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Mass Market Paperback Ravnica: Ravnica Cycle, Book I Book

ISBN: 0786937920

ISBN13: 9780786937929

Ravnica: Ravnica Cycle, Book I

(Part of the Magic: The Gathering (#51) Series and Magic: The Gathering: Ravnica Cycle (#1) Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Like New


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Book Overview

An experienced officer of the city guard who prefers to work alone, Lieutenant Agrus Kos suddenly finds himself on the wrong side of his superiors when his new partner suddenly turns up dead and Kos becomes suspicious about the circumstances surrounding the killing. Original.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

This book really is Magic...

When I got this book in a fat pack for my birthday, I was more interested in the cards than the book. After a while, I was killing everybody with my deck, and I was starting to be rejected. It occured to me that I needed a better hobby for a while, and I looked at this book... The main character of this fine book, Agros Kos, is an old, worn out, wojek (police-like person of the city of Ravnica). He is still haunted by the past where his favourite partner, Myczil Zunich, was killed. All this is a mystery to everybody else, because Kos is the only one that knows what really happened. Fonn Zunich, Myczil's only daughter, has traveled a long way to help protect the Saint Bayul, an ambassador of the Selesnya Guild. On her way to Ravnica( or should I say main Ravnica because Ravnica covers most of the world),she is attacked by members of a gang, but being a ledev, she immediately saves the Saint and walks away. Jarad, a Devkarin or Dark Elf, is the Grand Hunter or the Golgari Guild. His sister, Savra, has been up to something, because she has been acting strangely around the leaders, the Gorgon Sisters. He suspects that she is planning to overthrow them, but he doesn't know how far she will go to do that. He never expected for his sister to send assassins to him, and now he knows the true intentions of Savra the Matka. All these people meet together, to help save, or destroy Ravnica. Being that some people have not read this book, I will not give away any information, as to spoil their fun...

A Fun Read

I enjoyed this book a lot but I have to agree with the other reviewer that the fight scenes were a bit hard to follow at times. If you enjoy magic the gathering novels you will probably enjoy this one as it was a fun read and I will buy the next two books in the series for sure.

A Great Read!

Having skipped both the Mirrodin and Kamigawa cycle of books out of sheer lack of interest, I decided to pick up the Ravnica novel, as the summary finally sounded intriguing enough for me. If you thought the Mirrodin and/or Kamigawa cycle of books were disappointing, you need to get this one! It is, hands down the best M:TG novel I've read since Torment, back in Odyessy block. In essence, the plot is a series of murder mysteries, combined with power grabs by enemy guilds, etc. The story has its twists however. Just when you think you've got it all sorted out, Herndon turns your notions upsidedown. The ending is surprising to say the least. If it weren't part of a cycle of books, I'd say it could almost be a stand-alone novel. While some of the characters are rather stereotypical/cliche, I didn't find it all that bothersome. I didn't even reflect on that until I'd actually finished the novel. A big thumbs up to author Cory Herndon. I'm glad to see that he will be writing the remaining two novels as well.

great book

I just finished the new Ravnica novel, and have to day that it is quite possibly the best book I've read in the Magic: The Gathering series. The characters in the novel are well done and very entertaining. All in all a good entertaining read, even if one isn't familiar with the card game that the novels are based out of.

A very solid book.

Reading Ravnica was a breath of fresh air for me. Skipping the Kamigawa series of books (after speding some time and simply not enjoying it), I can say that this new book series will definately be interesting me. The book is, in many ways, a murder mystery. Yes, some of the characters are a little cliched - the main character is the typical Old Cop With A Few Days To Retirement - but I hardly noticed it until I had time to reflect on it. One of the only minor problems I had with the book was with the arguably high number of main characters. I had moments where I seemingly missed a line where a character was given a name, and so I had to guess that (for example) a seemingly-new character was one I had been following for a while. While some would consider it a drawback, I like how the author was not above fleshing out a character, only to render them moot/dead within a couple pages. I had expected that a certain Bad Guy would be a constant threat in the story, but he was essentially killed off quickly. It made the plot, and the actions of his killers, much more strong. All in all? A very solid book.
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