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Paperback Points: The Most Practical Program Ever to Improve Your Self-Image Book

ISBN: 0931892740

ISBN13: 9780931892745

Points: The Most Practical Program Ever to Improve Your Self-Image

For those who truly want success and happiness, this is the best book available. It offers A to Z practical advice on how you can improve the quality of your life each and every day. This description may be from another edition of this product.


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The main point of this book is that the self-image is based on a summary of every action and thought you have ever had. The positive improves your self-image, the negative detracts from it. Every event results in positive or negative messages being sent to your subconscious. The subconscious tallies these messages and adds them to the messages already stored. You either receive points or lose them. The self-image is the sum of these points: POSITIVE POINTS MINUS NEGATIVE POINTS EQUALS SELF-IMAGE. Chapter 1, "Self-image and Success", tells that WE GET WHAT WE BELIEVE WE DESERVE: Winners win and losers lose. If you have a winning self-image, you will generally find a way to win. If you lose more than you win, improve your self-image and you will reverse this curse. Chapter 2 , "Self-Image and Points", states that here are no neutral events. Your every thought and action creates an opportunity for you to acquire self-esteem points. The conscious mind edits your actions and sends messages to your subconscious consistent with your belief system. In other words, your conscious mind determines whether your subconscious receives positive or negative messages. Your subconscious does not know if a message is positive or negative. It merely stores the messages and then tallies all messages in its own scoring system. Therefore a positive message sent from the conscious will offset a negative message already in the subconscious. Of course, a negative message will also offset an existing positive message. As you earn points it will be easier to acquire even more. Your subconscious will impel you to succeed, which in turn enables the conscious to send more positive messages to the subconscious. This is a form of compound interest on compound interest. Chapter 3, "Losing Points", affirms that it is impossible to completely hide a poor self-image. The greater point deficit one has, the worse the consequences. Low self-esteem manifests in many forms, from nervousness and a lack of success to the extreme of suicide. Be true to your conscience. It is your best guide to proper behavior. Evaluate your behavior to determine what you do to cost yourself points. Correct your behavior, and your life will improve. As you gain points, it will be easier to acquire even more, Your subconscious will impel you to succeed, which in turn will enable the conscious to generate more positive messages. This is a form of compound interest on compound interest. Chapter 4, "Gaining Points", states that your attitude controls more self-image points than does any other aspect of your life. A positive attitude will generate positive points. Winners practice winning in all their affairs. You are a winner if you keep your word, do the right thing, eat properly, avoid sugar, are honest, work hard, practice temperance, are friendly, behave properly, don't procrastinate, and have an attitude of gratitude. Life is more pleasant for winners. Success comes easily; they radiate health, power,

Self Esteem for Dummies

While other self-help books offer a spiritual get-rich-quick scheme, Points is more a guide to prudent investing.A lot of authors make you feel good only while you are reading their book. Soon after, you're out looking for another "feel good about yourself" fix. It is becuase they help you build an inflated self image that it bursts easily, leaving you back where you started.Dave offers a plan to solidly build a good self image based on taking stock of your actions. When you believe in your own self worth, it lasts, because it will be true.

This is a book to take with you into the new millennium!

The challenge of maintaining a positive self image and esteem into today's competitive environment is frightening. Points gives a step by step guide on how to positively reassess your perception of reality. Mr. Gustafson's practical business experience offered me a real approach to life versus a viewpoint from a health professional who may not be entirely aware what the business world is like today. This is real!

A warm and caring author!

While reading this book, I was captivated by the warmth and sincerity of its author. Mr. Gustafson seems to really care about the emotional and physical well-being of his audience. He definitely is one person, at whose feet I would sit, say in a park, and listen to him for hours.

The title is accurate. It works and it is practical!

This book matches the claims of its title. It offers practical steps to improve your self-image. I especially found the homespun wisdom something I could start doing right away. I keep the book on my nightstand and refer to it all the time.
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