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Paperback Psychedelic Horizons Book

ISBN: 1845400410

ISBN13: 9781845400415

Psychedelic Horizons

This is a different kind of book about psychedelics. Rather than describing psychedelic experiences, it presents four future-oriented ideas 'coming over the psychedelic horizon', which illustrate the potential benefits of psychedelics for humanity: # Stanislav Grof's view of our minds as a way to understand works of art (looking at Disney's Snow White). # The evidence that psychedelic-occasioned mystical experiences can boost our immune systems. #...


Format: Paperback

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Psychedelic Horizons - visions of future psychedelic studies

Psychedelic Horizons by Thomas B. Roberts, 2006. Psychedelic Horizons - visions of future psychedelic studies. Dr. Thomas Roberts, Professor Emeritus at Northern Illinois University, and founder and instructor of the only continuous college curriculum on psychedelic drugs since the 1980s, lays down what he envisions could be the future of psychedelic research. While much of the scope of this book is speculative analysis, or theoretical analysis (which he presents well), the point of the book is to guide future clinical research on psychedelic drugs into areas not yet studied in order expand the scope and value of this field of research, and to expand our ways of critical thinking. Can psychedelic drugs boost our immune systems and cause spontaneous healings? Do psychedelic drugs increase intelligence? What are the differences between single and multistate intelligences? Starting with his ideas of opening a psychedelic museum dedicated to this field of research, which he suggests should be located on Height st. in San Francisco, and then moving on to a Grofian psychoanalysis of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Roberts takes us through a journey of his concepts of multistate intelligence (transpersonal psychology), and what possibilities lay on the horizon. From BPMs, to thinking about thinking and placebo ability, we can gain a deeper understanding of how the mind works - rather than through single-state theories in use today. Sound like pseudo-science? I've often considered such possibilities myself, but this is the only book I've seen that confirms these notions - and creates a direction for serious clinical study. Through all of this he suggests what an educated person is. But just don't put LSD in someone else's coffee. Drawbacks: the book could have used a little more careful editing in a couple spots. Positives: It's great to hear a professor be this candid about his own drug use. And it's a fast read! The font size is nice and easy on the eyes.

innovative ideas

I really like the subject and it was an interesting read, although I feel like it should have been more concise. Sometimes I felt it was too repetitive. But the subjects is very interesting and I enjoyed it. Inspired me for new ideas. thanks!

An outstanding study of the human mind

Psychedelic Horizons by Thomas B. Roberts (Professor in the Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and foundations at Northern Illinois University) is an outstanding study of the human mind and what may actually be beneficially derived from the use of psychedelic experiences for the human mind, body, and overall cognitive process. Exploring the evidence of how psychedelic-occasioned mystical experiences may boost the human immune system, Psychedelic Horizons provides readers with an informative comprehension of Stansislav Grof's view of the mind as a way to understand art, psychedelics adding new cognitive programs to our thinking skills, and an expansive redefinition of intelligence and what it means to be well-educated. Psychedelic Horizons is very highly recommended to psychology students and all non-specialist general readers, particularly those subversive in thought, for its stimulating and progressive thought and concept of the actualities of psychedelics and the human mind, psyche and thought.
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