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Somebody's Mother

Somebody's Mother


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A favorite gift

I laughed out loud when first I read Somebody's Mother - the tone and the topics are so very true to life. I've given it as a gift to at least 20 lady friends - each at a different stage of child rearing or with a unique parenting challenge. Their spirits are always lifted...chuckling out loud is very therapeutic.

Funny, warm-hearted and right on target!

For all you mothers out there that have raised (or are in the midst of raising) a teenager, Somebody's Mother offers a chance for you to share nods and bursting-out-loud laughter through its delightful verse and drawings. Kepner is a mother who has an uncanny ear for capturing just the right tone and phrases in her verse and bits of dialogue with her children. As a single mom of a preteen and a teen, I instantly recognized so many "scenes" and "things" and felt like I traveled in a sweet and aching wonderland during the hour that I moved through its pages.

A treasure

This book is a treasure: funny, wise and beautifully crafted. I first read it when my son was a toddler but didn't realize I was reading a roadmap of what was to come. Now he's a teenager, and this book will give me the sense of humor I need to survive. I should add that anybody's father will appreciate the book as much anybody's mother.

Poetry in Motion (Mothering!!)

This book captures the joys and frustrations of parenting. It had me sighing in recognition & laughing out loud. The author captures the essence of the mothering experience without irritating sappiness. The author clearly sees her kids as kids & as people too. Most important this book is FUN! Should be on every mother's shelf.

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