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Paperback Sink Reflections: FlyLady's BabyStep Guide to Overcoming CHAOS Book

ISBN: 0971855110

ISBN13: 9780971855113

Sink Reflections: FlyLady's BabyStep Guide to Overcoming CHAOS

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Fly Out of CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)Into Order—One BabyStep at a TimeWith her special blend of housecleaning tips, humor, and musings about daily life, Marla Cilley, a.k.a. The FlyLady, shows you how to manage clutter and chaos and get your home—and your life—in order. Drawn from the lessons and tools used in her popular mentoring program, the FlyLady system helps you create doable housekeeping routines and break down overwhelming chores...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings


Stepford wife? Please! I am an educator with two college degrees and although happily married, have no children and like to work out with martial arts! This book is for ANYONE who feels like the clutter in their house has taken them over. My house was always messy and I had basically given up, thinking that there were clean people and messy people, and I was doomed to be one of the latter. I picked this book up on a whim at a local book store and was instantly intrigued. Imagine, a organizing book that makes no mention of buying nifty new containers or redoing your home to contain your crap! Flylady operates on the principal that if something in your home is causing you stress or if you are looking at it with disinterest or hate, it's time to LET IT GO! Toss it! Goodbye! This was a real novelty to a pack rat like me, and it has truly changed how I look at my home and the items within. While I am far from completely organized yet, it has made a HUGE difference and my home is far more serene now then it ever has been. I am slowly getting rid of everything that is not deserving a place in my life and I am all the better for it. This is the ONE organizing book out there that will really make a difference! Thank you Flylady!

This book will save you money

I was convinced that I needed to buy a new (bigger) house, but once I realized I was living in CHAOS (and that somebody knew what that was and had been there too) and that before I rushed right out to buy that new place I had some decluttering to do -- I got right to it. 15 minutes at a time over only about a month (long enough to establish a habit) I discovered that my house was plenty big enough -- I just needed to stop housing all that clutter and instead decide that the rooms needed only to hold essentials -- and that the only true essentials were my family and me. Now, the effects of the book are reaching into every area of my life -- my Christmas present selection (I don't want to give something that will just be clutter in the hands of the recipient), my purse, my budget, my exercise, my diet, my LIFE. It is absolutely amazing. Yes, there is a certain amount of "religious" content. I just substitute the word epiphany for God Breeze -- and keep on reading. The website (and the daily flow of emails and testimonials) are amazingly wonderful. The best part of the book and of the system is -- we clutter-maniacs are not alone and just knowing that someone else has suffered the pain of being so messy that you are afraid to have anyone see your house is comforting -- and inspires us FlyBabies to get moving for the next 15 minutes to make one little spot just that much better. Also, I would like to reply to the "irreducible chore and it MUST take a certain amount of time" comment: If when I get up in the morning and in using the bathroom sink while brushing my teeth just happen spend time wiping the sink and counter (time I would be standing there anyway) -- is that time spent cleaning or time spent brushing my teeth? I realize that it is both, but that is just one tiny example of how that "certain irreducible amount of time" can be handled. If in cooking dinner you clean up along the way, is that cooking or cleaning?If in clearing the table nothing gets stacked in the sink (where it pauses for a week before it makes it to the dishwasher) but just goes straight into the dishwasher, is that clearing or cleaning?If you know what you are going to wear tomorrow because you have laid it out the night before (and have noticed if the skirt needs hemming or the blouse needs to be ironed -- and so handled it in a few minutes that night), is that just being prepared or is that cleaning?Above all -- I have discovered that I have too much (and don't need to buy or receive any more) -- and I have discovered the blessings that come to me from giving my too much away to people who have too little. And all from this little bitty book. BUY IT or go to!

Flylady was the Answer

The writer of this book, Marla Cilley, goes by another name: Flylady. I own this book and have read it. But there is another way to experience Flylady if you have a computer. You can receive all the wisdom contained in the book by joining her e-mail coaching list. I joined her list over a year ago and it has completely changed my life. Bit by bit, I read and absorbed her wisdom and have been transforming my life and my home.Because the Flylady had made such an impact on my life, I bought her book immediately after it was published. As I read it, not much was unfamiliar to me because I had been a member of her e-mail group, and yet having it all in one place was very valuable to me. Despite having received a lot of information contained in the book through the e-mail group, I still wanted to own the book and use it frequently.This book will especially be helpful to people who have a real problem figuring out how to keep and organize their home. Probably every person will find something to benefit them from the wisdom contained within, however, people who really struggle with issues of getting their act together will be especially helped.I was at my absolute wits end. I have an extensive collection of self-help books on organization and overcoming clutter. Each and every book has been interesting and hope-inspiring, and has presented helpful techniques and approaches. Yet to my great despair,I was never able to find a way to make it all work for me. At one point I decided, maybe I need outside help and hired a very expensive (and famous)organizing professional to help me. I paid several thousand dollars for an organizing plan, and hired these organizers at $75.00 an hour to try to help me overcome my disorganization problem. They even selected me to have a makeover in a famous magazine after seeing pictures of my disorganized, cluttered home. (The story was killed by new editors who took over the magazine, much to my dismay).It was Flylady's way of teaching and coaching that was my salvation. Her method is so doable. You start with baby steps, and you never do more than you are ready for. She starts you off with one task, and one task only. To shine your kitchen sink. It is so easy to comply with this first step. Even if you never do anything else, it is so simple and easy there really isn't a reason to try.When you become really comfortable with shining your sink every day, she has you add another step: developing a simple evening and morning routine. Lay out your clothes for the next day in the evening, and get dressed to your shoes every morning. You can practice and stay on these beginning steps for as long as you like, until you feel comfortable to move to the next step. She likes to say that you are never behind and don't need to get caught up. She tells you to take everything in baby steps. You can go as fast or as slow as you like.Later she add her brilliant strategy of decluttering to your steps. For only 15 minutes

Change Your Life... One Baby Step at a Time!

Are you living in CHAOS? Do you feel depressed and overwhelmed, especially by your house? Is your dear husband threatening to check into a motel, just so he can find the phone when it rings? Are you always running late and yelling at your babies because you can't find your car keys... again? Believe me, I understand, and so does FLYLady! She is one of us, but she has found the way out, and she is shining her light, one baby step at a time, for us to follow her out of the miry pit of clutter and more clutter! This book will change your life. If you are depressed because your home and your life are a mess, spend a few minutes with our dear FLYLady, and you will find the beginnings of the changes that have eluded you until now. FLYLady shows us how to baby step our way out of our clutter and chaos to a life of peace and productivity. You can do anything for 15 minutes at a time! Even change your life.Most of us who were born domestically and organizationally challenged are attracted to every new organizing book that comes out. I personally had dozens of them, including the system FLYLady herself once used, the Pam Young-Peggy Jones card file system. (She credits Pam and Peggy with developing this methodology, but I think she is too modest. I love Pam and Peggy, too, but their books did not change my life. This one did. I still re-read the P & P books from time to time because they are very funny, but I was never able to make that complicated card file work (although it was great fun putting it together). But what FLYLady has done is to take the germ of the idea Pam and Peggy had and make it so simple that ANYONE can do it. It's OK to start small. It's OK not to do everything perfectly. In fact, perfectionism is the only thing that is NOT OK: "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family". You learn to establish small routines, morning and evening, and to spend 15 minutes a day de-cluttering your hot spots. And somehow, little by little, and before you know it, a transformation has occurred. No more pretending you aren't home when the doorbell rings! Your husband and friends will be complimenting YOU on how great your house looks. Buy this book! Buy 10 copies and give them to your messie friends. Put them in your daughters' hope chests. Donate one to your library. Did I mention it will change your life?

Transformed my life... in 15 minute segments

I LOVE this book! Marla shows us how to transform our life... in 15 minute segments, zones, quick routines and more. I was TOTALLY in CHAOS (what she calls "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome"), and am still amazed that I can walk through a completely clean and transformed home at all times. It takes NO time to clean my home now, all my years of clutter is GONE, and the positive energy is spilling over into other areas of my life, and completely transforming them too! God Bless you, Flylady, you're helping women find themselves again. Once we get rid of the clutter that drains us of energy... voila! The true woman emerges! Full of energy, love and great ideas! I truly feel you're helping us MUCH more than keeping our houses clean. You're giving us a new way to think. You're so right.. that you can do anything for 15 minutes. Thanks again, Flylady!
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