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Paperback Silent Savior: Daring to Believe He's Still There Book

ISBN: 0800732855

ISBN13: 9780800732851

Silent Savior: Daring to Believe He's Still There

Lets you navigate a labyrinth of sorrow, pain, angst, and doubt on the way to a soul-deep recognition of God's infinite faithfulness and perpetual, if sometimes silent, presence. This book encourages readers to keep believing he's there even when that silence seems deafening.


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Customer Reviews

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An Honest Look at God's Silence

Personally, God used the book to encourage me. It made me feel like I am normal. Because of the faith walk I have been on - our family's experience with unemployment for over 20 months, losing four babies in four years and a myriad of other life events; I have been shaken, like a jar of water with sand that was settled and then shaken. Things were clear, but got muddied slowly over time. Sometimes life is totally different than what we expected for ourselves. It leaves alot of questions and soul searching, but it doesn't change who God is or the fact that He knows and understands. What a great comfort to know that He meets us where we are at even when He is silent. A. J. Gregory gives us an honest look at the fact that there are times in our lives that God is silent. This does not mean He has left us, for He promises to never leave us or forsake us. But like Job experienced in his great trial of faith, God is silent for a time. Ms. Gregory takes us on a journey from the Silent Treatment (chapter 1) to Glimpses of Glory (chapter 10) and shares many instances when the silence is deafening to our hearts and souls, but is for the greater purpose of strengthening our faith in the One who knows all and is over all. She doesn't beat around the bush at all and voices what many of us have probably wondered, but were too afraid to say out loud. She also takes a look at the fact that sometimes God's silence truly has nothing to do with anything we did, as it was in Job's case, and the fact that well-meaning people can offer words of condemnation that can trigger even more pain and doubt. Ms. Gregory simply pushes the reader to acknowledge that it is difficult when God is silent in our pain, but that Jesus knows and understands, since He himself walked in our shoes. Remember what He said on the cross, "My God, my God why hast thou forsaken Me?" He is our greatest sympathizer. This perhaps is the best reminder, one that many of us need in the midst of trials and the Lord used Ms. Gregory to remind me of this very important truth.

Enjoyable read for those who wonder why...

I recently read Silent Savior and I really enjoyed it! As a Christian women, still learning and trying to stay on the path, I found this book to be very relevant in my life. I felt quite connected because I too struggle with understanding the silence of God. It's never been a question of whether or not God exist, but more like why He is it so hard to hear what He is saying. Personally, I struggle and make a lot of bad choices, but now, after reading her book, I have a better understanding of what I really need to be listening for... to make the better choices. Thanks A.J.

Silent Savior Review ~ Poetic and moving

In 2007, letters from Mother Theresa were published in the media that revealed that she had deep doubts about her faith and belief in God. Everyone was shocked (Mother Theresa had doubts? Could not be!) and soon the coverage waned and all but faded away. Those of us who had been there, teeter-tottering in our faith breathed a sigh of relief knowing we weren't the only ones. And the rest saw her thoughts as blasphemy or possibly she had suffered from depression. AJ picks up on that theme and writes about it from her experience and reflections as a Christian. AJ Gregory simply refuses to sugar coat and compromise her thoughts her reflections on her journey of faith. (Pg 15) "I wrote this book for those people who are hurt, frustrated, depressed, angry, disappointed, or anxious because they can't see, feel, or hear God." This book belongs in the hands of every deep faith seeker and progressive Christian who has struggled with their faith. In the end, she is not saying God is silent. In fact, she says quite the opposite. It's amazing that in spite of such a heavy and serious topic, she manages to keep you chuckling through the book. It's through her humor, that she has a way of reaching in and captivating the deepest parts of you. If you ever thought that you walk the road of faith alone, you'll never think that again.

Silent Savior by A.J. Gregory

Honest and straightforward, Silent Savior is a book to keep close by for those times when God seems far away. Our faith gets tested and we experience things that are so painful and unfair that it becomes difficult to trust that God is really here and that He can hear us. I have had many times like this. A.J. Gregory uses her own experiences and the experiences of others to teach how maintain our faith during difficult times. One of the things that I really appreciate about Silent Savior is that the author does not use the typical Christian catch phrases that tend to wear me (and I'm sure others) down. Her explanation of our Savior is a unique one; one that I believe can reach people in a different way. I feel that this book would be beneficial for both believers and non-believers. Her observations and explanations are very easy to understand, but she digs deep to get the reader to rethink their relationship with our Savior. Every Christian can benefit from reading Silent Savior and I really feel that non-Christians can be changed by this book. I think that the reason most non-believers are non-believers is because they have not heard about God in the way that A.J. Gregory explains Him. It's hard to believe in God when you can't hear Him and Silent Savior will help you hear Him.

Incredibly Powerful! Brilliant! A Must Read!

First of all, I'll start by saying that A.J. Gregory is one of the most gifted and amazing Christian writers I've ever read. I can say that...I read close to 100 books in the Christian genre each year. Silent Savior is not only a powerful and brilliant title, it is an equally incredible message that will capture your heart and revive your soul. Gregory approaches a topic that very few dare to: God is real; He is loving and sovereign, whether we believe He is or not. Through the deepest valleys of doubt, Gregory insists that our faith must press through the pain into the arms of our loving Savior. You will have a difficult time putting this book down. As Gregory transparently walks you through her personal struggles, she captures your heart and soul and tears it wide open so that the power of Christ can heal you and increase your faith. Lately, I've read many books where the authors don't seem to relate to the reader at spells: author has a contract and must meet deadline. Not so with Gregory. This author is a vessel for God's voice. He has gifted her through her own brokenness where she can be used by Him to save others. Quite frankly, out of all the books I've read over the past several years, I cannot imagine a better book that I'd recommend...I'm certain you'll read it over and over (as I will) and you'll be looking for the release of Gregory's next book...let's all pray there is one!
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