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Shepherding a Child's Heart

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Book Overview

In this revised edition of Shepherding a Child's Heart, Dr. Tedd Tripp not only draws on his thirty years of experience as a pastor, counselor, school administrator, and father, but he also shares... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

9 ratings

Kind of misleading to have a picture of the revised edition as the photo… I was under the impression

I’m sure it’ll be a good book though and it doesn’t seem like a lot has changed with the philosophy behind the original edition

Review on the book received

My book is actually in great shape, almost seems like its new, but they send me an older version. I couldn't give it a 5 star, due to the fact I was ordering the revised edition.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart is full of godly parenting help.

I have learned so much to how to assess my own heart and how to teach my children that we are all in need of God’s saving grace.

Every Christian parent should read!

This book is at the top of the list for teaching Biblical based parenting. A wellspring of knowledge is shared in a relatable way. A must read for any Christian parent!

Fantastic Manual for Child-Rearing (not AT ALL a spanking manual!)

I've read many of the reviews of this text and truly wonder if those who have provided such vehemently negative reviews read the text in its entirety. First and foremost one must recognize that all Christian literature should be held up against the Word of God and should certainly be read and implemented with great discernment. Some reviewers have stated that this book supports child abuse. How absurd! How then do you explain the very compassionate chapter that speaks to understanding your child and his/her anxieties, disappointments and frustrations? (Chapter 8 of the second edition) The examples of a parent treating child with patience, understanding and compassion far outnumber the spanking instructions. As for spanking, one review remarked that Tripp advises spanking infants straight from the hospital. I guess those pages were left out of my copy...couldn't find any such advice. Furthermore, the advise for spanking a child in a private location is not to "hide abuse" as one reviewer states. Tripp clearly states "discipline must not rob a child of his dignity." How would an adult like for his/her boss to publically reprimand him/her? One reviewer was concerned over Tripp's advise to 'remove pants and underpants' to administer the spanking. I think that this person must not have read the entire paragraph. He only advises this measure for children who are still in diapers. Once a child reaches an age where she is potty-trained and responsible for her own hygeine Tripp clearly states that pants should not be removed so 'shame is not caused.' Realize that the subject of spanking is a small portion of this text. There are 17 other chapters that offer much guidance. The obvious goal of this book is to train parents to foster a relationship of compassion, communication and respect between parent, child and the Lord.

Excellent book - even those who don't spank can glean much

I first read this book while a teacher at a Christian preparatory school. It was recommended by my supervisor, the Head of Lower School. It changed the way I dealt with my students and behavior issues that arose each day. I loved learning how to focus on the heart and using different styles and types of communication, depending on the situation and heart of the child. It is challenging to sometimes figure out the root of the behavior, and even more challenging as teacher of many students, to find sufficient time to talk and communicate with each child, but well-worth the pursuit. I obviously did not use spanking as a classroom teacher, but other modes of behavior correction. Now, 8 years later, I am a mother of 2 small children and reading the book for the 3rd time. We do use controlled, biblical spanking with our children. (How does one "back up" one's words without a spanking with small children? Especially if they refuse to go to time-out? Maybe I just have stubborn kids!) Anyway, even if you have chosen not to use spanking, you can still glean very valuable content from this book regarding communication and reaching the heart of your child, as I did as a classroom teacher. We are God's instruments to teach, raise, and train our children, and I don't believe that Tedd Tripp thinks that we actually ARE God (in response to another reviewer!) This book, while not perfect (is any book?), is very worthy of your time to read. I gained much out of it, and it is helping my husband and me in our journey to raise children with God-centered hearts.

I Wish I Read This Book 17 Years Ago!

I just read a very unfavorable review of Tedd Tripp's "Shepherding A Child's Heart," and I was shocked. This book brings the Biblical truths of child rearing together in a clear, concise, godly, and gentle manner. In no way does it invite the tyranny that the review I read implies. Do you have children? I entreat you to employ the principles outlined in this book just as they are meant to be: Gently, sober-mindedly, and lovingly. The fruit you bear will be a blessing, rather than the grief you experience watching your children waver in their relationship with God, unsure of when to obey or even how to respond to God-given authority in their lives and watching them bear the painful consequences of unsubmissive hearts and hearts not turned toward God. A spanking administered by a loving, sober-minded parent, teaching obedience without challenge, without excuse, and without delay is a life saving necessity as opposed to watching your children receive their "spankings" from an unloving, ungodly, uncaring, cruel world as a result of their lack of "submission" to God-given authority. (THAT is child abuse). Our culture has made spanking socially unacceptable, as it has so many other Biblical principles (i.e. wives submitting to their husbands, mothers actually staying home to raise their children...). That is the only reason that Mr. Tripp advises that spanking take place in the privacy of your own home. He's not claiming you should hide while you spank - that would indicate that what you are doing is wrong. Rather, he is sensitive to the unbiblical state of our society. Discipline truly makes children feel safe. It's as if they know that when they are being disobedient, they are in a dangerous place, and it is our duty as parents to rescue them and bring them back to the circle of safety of honor and obedience to God-given authority. If not, we are contributing to their destruction. I know, as I did not always practice this with my children, and now I am dealing with teen agers who unrighteously challenge and struggle with authority. It breaks my heart, not because it is an inconvenience to me, but because of the danger THEY are in. Once again, I wish I had read this book 17 years ago!

Excellent, biblically based book

I have read this book several times and have listened to the audio CD of the conference that Pastor Tripp does, and I did not get the same impression as reviewer Jo Ragan AT ALL. I am wondering if Jo Ragan actually read the book or just skimmed through it and shut it as soon as a reference to spanking was found. Pastor Tripp is extremely gracious and loving and this attitude is evident all throughout the entire book. It is especially evident in the CD series. I would encourage other 'comment readers' to read the book for themselves and not base their decision on what was said in this one. We are Biblical parenting instructors, and we refer this book, as well as Paul David Tripp's book, Age of Opportunity, quite often. In our opinion, with the exception of God's Word, these books are two of the very best parenting books out there. Yes, they condone spanking for outright rebellion (so does God' Word), but they also stress the importance of discerning between actual rebellion and childishness, the importance of overwhelming your children with praise and encouragement, and the importance of dealing with the sin issues (anger, etc..) in the parents heart. Both of the Tripp brothers discuss the importance offering grace to your children, at times, and they overwhelmingly stress the fact that discipline is to point our children to their need for Jesus Christ, not something we do because we are angry. I HIGHLY recommend this to all parents.

Required Reading for Christian (and non) parents

Tedd Tripp writes a lucid, thoughtful and encouraging piece. This book is well reasoned, well supported and well orgnized. Frankly, I could not put it down, which is saying a lot for me, a busy executive with an Internet Start-up. As a fairly new Christian, I found that the book really informed my method and mode of disicplining my two sons. I realized that I wasn't going it alone. Its not me against my son. My job is to act as God's agent and help my sons develop a godward orientation and understanding of the power of Jesus Christ's atoning death on the cross. If your a Christian or a seeker or just interested in how to have a fulfilling relationship with your children, this book is an outstanding and truly enjoyable read.
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