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Paperback Pride and Prejudice Book

ISBN: 0679783261

ISBN13: 9780679783268

Pride and Prejudice

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Book Overview

In a publishing career that spanned less than a decade, Jane Austen revolutionized the literary romance, using it as a stage from which to address issues of gender politics and class-consciousness... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

19 ratings

Bought “Good” Hardcover.

Well, it’s all good! no defect and such but the side pages of the book alone which didn’t affected the context so it’s fine. thank you and satisfied.

Wrong book

I have been wanting to read Pride and Prejudice for forever so I was super bummed when it came to my door as a 175 page adaptation by Archie Oliver when I had ordered the full book by Jane Austen.

Great novel but..

I love this novel but my only issue is I ordered this as very good and it came with a ripped cover and tons of writing on the pages

Order Puffin Classic, received different copy

I ordered a copy of Pride & Prejudice Puffin Classics edition but received a chatham River Press Classics edition that was in fair condition versus the “good” condition I had also selected. Very frustrating. If something isn’t available they should refund and inform their customers not just change the order.


the book was marked with a lot of writings and marked with pen. I am kinda upset about this. i am going to order one in better condition.

Great condition!

The book is honestly a bit boring until about halfway through, but overall it is a good book. Also, I got a condition of Good and the book I got was honestly in great condition


NOT A REVIEW OF THE BOOK ITSELF, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK!: I ordered and immediately cancelled. My order changed once I submitted payment and confirmed the order. It ended up being "lit for little hands"?? No idea why that changed but it's annoying that I had to cancel my whole order and re-order the other books and try and find a normal copy of this book.

Make sure you double check title on your order

I had the same issue of the title changing after I ordered to lit for little hands. Kinda bummed, this is my absolute favorite book and wanted a hard copy for keeping

Name Change After Purchase

So bummed to have to request to cancel my order! The same thing happened to me, the name changed when I got my order confirmation! I do not want "lit for little hands." Not sure why that version is even listed under the same book? Hoping my cancellation goes through but that will mean I will have to reorder everything :(

A classic

I can appreciate the classic.

Great condition!!!

I loved it! I got the book I was looking for, I had another version but this one was better! Thank you!!!

Old versions are the greatest

It came with no dustcover, which I think is much better, and in a cute small size :) 💘

Glad I ordered

Cheap and in good shape for the “acceptable” option

I love it.

Omg his book was the true meaning of perfection and I loved every bit of it. Along with the movie ❤️❤️

An absolute delight!

Beautifully written and realistic character interactions. Lovely charcters and Incredible character growth. An infinite classic.


I love this version of Pride and Prejudice, including the foreward by Meg Cabot. I am a huge fan of The Princess Diaries series, and Meg's witty introduction makes you so excited to read this novel. I just love how she talks about the book to movie adaptations, and how so much is left out or changed in the movies-so you have to read the book! Pride and Prejudice is just an amazing story and absolutely timeless. Jane Austen is fantastic.

Delightfully Perfect

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is one of the most delightful books I have ever read. It is the perfect blend of humor and romance, and every time I read it, I love it even more than I did the time before. Pride and Prejudice is the story of Elizabeth Bennet. She is one of five sisters with a rather silly mother whose only purpose in life is to marry off her daughters. With the exception of Elizabeth and sensible, good-hearted Jane, each sister is also remarkably silly in her own way. Because of her intelligence and wit, Elizabeth Bennet stands apart from the rest of her sisters. When Elizabeth first comes in contact with the proud Mr. Darcy at a town assembly, she isn't even considered handsome enough to tempt him to dance, even though she is reputed to be a local beauty. Throughout the novel Mr. Darcy is increasingly attracted to Elizabeth's intelligent and lively mind as well as her physical beauty while Elizabeth seems unaware of his increasing regard. Unfortunately, the lack of propriety among most of Elizabeth Bennet's family is a huge stumbling block to someone as proper and refined as Mr. Darcy. Pride and Prejudice, with its large cast of amusing characters, exposes the follies of human nature in the most humorous light. It is a novel I think anyone would be hard pressed not to enjoy.

Delightful version of P & P

This particular book is delightfully illustrated. I have three P & P books and this is the most treasured of all. Not only the novel itself is wonderful to read, but also the illustrations are beautiful to look at. It is a perfect gift for someone who owns a paperback version of P & P. A book is more than just a story. You will agree when you open this book.

It doesn't get better than this...

It doesn't get better than Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Whether you're the hopeless romantic or you just love the classics, you're going to love this book. Though I am only sixteen, I consider myself to be moderately well-read. I love reading, and, when I am between books, my life feels desolate and empty. One day, while in the most barren pit of ennui, I picked up Pride and Prejudice at my mother's recommendation. I do not ordinarily like my mother's taste in reading; her favorite books tend to be very dull, but so deep was my boredom that I succumbed to her suggestion. I wasn't displeased with what I found. I fell in love with the book at the first sentence. I brought my beloved book to the dinner table, to my classes and late into the night. I love everything about it. I love the characters; especially Elizabeth Bennet! I love the Victorian vernavular which works so well for this particular novel. I love the scintillating plot and the suspense created by knowing that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy should be together but their pride and prejudice (hence the title) are temporarily keeping them apart. The language that the novel is written in might be a little more difficult to read than contemporary literature, but once one gets accustomed to it, it makes the novel even more pleasurable. I cannot imagine Elizabeth or Darcy or Bingley or any of the other characters speaking any less eloquently; it would ruin the whole experience! The flowery language completes the whole effect of reading a Jane Austen novel. If a disgruntled female reader put down Pride and Prejudice, pick it back up! I strongly suggest it because it may prove to be tedious at first but if read again, it would probably read more easily. I can offer no suggestions to the male reader, however, because generally this book, in ever essence, is a female novel. I am not saying that men would definetly not enjoy it; I'm simply saying that I have yet to meet any male who has not addressed this book in a very vehement manner. I simply love this book in its entirety, and I know it won't be too long before I pick it up again. Jane Austen surely knew what she was doing when she wrote this one! Her Pride and Prejudice will always have an honored spot on my bookshelf.

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