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Mass Market Paperback Smoke and Ashes Book

ISBN: 0756404150

ISBN13: 9780756404154

Smoke and Ashes

(Part of the Smoke Trilogy (#3) Series and Henry Fitzroy (#9) Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

Tanya Huff's supernatural fantasy Smoke series, with a gothic twist - Mix of ghostly mystery, paranormal horror, and dark humor - Lamba Award nominated Fans of the X-Files and Twin Peaks will love acclaimed master of contemporary fantasy Tanya Huff's twisted version of vampires, wizards, and TV terror. Tony Foster, fledgling wizard and now trainee assistant director on Darkest Night --the syndicated vampire detective show--is hoping that they only...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A wizard, a Demongate, and a Vampire walk into a bar...

This book is the third in the series starring Henry Fitzroy's old sidekick Tony. Let me note that while the book is enjoyable as a standalone, you will get far more out of it if you have read the first two in this series, since there are quite a few references to the Shadowlord of the first book, Smoke and Shadows, and the haunted house of the second book, Smoke and Mirrors. You will get even more out of this series if you've read Huff's earlier series about Henry Fitzroy, romance writer, [...] son of King Henry VIII, and vampire. (If you check my profile, you can find reviews of all five books in that series.) Constable Jack Elson, for example, is an even more interesting character if you can also recall Mike Celluci, Vicki's fellow cop, and also the werewolf cop from "Blood Trail." Since other reviewers have summarized the plot, I won't go into that. (Besides, those of you who read Huff know that many of her books have variations on the same plot: a hole opens up between hell and our earth, and our protagonists have to close it. This is not a complaint; I am continually amazed at how interesting she manages to make that same plot over and over.) Instead, let me tell you a few of the things I specifically enjoyed about this book: * Huff's wonderful sense of humor. Examples: Tony turns on the TV and sees "some guy eating a bug on either the Learning Channel or FOOD - he didn't stay long enought to see if it came with a lecture on habitat or a raspberry vinaigrette" and the use of cherry cough syrup as a warding spell. * The references to many classic science fiction and fantasy stories and books - not just well known ones such as LOTR, but also to stories that only literate and experienced SF fans are likely to have read; this isn't just catering to the reader who is currently reading urban vampire fantasy because it's "in" - although there's nothing wrong with that; welcome, new fantasy readers, and we hope you stay and enjoy the rest of the genre! *The references also to many classic TV shows and movies, both SF and non-SF, everything from the coyote and the anvil to "Where castle?" to car chases. *The characters who are neither all-bad nor all-good, but show signs that even though they are relatively "bit parts" right now, they have complex enough personalities that they might become more. Kevin Groves, the obnoxious tabloid reporter, for example, has a few good qualities, and shows some signs that in an emergency, he might be capable of doing good things. And Chester Bane, well, I have the feeling there's a LOT we don't know about Chester, and some of it will turn out to be supernatural sooner or later. I do have a few small quibbles with the book: the Demon Lords' names don't sound right for demons to me. (Demons have first and last names? Really?) And Huff uses the phrase "red-gold eyebrows" too often, which is especially confusing since sometimes she is referring to Mason Reed, and sometimes to Henry. But those are pretty small change.

Tanya's "Blood" series spinoff coming to its own

Tony Foster is now a TAD on the set of Canada's only syndicated vampire detective show, "The Darkest Night." Despite a hard life during his youth on the streets, he's working hard to make the director's chair. The only problem is--real life supernatural events keep interfering. In this third book of the "Smoke" series, a Demonic Convergence threatens to loose the demons from hell and end the world as we know it. This time--Tony's powers as a wizard are no secret. His boss, Chester Bane, actually gives him time off to stop the Convergence--not that he's got a choice, since it seems the focus spot for the demons to come in is "Darkest Night's" sound-stage. Also, the demon fighting team has a few more players: Amy, the odd but fearless secretary, Mountie Jack who's been following the oddness surrounding Tony for a long time, and even Lee--the 'human sidekick' of the TV show's vampire, Raymond Dark (Mason). We also get a romance interest. Lee, who Tony previously believed was straight, is definitely putting his flirt on. Henry Fitzroy, a vampire and Tony's old love interest, is back and well, never gave up on him and Tony being together. There are some slow spots at the end, but overall, this book is funny and fast-paced. The series is picking up and I certainly hope there are more of them.

The best so far...

This is my favorite of the series. Hands down. I love Tony. And Lee. (Yum.) And this book has both of them in the action. Unlike the previous two "Smoke" books, where Tony only told the fewest people he needed to about the supernatural, SMOKE AND ASHES has most of the TV studio knowing about the problem, and quite a few helping to stop it. This makes an odd amount of sense... if any one group of people is going to accept the strange, it's going to be theatre people of one kind or another. And I have to say, it's very nice having someone know about the problems from the start. The threat of demonic invasion makes a great adventure story, and fills up the pages quite nicely. But also nestled in there are enough relationship issues to make a book on their own. Tony and Henry. Tony and Lee. Not to mention Tony's friendships with Amy, Zev, and the cop Jack Ellison (who has been in and out investigating the deaths in the previous two Smoke books.) I also like the way Tony has to develop his powers, with part instinct, part guess, part instruction, and part panic. It seems very realistic, at least to someone who hasn't ever tried to stave off a demonic invasion before. Tony finally comes into his own at the end, and in a very satisfactory way.

Another Fine Addition

I adore Tanya Huff. Her fantasy novels are among the favorite books in my collection. When she began the Smoke Series, I was thrilled to see Tony Foster, a supporting character in the Vicky Nelson books, suddenly thrust into the spotlight. I loved the Tony character, but would he be able to carry a book of his own? Boy, can he! I followed his story through Smoke and Shadows and it's sequel, Smoke and Mirrors. I loved both, and have read each numerous times. Tanya was able to dance a fine line between action, adventure, humor and sex (or at least sexual tension) in such a way that the books were impossible to put down. Smoke and Ashes is no exception. I eagerly awaited the book's release for almost two months, and when it arrived in the mail I was forced to stay up most of the night reading it. Although the tone is a little different from previous books, I think this book is the one where in many ways Tony shines the most. In Shadows, he was the reluctant hero, thrust into a dangerous situation with nothing but a pure heart and sarcastic tongue to carry him. In Mirrors, he stepped up closer to the plate, this time with a single spell to help him. With Ashes, Tony is now "the man". Don't get me wrong... Tony is still very Tony. Things aren't perfect, and he falls on his [...] more than once. But in this book you can truly see how much he has grown since he was first introduced. Although the supporting cast is still there, Tanya has drawn the focus back a little from the last book, where there were a lot of characters in play. To me, the characters spotlighted in this third book are Tony's Circle: the ones that mean the most to him, and those he depends on the most. Coincidently they are also my favorites ;). I hope that this isn't the end for the Smoke series. This book makes me want more and more! And if you're reading this, Tanya, I still want a crossover between Smoke and the Keeper Chronicles. Diana and Tony would be a hilarious team! Please and thank you ;)

spellbinding fascinating tale

It has been almost two months since Tony Foster fought any supernatural entities so he enjoys the respite especially with his promotion to the Trainee Assistant Director on the set of Darkest Night, a TV show starring a vampire detective. Tony finds life ironic that he works on a vampire show when his lover, best friend, and father figure Henry Fitzroy (baseborn son of King Henry VIII) is a real vampire. Tony's hiatus from the supernatural ends when he learns from stunt woman Leah Barrett who doubles as a Demongate keeping her demon out of our world that the Demon Convergence has begun. It is a time when energies are moving is such a way that the barriers between earth and the Hells are penetrable. Leah is 3500 years old and because her demon master miscast a spell she has been protected and he unable to breach the "walls". If he gains access as it seems likely he will, the demon master will dominate the world of humanity. His minions are coming for Leah and Tony, who still remains a tyro when it comes to using his wizard powers. With the help of friends like Henry, Tony knows he will stand brave and strong trying to stop the demon horde. The hero has changed from a street hustler and prostitute to a courageous person willing to die to keep his friends and his world safe. This superb urban fantasy is at times funny, but mostly dramatic as there is plenty of action especially as Tony learns how to use his skills as he wars with demon assassins sent to kill Leah, considered by her kind as a traitor. Tanya Huff writes a spellbinding fascinating tale that fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and Jim Butcher will enjoy. Harriet Klausner
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