interesting mystery, rather more natural-seeming reactions between characters and not too many references to events in previous books which might confuse newcomers to the series. In this story Eve is called to the scene of an apparent accidental death during some sex play. The widow of Thomas Anders was away in St Lucia with two friends and there is great humiliation for her in the way her husband was found, especially as everyone believed they had a great marriage and were faithful to each other. As Eve Dallas and Delia Peabody begin to investigate, looking at Thomas Anders' nephew amongst other people, they discover that one of the people around Anders is a rather good actor who has been playing a part for many years in order to set themselves up for money and power. As usual Eve seems able to make some rather impressive leaps of imagination which get her on the right track; also as usual she's rarely wrong, Roarke has superhuman abilities with computers and money and seems to be able to take time off from his own work at the drop of a hat. Still the mystery in this story was very well constructed, the characterisation unveiled effectively and the resolution worked well. There wasn't any great soul-searching or moralising in this story as there have been in others, this was rather more of a straight murder mystery tale than a deep delving into the marriage of Eve and Roarke and, for me, that made it a better and more enjoyable book. Eve Dallas fans will no doubt love this contribution to the series and, for me, it has proven that there is still some mileage in this series. Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book © Helen Hancox 2008

Sin Has Many Tools, But A Lie Is The Handle Which Fits Them All. -Oliver Wendell Holmes

This is the 31st book, when including novellas, in a long running and my personal favorite suspense series. The year is 2060 and Lt. Eve Dallas of the New York Police and Security Department is called to the scene when sports mogul and children's philanthropist, Tom Anders, is murdered in his home. All evidence points to some sort of sexual deviancy gone wrong, but things aren't making sense to Eve. She enlists the help of her delectable Irish hubby, Roarke, and her partner Detective Peabody to solve the case. I love this author and I loved this book. This In Death book had a slightly different feel as pretty early on we learn who the murderer is and the rest of the book is Eve building her case to prove her gut feeling. But that didn't detract from the suspense or the flow of the book at all; in fact I thought it enhanced it. J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) throws some twist and turns in that kept Eve, her team and this reader on their toes. While these In Death books tend to be dark to due to the homicides Eve investigates, this one had a lot of light moments, too. I laughed a lot at the banter Eve engages in with Peabody, Roarke and Captain Feeney. Eve's friend Louise, the doctor and her Licensed Companion boyfriend, Charles play a small but significant role in this book, and that added a large amount of pleasure for this reader. This book was definitely hard to put down and exceptionally entertaining. I am wowed by this series. After so many books it seems it would be hard to delight and surprise her faithful readers, but J.D. Robb does so, continuously and flawlessly. Enjoy! Cherise Everhard, February 2008

It's a competition - Dallas vs the murderer

In Chapter 19 Roarke tell Eve "It's a competition" and that is the best description I can give this book. The murderer got into a high security house and manaaged to kill Thomas Anders without leaving a trace. The suspects all have alibis. Lieutenant Eve Dallas has no clues, witnesses, or even a motive. This book has a fresh plot. Most of the "in Death" series have serial murders with Eve fighting against time to stop the bad guy(s) before any body shows up. Strangers In Death has one dead body and only a few suspects. Eve quickly narrows down her murderer, but has to tweak out the clues as to how it was done. Hint - look at the title. Many of my favorite supporting cast is back. Charles Monroe is tied into the murder and he has his own subplot problems. We have our sassy Peabody, prancing McNabb, a sick Feeney, a touch of Mavis (and Belle), Louise, Nadine, Trueheart, Baxter (I think he's the candy thief - he seems to be the only cop not afraid of Eve) and of course Summerset (who finds a new way to irritate Eve - jus not greet her at the door) And of course the luscious Roarke who is both lover and investigating partner (squishing in "bit of business" while waiting to help Eve grill suspects). JD Robb has gone all out on this book. We have murder, twists, humor, and even a few moments set aside for emotional growth in Eve & Roarke's marriage. Eve's childhood nightmares have been put on hold and relationship issues brought to the forefront. If you were a hater of Roarke's old girlfriend from a couple books ago, Eve has her own version of theraphy.
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