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Hardcover Quag Keep & Return to Quag Keep Omnibus Book

ISBN: 0739464183

ISBN13: 9780739464182

Quag Keep & Return to Quag Keep Omnibus

(Part of the Quag Keep Greyhawk Series)

In 1978, science fiction's grand dame Andre Norton was given a wonderful opportunity-to take part in the role-playing game Dungeons & DragonsTM, and to have it run in her own home by none other than... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Hardcover

Condition: Acceptable


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Lost in the Game

Quag Keep & Return to Quag Keep (2006) is an omnibus edition containing both of these fantasy novels. These stories are set is an universe based on role playing games like Dragons & Dungeons. Gamers are transported to this universe by touching magical game pieces and then become their game characters. Quag Keep (1978) is the first novel in this series. Milo Jagon is a swordsman drinking at the Sign of Harvel's Axe in the thieve's quarter of Greyhawk. On each thumb is a large ring and on his right wrist is a wide bracelet made of two copper bands holding a series of dice with varied numbers of sides. The dice are also copper colored and wrought with bits of gemstones for the numbers; these dice are fixed in place and do not move. Milo vaguely remembers being Martin Jefferson, but his mind cannot hold that thought. He looks around and sees another man with a copper bracelet, but the others within the inn do not. This other man with a bracelet is even larger than himself and is dressed as a beserker with were-boar powers. He is accompanied by a pseudo-dragon. The beserker also notices their identical bracelets and changes tables to meet Milo. He introduces himself as Naile Fangtooth and the pseudo-dragon as Afreeta. The room begins to empty until they are alone. Then two dice begin to turn slowly and a slight man enters the room. He informs Milo and Naile that they are summoned, but does not answer their questions. Although Naile objects, Milo convinces him to follow the messenger and leave the inn. As they travel, an Elf with an identical bracelet joins the group. Milo, Naile and the Elf are taken to a tower room where they meet Hystaspes, a magician, and four others wearing the bracelets. Hystaspes introduces the group to each other -- the Elf Ingrge, the battlemaid Yevele, the priest Deav Dyne, the bard Wymarc, and the lizardman Gulth -- and explains that they have been brought to his world from another by an alien power. They also learn that Hystaspes has placed a geas on each of them to search for the one who has brought them to this world, for Hystaspes think that this mysterious power is bringing the two worlds together with probably disastrous results. Return to Quag Keep (2006) is the second novel in this series. The heroes have come to a city to regroup after leaving Quag Keep. However, Gulth is dying and Deav Dyne has no cure. They meet with Yeleve, Wymarc and Ingrge to pass on their plans and then leave the city to travel to Gulth's swamps. Milo and Naile are waiting in the Golden Tankard, hoping to get a job with a merchant caravan. Meanwhile, they are drinking ale and getting drunk. Three other drunken men enter the tavern and insist that Milo and Naile are sitting at their table. One of the three gets very insistent, but Milo and Naile ignore them. Finally they see someone who looks like a prosperous merchant and get up to approach him. Naile, however, accidentally knocks down the most vociferous of
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