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Rescue Me: Tropical Heat, Desert Heat, Primary Heat

(Part of the Tempting SEALs (#6) Series and T-FLAC (#11.5) Series)

CHERRY ADAIR "Tropical Heat" When Dr. Elizabeth Goodall is kidnapped and held captive in the African jungle, her only hope for rescue is counterterrorist operative Sam Pelton. But to escape from a... This description may be from another edition of this product.


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Rescue Me

"Tropical Heat" by Cherry Adair Dr. Elizabeth Goodall has been kidnapped by a ruthless killer. When he finds out he has captured the wrong Doctor, there is going to be hell to pay, but not if Sam Pelton can get to her first. At home in Montana, Beth is the town's Doctor and Sam is a teacher. The Sam that shows up in the jungle, toting a machine gun and obviously comfortable in his surroundings, leaves Beth baffled. She's harbored a not so secret crush on Sam. Because he never responded to her Beth assumed he wasn't interested, a few stolen kisses in the jungle have her wondering about his interest now though. Sam intends to save Beth then make her his. He's waited a long time for Beth and he's not going to let a madman take her away from him. "Tropical Heat" combines three things perfectly: a sensual romance, a gripping storyline, and thrilling action. I loved the relationship between Sam and Beth. They were friends who became lovers. Their relationship evolves in a beautiful but deadly jungle surrounding. The evil villain gets it great in the end in "Tropical Heat" I love how that scene plays out. "Tropical Heat" is a story filled with danger, hot sex and true love. "Atlanta Heat" by Lora Leigh Emerson Delaney is the goddaughter of Admiral Samuel Holloran. Mason "Macey" March is a Navy SEAL under Admiral Holloran's command; therefore, as much as Macey wants her, Em is off limits to him. When she's kidnapped though, he goes straight for her and now, he's not letting go. There not out of the woods yet though, someone they trust has been a bad guy all along and now he's got his sights set on killing Em. Macey is a man on a mission in "Atlanta Heat" Besides keeping Em safe, he has every intention of making her his. He's a really tough guy who melts at Em's feet. It's adorable and romantic. Em is like the girl next door but with attitude. "Atlanta Heat" is full of great action and hot sex but when the story shifts briefly to Macey's pet's perspective I thought it was a little odd. "Desert Heat" by Cindy Gerard Assistant District Attorney Elena Martinez and Detective Seth King are in the Grand Canyon on a charity hike. They don't get along, or rather, didn't get along, until their time together in the desert brings them closer than they've ever been. Just as things between them are heating up though, one of their cases comes back to haunt them. They were being hunted, but in order to get out alive they'll have to become the hunters. "Desert Heat" is full of good stuff. A good story, a sexy hero and a tough heroine make each page exciting. Seth and Elena have great chemistry. Even when they are at odds you can feel a connection between them. Whether they're running for their lives, fighting bad guys, or on a desk, they are perfect together. "Desert Heat" is an excellent action-filled romance. Rescue Me has three exciting stories with sexy men, sassy women, and enough thrills, action and hot sex to satisfy any romantic suspense

No rescue needed from this anthology!

I loved this collection! The only downside I found was it's too short. 1) Tropical Heat by Cherry Adair ***** - This was the first story I've read from Ms. Adair, but based on it I'll be looking for more of her stories. I was left with the impression that this was part of a larger series, however it is still able to stand alone. A perfect balance of action and romance. 2) Atlanta Heat by Lora Leigh ***** - This is part of her "Tempting SEALs" series. Like the rest of the series, this book is steamy and thrilling. The only complaint is that the "whodunit" part of the book wasn't fully self-supporting. There just wasn't enough information for someone who hadn't read the other books in the series. Even so, I've never been dissappointed with a Lora Leigh title, and this one lives up to her others. 3)Desert Heat by Cindy Gerard ***** - This story was a little out of sync with the other two titles in that the first two featured true rescue scenerios, this one focused on two people getting out of danger together. DH was a great read by another new-to-me author. I'm very interested in reading more by Ms. Gerard. Overall a great book with three exciting stories. Definately worth checking out.

A rare treat

I rarely like anthologies, but this book was very well written. All three stories were interesting. I bought this primarily for Macey's story, Atlanta Heat,because I love Lora Leigh's Seals series. But, I will actually check out some of Cherry Adair and Cindy Gerard's other books after reading this book.

Five Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies!

Rescue with a bit of heat is the theme of this intense and sultry anthology penned by three of the most talented writers of romantic suspense today. Don't miss it! TROPICAL HEAT by Cherry Adair Unwittingly kidnapped by terrorists, Dr. Elizabeth Goodall is being held at knifepoint and informed that she is going to reconstruct the face of one of the most wanted men in the world. Being a doctor has its perks but this isn't one of them, especially since Beth is not the world renowned plastic surgeon the criminal thinks she is. Biding her time before she has to perform surgery, Beth convinces her captors to allow her to rest. As she frantically tries to find a way out, rescue comes in the form of Sam Pelton, a counterterrorist operative. He also happens to be the man in love with her. TROPICAL HEAT by Cherry Adair starts this enticing anthology with a bang. Sam has been in love with Beth ever since he first laid eyes on her, but his honor would not let him hurt Beth's marriage by revealing his desires. Now, when she and her husband have gone their separate ways, Beth is taken from Sam before he can act on his suppressed feelings. Acting as the extremely well trained killer he is, Sam is going to get his woman back. ATLANTA HEAT by Lora Leigh Emerson Delaney is the type of woman to get under a man's skin - or as Macey March desires, just simply under him. Desire is a vastly underrated word when it comes to what Macey feels for Ms. Delaney. However, having been threatened by his superior and holding the demotion papers to prove it, Macey knows that Emerson is off limits. That is, until he receives a midnight phone call informing him that Emerson has been kidnapped. All bets are off with this Navy SEAL, and it is his job to get Emerson back. Macey knows that once he rescues her, he will never let her be taken from him again. Lora Leigh's contribution, ATLANTA HEAT, is flat out scorching. The chemistry between Emerson and Macey is instantaneous and as such kept me glued to the pages. Macey knew that Emerson was going to be the one woman to bring him to his knees and the fact that he welcomed this made me love him all the more. As for Emerson Delaney? Every girl needs a best friend like Emerson. I can only imagine the trouble she can get into when she is not with Macey. Charismatic, flirtatious, and innocently tempting, Emerson took great pleasure in keeping her man on his toes. When he fell, he fell right into her arms - just where she wanted him to be. DESERT HEAT by Cindy Gerard Elena Martinez is an assistant district attorney and her nemesis, the man she butts heads with in court, Seth King, is a detective. More than once sparks have flown in the courtroom because of their different personalities. Imagine their surprise when they are teamed up in a charity scavenger hunt in the Grand Canyon. It seems that for all their bluster and blunder around each other, they are more in tuned with each other than either of them ex

Thrilling romantic suspense anthology

Three talented authors come together to deliver a trio of action-packed romantic adventures that will leave you dreaming of your own hero! Indeed, I would be more than happy to have any of the heroes in this anthology RESCUE ME! Individually, each story in RESCUE ME earns a top rating of five. Together, they will more than knock your socks off! ~TROPICAL HEAT by Cherry Adair~ When the woman he loves is kidnapped by a ruthless terrorist, Sam Pelton will do whatever it takes to save Elizabeth. Braving the jungles of Africa and a cadre of villains that would make most men quake in their boots, Sam puts all of his skills as a special ops agent to use in order to rescue her. Why, oh why have I not read Cherry Adair's work sooner? TROPICAL HEAT was my first taste of this author's talent and left me wanting more! When we meet Sam and Elizabeth, they are thick in the middle of danger, after dancing around each other romantically for the last year. Well, to be perfectly honest, Elizabeth didn't think she was even on Sam's radar, although he was all she thought about since her divorce. As it turns out, Sam was just biding his time, but he certainly had plans for the beautiful doctor. Plans that are moved up when he very nearly loses her in a way all too permanent. Sam pulls out all the stops, and shows himself to both Elizabeth and readers as the hero he truly is, leaving us to fall desperately in love with this man, just as Elizabeth does. ~ATLANTA HEAT by Lora Leigh~ Macey March is the most irreverent, troublesome member of his team of Navy SEALs. His antics have earned him a few demotions in rank along the way, and the ire of the Admiral himself. Emerson Delaney, the Admiral's delicious little goddaughter has played no small part in those troubles. It seems Macey just can't stay away from the imp, no matter how bad a career move it is to put the moves on her. When Emerson is kidnapped by terrorists intent on wreaking revenge on the Admiral through his beloved goddaughter, Macey will stop at nothing to rescue her from danger. That's the easy part. The hard part comes afterwards - keeping her safe until they ferret out the mole whose very existence continues to threaten the woman that Mace comes to realize he can't live without. As a major fan of Lora Leigh's, I chose to read RESCUE ME strictly because of her story in it, and once again, she didn't disappoint. ATLANTA HEAT is part of her popular TEMPTING SEALS series, and tells the story of that bad boy we've come to know and love in the previous books - Mason March. Macey may come across as a bad boy, but in this novella we find that deep down, he is a family man at heart, and he only has eyes for Emerson Delaney, no matter how much trouble he has landed himself in through his previous interactions with her. That should tell him something right there, right? Macey isn't into denial, and he knows that Emerson is the woman for him. Of course, he has also gathered quite a bi
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