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Paperback Soul Sex: Tantra for Two Book

ISBN: 1564146642

ISBN13: 9781564146649

Soul Sex: Tantra for Two

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

This is not only a book about Tantric practices, but also about how you can use them to create a life-long, loving relationship. Because Pala and Al's emphasis is on Tantra in relationships, both beginners and skilled Tantric practitioners will find value here. Through the authors' mix of ancient Eastern sexual practices and modern Western approaches to communication and intimacy, you and your partner will learn to connect in ways that are respectful,...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

An excellent buy----worth every penny !!!!!!!!!

This book is so full of excellent information! Its definitly one you want to have on your book shelf. It covers so much------excercises to build your pc muscles , how to manage your sexual energy, the spiritual side of the sexual union, and so much more. Well written, and very interesting, I found this book a real joy to read. So many books about tantra are vague, esoteric and sort of mystical---really hard to follow. I found "Soul Sex" to be very written in such a manner that is very easy to follow and understand, often times giving detailed step by step instructions. I highly recommend this book ---its opened my eyes to a whole new world!!!!

Sex with soul and sizzle!

We stumbled across "Soul Sex: Tantra for Two" when scanning through various sex manuals trying to learn more about sacred sex and tantra. Most books on tantra appeared to be cheap raunchy treatises on kama sutra sexual positions, or alternatively overbearing theses on mantras, meditation and complex Eastern Philosophy. But there in the stacks along with the sleaze and the sermons was a delightful alternative that beautifully wove together the concepts of sexuality, love, soulful living and spirituality. Although tantric sex is a hot theme throughout the manuscript, its focus is more on relationships, personality development and unconditional love. The key lessons this book stresses are about learning to trust, surrender and open one's heart to one's partner, and that these are the ways to spiritual lovemaking and transcendence. According to the authors, there is no goal in tantric lovemaking, rather only purpose, and that purpose is union, and through union each can achieve transcendence. Another key point is to realize that fantastic sex does not come from a great sex partner, but your own ability to let yourself go, and to focus your attention on the moment. True passion comes from a keen capacity to both give and receive love fully. There are also various creative practical exercises, within the book, aimed at reducing sexual inhibitions and negative sex attitudes, enhancing expressions of affection, solving relationship difficulties, reflecting on one's life goals, improving communication during lovemaking, ejaculation mastery for men and orgasm enrichment for women, promoting sexual playfulness, generating heightened sexual energy both individually and jointly, and learning to move that energy throughout one's body using relaxation, breathing, concentration, mantras and rituals. Perhaps one of the most genuine and refreshing aspects of this book is the gentle and seductive way that the authors, Pala Copeland and Al Link, have provided insights about tantric lovemaking by revealing various critical steps or missteps in their own ongoing tantric journey. The authors set by example the means to achieve sexual openness by opening their hearts to all who truly read this book. By so intimately sharing their knowledge and experience, Pala and Al show that they not only have achieved transcendence in their own sacred sexual practice, but allow this wisdom to transcend to their readers/students. We would recommend this book to any couple who want to grow together in their relationship and add more intimacy and passion to their sex life. The information in this book is priceless!

Soul Sex

We absolutely loved the book. One of the best in the market place on this subject. Clear, easy to read, full of great information and of course, written with integrity. Can't recommend it highly enough. Diane Mathews Australia

If Tantra is for you, this is a great resource

Let's get one thing straight before we start. You don't have to have a sex partner, or even a sex life in our society's understanding of the term, to study Tantra. "If Tantra were just sex, my donkey would be my master," said Abhinavagupta, a Tantric master of the tenth century. This is funny, because donkeys are known to be well-endowed, but in any case the misconception has persisted. The word Tantric as applied to sex has rejuvenated the marriage manual over the last twenty years. Tantra is not sexual technique, it is a genuine spiritual practice, a rather iconoclastic one. For centuries Tantra was anathematized in India, just because it recommended nothing and condemned nothing. Many there still believe its practitioners eat dead babies and what all. They are not entirely without reason--the famous Thugs were a Tantric sect, a murderously misguided one. There is no central Tantric authority, a Tantric Pope or College of Cardinals, to say this can be done but that can't. And so anyone can use the word Tantra to describe their practice, and practice itself can include anything and everything. What gives Tantra a special kick for the Western mind is that it is spiritual, and it doesn't exclude sex. That's different from the spirituality we're used to. What many people think of as a Taoist or Tantric approach to sexual relations is concerned with prolonging sex from start to finish, that is, from foreplay to ejaculation. The goal is to bring satisfaction to the female partner, who often needs more time than the man to reach it. Naturally a happy wife makes a happy couple, but many men regard the prospect of this kind of thing with dread. Not only does postponing or worse, eliminating ejaculation look difficult, it threatens to take away most of the fun. Women may view it with a jaundiced eye because they've had their hopes raised so often in the past, only to be dashed over again. And yet it can happen during sexual relations that for a moment or for hours, the partners, both of them, feel a oneness with all things which is infinitely poignant because it feels like the state we were born to live in all the time, our original nature. There is such peace and timeless beauty here that all questions are answered and all wounds are healed. It is a state of spiritual grace, and it goes beyond all goals. Tantrism and Taoism propose ways to reach this state in sexual union, but sex is very much not the only way they propose. In any case it is no small undertaking. At the very least it requires practice. It also requires time, two hours at least and more if possible, which means that the average couple's normal time-slot for sex will not suffice. Where does that leave the modern Western consultants, the ones who write books and offer workshops of a day or more?Pala Copeland and Al Link are two such persons who have experienced the timeless ecstatic state and offer to help other couples reach it too. They suggest ways to practice, they provide picture

Review of Soul Sex

I stumbled on Soul Sex: Tantra for Two the other day and started to read it. It makes so much sense right from the first few pages (there is more to sex than just friction). I passed it on to my wife and now we're reading it together (she loves it too). Having been together for 22 years our sex life has been great until January of this year when Marie suffered a heart attack. Although she is recovering very nicely physically, the emotional aspect of it has been difficult even though we are spiritual people, and we are getting back on track. Your book is helping us to take our relationship to a new spiritual level. We're only half way through and it's already affected us. We have both worked so hard all these years with two careers and raising four kids, that we put ourselves last on the list. Once we finish the book we will definitely want to attend one of your weekend workshops. Thank you for writing this book in such an easy loving way that all can understand.Frank and Marie Lopresti...
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