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Paperback Objetos Cortantes Book

ISBN: 858057658X

Objetos Cortantes

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14 ratings

Must read!

If you like crime thriller, this book is a must read. This book is well done. Will make you curious and want to read more from the very beginning and will keep you guessing who’s the real killer until the end. Love this book so much!

Love anything Gillian Flynn

My favorite of all her books

Great Book

I love this book, keeps you interested

Great read

Loved the book. The show was great too!

Fast and engaging read

I started watching the show and couldn’t wait to see how the story would unfold, so I bought the book and read it fairly quickly (a couple of hours over the course of two days). I couldn’t put it down! Such a page turner and I stayed invested in the story all the way through. My only complaint is that so much was packed into like the last 15-20 pages. The ending felt very sudden and I wish there was more time left to unpack everything and that characters actions and reactions could’ve been fleshed out more. But overall a great, fast read!


Have been excited to read this for a while now and while I enjoyed it, and had my suspicions as to who the killer may be, I wasn’t thrilled as to how it played out. Nevertheless, a great read I had diffuclty putting down!

Not up to gone girl standards

Obviously Flynn’s skills are improving. I was disappointed with this one though. The story was interesting but the main character left me feeling like I needed a shower. She was simply gross. I had a very hard time feeling sorry for her. The book also ends abruptly with just one or two lines telling what happened to the characters. It’s much better than I could write but if you are hoping of another gone girl, you will be VERY disappointed. I’m looking forward to her future novels but I’m done with her earlier work.

Crazy good!

So addicting!

I read it in three sittings, and that is only because in reality, I didn't have time to do it in one! I loved this book so much! I'm never even letting anyone borrow it! Definitely a favorite!

Holy Razor Blades Batman!!!

Lots of hype for a first novel usually means an average story with a huge publicity budget. Boy was this an exception. Simply terrific, and I mean that in the eerie's possible way. One of the darkest, blackest, depressing, gut-wrentching "thrillers" I've ever read. I simply could not put this incredibly addictive novel down. Bravo Ms. Flynn. I can hardly wait for your next novel. There's nothing joyous, uplifting or even borderline happy here, but if you can handle that grab this book quick, you will not be disappointed.


This was one of those books that, once you start reading, you simply cannot put it down. I read it in one day and had nightmares about it that night. I've never had nightmares about any book I've ever read! I read several chapters before I even realized that the author was a woman and that this was a first time novel. The plot was tight and I was totally fooled about who the killer was, although I had my suspicions. If you love fast-paced, well-written thrillers, then this is the book for you. I'm eagerly anticipating her next one!!

Not your typical thriller

One gripe I have about most thrillers is that the plot is all-important, and the characters end up so dull -- interchangeable, really. Not so with Camille in Sharp Objects! She's an incredibly-flawed and fragile character who I'm sure will haunt me for a long time, and whom I'll be reminded of sometimes when I see a certain type of person on the street. I found this book to be an emotional experience because the deeper I got into Camille's world and the more I learned her personal story, the more I realized that her discovery of who the murderer was would have the potential to absolutely destroy her -- and she's someone who, by all rights, really should have hit bottom by now. A short, terse book you won't soon forget.


Exciting, promising, can't-put-it-down debut novels are hard to find - with Gillian Flynn's "Sharp Objects," it seems we've found one more to add to that all too brief list. It's a stunning story, tightly crafted, and appropriately chilling. Now a reporter for a class C Chicago newspaper, Camille Preaker is a survivor. Her recent past includes a stay in a psychiatric hospital where she was treated for various disorders, including self-mutilation. At the age of 13 she carved "queasy" around her stomach and at 29 "vanish" on her neck. Troubled? In spades. However, it looks like she may get a break as she's assigned to cover what is probably a serial killer story. On the downside is the fact that the scene of the crime is her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, a place she left some eight years ago. She doesn't want to return but the thought of a career making yarn is too tempting and off she goes, back to an old house that holds unhappy memories and a mother who gives new meaning to neurotic. Two young girls have been murdered, and the local police seem to think a transient is responsible. A handsome profiler from Kansas City doesn't think the answer is as easy as that. Throughout the investigation Camille is forced to relive childhood trauma and confront ghosts that have haunted her through the years. Those who enjoy psychological thrillers will have found a winner in "Sharp Objects," especially as read by actress Ann Marie Lee. Well remembered for her stage and television performances, she inhabits Camille's persona with nuance and modulation. As the climax approaches we find ourselves listening even more intently as Lee's voice builds, leading the way. - Gail Cooke


Sharp Objects is a breathtaking, suspenseful, beautifully crafted novel. Not exactly a mystery, not exactly a thriller, not exactly horror, the novel has bits of all of them, and fine writing rarely associated with popular fiction. It's hard to say too much about the novel without giving anything away, but one thing that especially impressed me is the twist Flynn puts on the classic "don't open that door!" moment in books and movies. You know - when we know something bad will happen if the door is opened, but the dumb character does it anyway. Well, here the protagonist is not dumb; she knows along with us what is being revealed and share our sense of impending doom - but cannot help but open the door even so. Brilliant!

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