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Paperback Star Trek: Strange New Worlds IX Book

ISBN: 1416520481

ISBN13: 9781416520481

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds IX

(Part of the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Acceptable

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Book Overview

The tales featured in Strange New Worlds rocket readers across the length and breadth of Federation time and space, from Captain Jonathan Archer's first exploration of the galaxy on board the very first Starship Enterprise through to Captain Picard's tenure on the USS Enterprise 1701-D -- and beyond. Here you can read a fresh and original take on Captain Benjamin Sisko's role on Deep Space Nine, Captain Kathryn Janeway's homeward journey with the...

Customer Reviews

2 ratings

Another great book of short stories!

If you are already a Star Trek fan, you will love this book! If you're not, you probably shouldn't bother. Knowledge of the "Star Trek" universe is definitely a plus when reading this book, or any of the others in the Strange New Worlds series. These books are compilations of short stories written by non-professional writers who have won an annual contest to have their stories published in this book. (Instructions & rules to enter for next year's book are included. It's a requirement that all contestants not have more than 3 published works, including their current submission.) I've read all the books in this series & have enjoyed and can recommend them all. And, since they're all short stories unrelated to each other, you don't have to have read the previous books to read this one, nor have read any other Star Trek fiction. It's a great way to get your "feet wet" in the world of Star Trek fiction. The fact that these are short stories means you can read a whole story or two in a smaller amount of time than you would need to read a whole book.

Better than I expected!

For some reason, I find SNW 9 to be much better than last year's anthology. The stories, on the whole, read much better and are beginning to add in small details from certain series like the DS9 relaunch and The Lost Era. Although, I am at a loss to explain this year's tribble motif. Here is a story-by-story review by grouping: Star Trek: The Original Series "Gone Native" by John Coffren: A short, humorous follow-up to the episode "By Any Other Name" - if anyone was curious. It's always interesting to see what people come up with for characters that only appear once in a series. "A Bad Day for Koloth" by David DeLee: Tribble story #1. So, what happens after the tribbles show up on Koloth's ship after "The Trouble With Tribbles"? Well, first of all, they can't go back home because they are carrying "dangerous contaminants," for starters... A fun read that bridges the Koloth in TOS and the one we meet in DS9 later. "Book of Fulfillment" by Steven Costa: This was one of my favorites in the book. While I don't think it corresponds to any specific episode, it is a fantastic story with a great twist at the end. "The Smallest Choices" by Jeremy Yoder: I thought this one should have been a prizewinner. It is definitely my favorite in TOS section. It is a great follow-up to "Amok Time" and brings back the original Star Trek ice queen, T'Pring. Star Trek: The Next Generation "Staying the Course" by Paul C. Tseng: I'm not quite sure why this didn't end up in the "Speculations" category, but I liked the story a lot. Worf's last line leaves nothing to the imagination as to what will happen next, which satisfies the reader immensely. "Home Soil" by Jim Johnson: Data on Earth during the Breen attack. This wasn't my favorite; it was a little too reminiscent of the Dominion War anthology story "Eleven Hours Out" which had Picard and Troi on Earth during the Breen attack. "Terra Tonight" by Scott Pearson: I liked the TNG-era Scotty portrayal, which ran very true to form, right down to Scotty thinking that a xenopaleontologist should consider an engineering career. "Solace in Bloom" by Jeff D. Jacques: The Breen and Vorta portrayals were dead-on, as was the weaving in of the small story of Picard's old friend and his science project. Easily my favorite of TNG stories. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Shadowed Allies" by Emily P. Bloch: Kira has to confront someone who wants to test her commitment to Odo. A good read, and a believable story, too. "Living on the Edge of Existence" by Gerri Leen: Or, Curzon Dax crashes the afterlife in the Celestial Temple. A really amusing, yet poignant story that shows what Sisko has been up to since the end of the series (and before he gets back to Bajor, if you've read the relaunch). The Last Tree on Ferenginar: A Ferengi Fable From the Future" by Mike McDevitt: This was my favorite story in the whole anthology! Why didn't this one win a prize? A future Ferengi tells the story of how Leeta tried to save the l
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