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Paperback September Snow Book

ISBN: 1587900939

ISBN13: 9781587900938

September Snow

A brilliant dystopian novel about the weather-wars of the future.


Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Don't think it won't happen just because it hasn't happened yet

Robert Balmanno has done a splendid job in creating a book that weaves warnings to our society into a great tale of adventure and the power of the human spirit. He has created a bleak and chilling look into what can happen to our planet if serious issues aren't properly addressed and problems aren't corrected. At the same time, his characters show that there is hope for us as a global society. Balmanno uses imagery to give readers another way to look at the way technology has changed us as a group and as individuals. The Wallscreen of September Snow's time already exists in some degree with the huge screen TVs of today. Balmanno uses the Wallscreen to illustrate the dangers of allowing the alluring technology of home entertainment systems to push literary pursuits to the background. This book is superb thought-provoking entertainment. The series of which it is Book One is projected to three more volumes. I look forward to the release of those three books, as will anyone who reads this highly recommended work.

September Snow--a great book

Robert Balmanno's September Snow is a multi-faceted novel about a dark, foreboding future with a ray of hope shining through it. The book, a futuristic adventure story, builds on many of the issues facing today's society, which fuel this dynamic dystopian tale--the first of a series of four--to its riveting conclusion. Not your typical science fiction story, September Snow stands strong and tall by itself, removed from the clichés and generic formulas so often associated with the genre. Author Balmanno endows his characters with the spark of life, giving them real, complex personalities and making the reader long to know them more intimately. While reading this yet-to be-discovered gem, I found myself fleeing with the heroic characters across vast expanses of a ravaged planet Earth of the next century. Balmanno's clean, vibrant prose catapulted me across the vast desolation of North America to a grim, futuristic New York City, and onward to the few remaining hidden sanctuaries of the rebels in the Himalayas, the Antarctic and South America, eventually to end up in the stark desolation of the Mexican high desert. Open the book cover and be swept into a future of environmental degradation brought about by a regime bent on altering the weather for purposes of world domination and a planet responding to the tampering with violent climatic changes. Balmanno paints a chilling picture of a society gone profoundly wrong and the remnants of humanity misled by an unfettered, genocidal theocracy seeking to rub out its opposition by manipulating and destroying history only to replace it with its own malignant philosophy. Is this haunting tale a vision of things to come, or is it a warning of things that still may be averted? The author leaves it to you to step aboard this thrilling ride into a turbulent, stormy future.

The DaVinci Code for Sci-fi fans

Ever wonder why Captain Kirk got away with everything? Or why Galaxy Quest was a pretty cool movie in spite of itself? Because the writers had an insight into what we wanted to see and feel, but with their own stamp on it, of course. No this is not your typical review, writing about TV and movies when it's a book were talking about. Let's see, good writing, awesome storyline, non-predictable, convincingly thorough, and...if you have the imagination for good earthly sci-fi then this is the book to read next. I've read September Snow a bunch of times and it locks me in each reading. Robert Balmanno takes us on a starried search for truth in the not too distant future when the Ozone really gets bad and on a good day, if your lucky, you wake and live in a Domed city that only the privileged, and their lackeys get to survive - and thrive - in. If you're like the rest of us, then you are outside and old by the time you hit your mid twenties. Can any good come of this? Read the book. Enjoy holding the world in your hand. P.S. There's a sequel being written, turns out September Snow has a daughter.

September Snow is highly recommended.

Written by Robert Balmanno, September Snow is a science fiction novel set in a dystopian future in which the Earth's climate is manipulated by nuclear-powered machines to disastrous effect. The ozone layer is all but gone, and a sun-poisoned population must seek shelter within protective Gaia Domes. The religion of Gaia, once dedicated to protecting the Earth, has been corrupted into an evil regime. One woman gifted in body and mind, September, spearheads the rebellion against the malevolent alliance's implacable rule, driven in part by the callous execution of her husband. Part cautionary tale, part sharply written adventure, September Snow is highly recommended.

The government doesn't want people to think.

September Snow by Robert Balmanno The government doesn't want people to think. In 2051 AD, the world has changed. Several billion people have been killed in the Eleven-Years-War and the Gaia Religion signifies the whole planet. Tom Novak, a 103-year old white-haired man, is the last person to remember how it was before the revolutionary changes took place. He is an ex-writer with an intuitive ability to sense the weather regardless of the fact the world is encapsulated in domes. In a world where mass executions take place daily and are televised on Wallscreen, Novak is at extreme risk of being killed for a mere thought. Balmanno, himself, has the ability to see into the future of global warming, polar meltdowns and nuclear regression. A gifted literary genius, Balmanno takes a word, tweaks it into a sentence, twists the plot and maneuvers September Snow into a five-star epic that should not be missed. It makes the reader beg for the rest of the trilogy. Review by Rose Sefton-Stadler, author of Parallel Lives, The Confederette, Mind Mauling Hot Sauce and many more.
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