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Hardcover The Purple Culture Book

ISBN: 1933515244

ISBN13: 9781933515243

The Purple Culture

What happens when those we trust most commit the most egregious acts of betrayal? It's a scandal that has sent shockwaves throughout the world. Sexual abuse committed in the place where we-and our children-should be safe: the church. As three bishops stand trial in Federal Court, charged with conspiracy for protecting abusive priests, prosecutor William Goulding and defense attorney James Kobs prepare for the trial of a lifetime. As Goulding presents...


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FINALLY.. the TRUTH BEHIND the SEX ABUSE in the Catholic Church!

Finally! Someone is brave enough to tell the truth that Roman Catholic Bishops and Priests have been trying to hid from you for centuries. It is told in the form of a Novel (fiction) but it is all true and I think I could put names to some of the "fictional" characters in the book. Well written and a great read! Shocking to those who are only Sunday Church goes. A confirmation of what we all suspected and whispered about for we who spend most of our lives involved with the Church. Every Catholic should read this book! Maybe the truth will finally set us all free?

A highly entertaining and very recommended read

The church has been brought to trial for what they been suspected of for ages. "The Purple Culture" is a novel where three bishops are brought to trail for conspiracy to protect sexually abusive priests. William Goulding, the prosecution, faces off against defense attorney James Kobs in this landmark case on just how untouchable the Roman Catholic Church really is in America. Touching on the avenues of religion, philosophy, and law, "The Purple Culture" makes for a highly entertaining and very recommended read.

The cacoon of the purple culture

The Purple Culture was very thought-provoking! Steve Borhrer suggests that many members of the Roman Catholic clergy live and operate within a purpe culture and are somewhat out of touch with reality. His characters are fictional but the situations are very real! His premises are so believable! Marilyn Marzolf

profound legal thriller

The three Bishops Robert Courteer, Vincent Barieno and Wilbur Sandes stand trial in Federal Court for concealing the pedophile activities of the priests by constantly relocating them before the trouble can surface. The eyes of the world are upon this trial especially victims and their families who want justice in what looks like a sure shot for the prosecution. The lead attorneys from both sides know how the evidence stacks up and who is looking over each of their shoulders. Prosecutor William Goulding has all the proof on his side so will stick to the facts though he plans to make some of the truth melodramatic and emotional. On the other side defense attorney James Kobs knows he must punch holes in the facts that overwhelming goes against his clients as he must find a way to persuade the jury to acquit though everything affirms they are guilty. Although a profound legal thriller that extrapolates from the headlines, THE PURPLE CULTURE is much more. Stephen Boehrer enables his readers to look deep at the motives that drove the three Bishops to conceal the sexual predatory nature of some of their priests towards their flock. The author also provides a glimpse of how the victims have fared as well as their families. However, it is the intense scrutiny that lays bare the souls of the three Bishops that make this a brilliant tale that answers why the cover-up. Harriet Klausner

This One Is Sure To Ruffle A Few Feathers

Stephen Boerer, author of The Purple Culture is a former ordained priest and holds a doctorate in theology. According to his bio posted on his web site, "he gives a studied voice to those who care about the abuse of clerical power: who want to see the church leadership return to its original servant character." In the form of a fictional criminal trial, Boerer exposes the unique culture of the higher echelons of the Catholic Church or as he terms it, the "purple culture." Three bishops are accused of conspiring to protect and tolerate priests guilty of preying upon youngsters. Initially, their plea is not guilty, however, realizing that they would probably be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, their attorney, James G. Kobs has them change their plea to guilty by reason of insanity. It should be mentioned that the bishops were not exactly thrilled about changing their plea, as they were quite convinced that they are perfectly sane and they never committed a crime. There was no doubt in their minds that they would ultimately be exonerated. As for the presiding judge and prosecuting attorney, who were both baffled by the changing pleas, Kobs explains that from the time he took on the defence of the three bishops, he was troubled by his inability to come up with a motive for their tragic inappropriate behavior and the pattern of episcopal toleration. However, after some research into the workings of the church and its culture, he believed that their actions were a result of their insanity and he would prove this to the jury. As the defence attorney points out to the jury in his closing arguments, "As a general rule, the law understands insanity to mean that the defendants at the time of their crime were unable to distinguish right from wrong, or that a mental disease made them unable to control their actions even though they knew their actions to be wrong." Attorney Kobs spins a very convincing defence of insanity by first explaining to the jury some of the workings of the Catholic Church and its mystique of power, control and blind obedience where bishops are taught that they do not question the Holy Father or the Holy See. He also points out the obligatory taking of the Oath of Fidelity that forces the bishops to swear absolute loyalty to the Holy Father. This includes loyalty to his appointed members of the Holy See, the Curia and the absolute obedience to approved Church teaching and law. Moreover, even though they may plead humility and poverty, evidence is to the contrary. Behaviorial elements as narcissistic qualities as well as addiction are likewise presented in order to reinforce the defence's arguments. And further strengthening his case, Kobs calls to the witness stand experts who elaborate on these behaviorial patterns, illustrating how they lead to denial, perfectionism, and personal exemptions from the normal standards of morality that is visible in their conduct. To top it off, Kobs draws a parallel between the episcopal cult
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