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Paperback Put Your Dreams First: Handle Your [Entertainment] Business Book

ISBN: 0446409464

ISBN13: 9780446409469

Put Your Dreams First: Handle Your [Entertainment] Business

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Format: Paperback

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Undaground Milli Review of Put Your Dreams First

Hi y'all. I am a writer myself and publisher and I must say that I ordered Thembisa S. Mshaka's book awhile ago and was very excited to get it. This book changed my life and provided so much in depth insight to the music hustle and encourages women and men alike! Being a father of a daughter, I could definitely relate and knowing Mrs. Mshaka personally for over 10 years, I thought I knew what she had experienced. NOT. I found out so much from the book that was amazing. Few people have the courage to stand and hustle hard in the entertainment world especially music and urban music. Thembisa stood her ground and her book and her success is a testament to hard work, faith, courage, being a great mother, friend, sister, daughter, and wife. This book is highly recommended for any person who is aspiring to be in the music or entertainment business and especially for ladies who need to know HOW you get in and stay in the right way. Praise Allah for Thembisa S. Mshaka!

The New "Bible" of the Record Biz!

As a colleague of Thembisa and another woman with 40 years in the record business, I can wholehearted co-sign on the revelations in this book. These are the real stories which no one hears of but which all of us live. I'm proud of Thembisa for writing such an entertaining and comprehensive account of the "real" music industry. It ain't pretty but, if you want to sit on the porch with us "Big Dogs", then you need to read this book first. You Go, Thembisa!!

She spoke to my career from 1990~2009

I was excited about the book because it was NOT a tell all vixen journal. This book can be used as a referrence guide to your success. So don't be to quick to loan out your book. Everyone should have their own copy to grow from. You will want to make notes to self in the margins. Thembisa covers you totally with knowledge experience and tried & true advice. The book is simply priceless. There are real time tips and directions help avoid the frustration of living it yourself. Thembisa researched over 17 years with women from each end and in between the spectrum. The professional woman needed to present a complete package is you, not just the talent. She spoke to my questions directly from 1990. I decided that I would never have a working knowlege of this business. I did not have any women to mentor me at that time. Well Thembisa provides you access to powerful women working, living and succeeding in the busisness. Get the blessing and see for yourself. Everyone will have a new story to tell after reading this book. Remember to Put Your Dreams First! **Stone Faure** Note to Thembisa** Thanks so much for your book signing and brunch in Cali. I welcomed your very real hug and sincere greeting, it came though. I enjoyed myself and learned from you! Your generosity in creating this book will be reciprocated. Your experiences will inspire so many, this book will be a number one seller! Everybody "PUT YOUR DREAMS FIRST

This Book is A MUST READ. Review on

by Monica Peters Industry veteran Thembisa S. Mshaka's new book Put Your Dreams First: Handle Your [entertainment] Business is a MUST READ for anyone in the entertainment business, especially women. Mshaka gives sound, concrete and specific advice on how to handle your business whether you are a publicist, in the music business, celebrity stylist, producer, or in the radio and film industries. Her tone in the book is straightforward and leaves no stone unturned. What makes this book a gem is that women working in all segments of the business reveal their triumphs, setbacks, horror stories and how they survived after being laid off. Some of the women are everyday Janes who broke into the industry in unconventional ways--none of which included exploiting themselves. Many of the women in HYEB are those that some of us in the business may already know personally. HYEB is very much an eye opener for women going into the entertainment business looking through rose colored glasses or even worse thinking that sleeping their way to the top is the key to their success. The author even delves into pay inequities for women. After reading this book you will definitely be able to make a true assessment as to if the entertainment field is for you and learn the importance of reinventing yourself. *Even if you are not in the entertainment business, this book is a must read. The sound valuable advice in this book extends way beyond the entertainment world. Pick it up today.

Help for the everyday professional minded sista my cloud of witnesses

For those of you sisters that have a desire to make in the industry, 9 to 5, and are not sure if it is better to sex in or work hard this is the journal for you. I just got the book wed 04-22-09 and I have not been able to put it down. What I love is the truth that each lady conveyed, and how each one never gave up on their dream. Growing up in a time when woman were less than 20 percent of the work force, it is good to read from someone that knows how to share a truth on getting on with your life. What to expect and not to expect. When I spoke to I told here reading her book was like being at a dinner party with friends and the conversation moves like a well crafted who is who play. Before reading this I was concerned with many things, but every question I had and some that I never thoughht of is covered. So far my favorite is the Jaane of all trades, which is where I am at. Just from reading up to page 129, which I am on (had to come review it) I have already wrote notes and drafted my own study guide. Getting this will not only add value to any library, but it gives your valuable information into the inside workings of the entertainment industry. Women that have paved the way for those of us who what to get in but not sure, this is your book. what you should do 1. buy this book 2. follow the tips and think outside of your present box 3. tell someone else about the dinner party journal 4. come back and review
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