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Paperback Sex, Lies and Vampires (The Dark Ones, Book 3) Book

ISBN: 0505525550

ISBN13: 9780505525550

Sex, Lies and Vampires (The Dark Ones, Book 3)

(Book #3 in the Dark Ones Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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The third book in MacAlister?s USA Today bestselling vampire series.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Originally Posted on Romance Junkies in 2005

If you like mysterious vampires known as the Dark Ones, castles filled with treasure unlike any you can ever imagine, a heroine more content to translate obscure languages than work charms, and a supporting cast of imps, betrayers, and immortals, then SEX, LIES, AND VAMPIRES is definitely the book for you. Nell Harris is the type of woman who delights in the old-namely, in ancient artifacts. A junior professor of medieval history in Seattle, she's been lured to the Czech Republic by Melissande Banacek to view the Holy Grail of her profession-the Graven Plate, a breastplate from a suit of armor made in the late 1300's at the castle of Churburg. A legend among medievalists, no one has ever laid eyes upon the interlocking plates that detail the history of a knight-errant. For Nell, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately, upon her arrival at the home of Ms. Banacek, she gets a little more than she bargained for. Nell is not one to believe in paranormal beings or things that go bump in the night. So, when she spots a common Central European Imp in Melissande's living room, she's a little unnerved. When Melissande goes on to inform Nell that she's a Dark One, a Moravian vampire, Nell decides that the lady must be insane. Next, this strange lady goes on to tell her that Nell herself is a Charmer. A demon lord by the name of Asmodeus has taken Melissande's brother and nephew hostage, and a fellow vampire by the name of Adrian, whose also known as The Betrayer, is responsible for it all. Bound to Asmodeus by a curse, Melissande's brother and nephew cannot escape. Hence the need for Nell, who as a Charmer has the power and ability to charm the curse. All would be easy if not for the fact that Nell has forgotten that ten years ago she actually believed in charms, curses, and her abilities. After a charm gone wrong killed her best friend, Nell buried herself in the past-and tangible evidence. Now she's been tricked into helping a boy who can only survive with her help-and in return, she'll have sole possession of the Graven Plate. Greed and the desire for tenure may be the motivating factors at the start of her journey, but joining forces with Adrian, who isn't what she first thought him to be, is what keeps her going. There's more at stake than the release of a vampire and his son, and it's up to Nell and Adrian to combine their powers to rescue a society on the verge of collapse. SEX, LIES, AND VAMPIRES is full of fun characters, quirky dialogue, and the redeeming power of love. This isn't the first book I've read by Ms. MacAlister featuring the Dark Ones, and it most certainly won't be my last. I love Ms. MacAlister's world of vampires and supernatural beings, and once you pick up one of her books, I'm sure you'll feel the same.

I Can't Help Loving the Dark Ones!

Katie Mac is one of my favorite authors & I can't help loving this book! Nell is employed by Mellisande, Christian Dante's cousin ( he's our main reaccurring character in the 3 books of the series), to act as a Charmer & save Mellisande's nephew. Not told this when she was flown to the Czhech Republic, Nell refuses. She hasn't reversed a curse since a fatal college accident that left her with a stroke 10 years ago. When Nell is persuaded to look around Christian's castle she runs into Adrian, a.k.a. THE BETRAYER. She's the only one in nearly 5 centuries who doesn't fear him though & Adrian quickly realizes she is the Beloved who can save his soul. He didn't believe she existed. Now Nell helps him to save Mellisandes nephew, (shocker>>>!! Adrian's son!!!) & destroy the baddy in a most abrupt fashion, so that they can share eternity together. Throw in a few mummies cheerfully folling Nell like puppies, cameo's by one of you favorite ghosts from a previouse book, & a few well loved reaccurring characters ( & one that goes bad!) & you get a great novel that will be hard to put down!

I never thought I'd like it!

A friend of mine gave me this book and said I HAD to try it. I was hooked from the first page...imps! It was intriguing to say the least, so I sat down to read it. Several hours later I was finished and I have NEVER done that with any book in my whole life! I thought the humor was insinuating and sassy and contagious ...laughed outloud. (" yeah, yeah, feared by all, yadda-yadda") The intrigue was there, twists in plot I never saw coming....right out of the gate. I am not easily pleased and am known for my ability to always know the end of books. I saw some of it coming, but not all and it was not your run of the mill "stupid" twists that make no sense. And the sex, well, need I say that it was incredible for me. I mean her, I mean ....anyway. I revelled in it, rereading excerpts the next night before bed. Never have I enjoyed a take you away, into another realm that you can follow, sexy, thrilling and funny as hell book more. Going to the book store to find!! And yes I am a woman, but my friend that gave me the book is a guy who reads thrillers and Steven King and watches action flicks....he loved it too! Thank-you Katie

Sassy, fun and suspenseful vamp tale

Gotta love those Moravian vampires and their American Beloveds. Nell is a terrific heroine who is down-to-earth and straightforward. She doesn't hesitate to express how she feels and adapts rather well to "other wordly" situations. The chemistry between her and Adrian is incredibly sexy. Thought the introduction of Damian was a great character, which shows that even after first go-around, people still have a chance to find a Beloved. Dashing and noble Christian and his adorable Allie make their appearance too.

jocular vampiric suspense thriller

Melissande Banacek flies Seattle based medieval history professor Dr. Nell Harris to Prague to discuss removal of imps and Nell being an untrained Charmer. Nell says she has no skill with charms reflecting back to the devastating deadly incident of ten years ago when she dabbled. Melissande ignores her saying she needs her help to find her missing brother Damien and his son Saar, Moravian Dark Ones who recently vanished. Damien believes that the Demon Lord Asmodeus captured Saar. Nell reluctantly agrees. Almost immediately, Nell runs in trouble with Dark One Adrian "The Betrayer" Tomas, who threatens her with fangs and kisses if she does not back off. Instead she offers him kisses back as both are attracted to one another. Adrian is stunned because he insists he's not in love yet the teacher feels like his soulmate. Ironically he realizes that he will not be around to enjoy love as his current quest is certain death though he would like to leave fearless Nell safe even if she seems to interfere, intercede and interject into everything. No one combines humor and vampires better than Katie MacAlister does. Her latest tale is the usual jocular suspense thriller starring a hunk with a sweet tooth for the Washingtonian and a heroine who dares go where no mortal risks their neck. Vampires, demons, charmers, and more provide a surreal tale in which the story line is fun, amusing and biting, typical of Ms. MacAlister, who always entertains her. Harriet Klausner
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