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Paperback Zwarte beertjes 2478: Bloemen in de wind (Zwarte beertjes Thriller) Book

ISBN: 9044924788

Zwarte beertjes 2478: Bloemen in de wind (Zwarte beertjes Thriller)

(Book #2 in the Dollanganger Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Winds of change rock the Dollanganger kids

Sequels are a tough nut to crack. Especially when the original source material is as revered as Flowers In The Attic. And yet, with Petals On The Wind, V.C. Andrews achieved the near-impossible. Despite the sequel being completely different from the work which came before, it retains the same spirit and tone. Chris, Cathy and Carrie have finally escaped the horrors of the attic... and yet life will not be simple for them, as the attic has left a harsh impression upon them. Chris finds it impossible to move beyond the unholy love born in the attic. Cathy burns with a desire for revenge against those who took so much from her. And Carrie... well, let's just say the fates aren't kind to poor Carrie. As with most of the early works by VC Andrews, the tone is most definitely gothic. The descriptions are lush and lavish, and lust often permiates the air... especially whenever nubile young Cathy, our narrator, begins speaking of her sensual exploits. To say that Cathy has a well-defined sense of self and sensuality would be an understatement, to be certain! Perhaps the best reason to read Petals On The Wind is to finally know the answer to the age-old question any good book (aka Flowers In The Attic) leaves the reader asking: What happened next?

Fantastic Sequel to Flowers in the Attic

After three years, four months, and sixteen days, Cathy, Chris, and Carrie Dollanganger have escaped Foxworth Hall. "Petals on the Wind" begins with the three children on a bus destined for Florida. However, their travels are cut short because of Carrie's poor health. They are assisted by a mute woman (Henrietta Beech) who takes them to her boss, Dr. Paul Sheffield, their soon-to-be guardian.The three children have a new chance at a "normal" childhood. They attend school, and Cathy and Chris even begin pursuing their personal goals: Cathy joins a ballet school; Chris later enters medical school.At her ballet practices, Cathy meets Julian Marquet, the son of her instructor. He is attracted to Cathy and pursues her until she agrees to marry him. All the while, Cathy is torn between these three men: her older brother Chris who never abandoned his love for her since they left Foxworth Hall; her much older guardian Paul who becomes her first lover; and Julian, her abusive new husband, who she married out of desperation rather than love. One of them fathers her first son Jory.Carrie, on the other hand, doesn't have as much success as her older siblings. She's constantly teased by her classmates because of her short size and large head, which makes her become more withdrawn and miserable. Then one last encounter with her mother leaves Carrie on the brink of suicide.Throughout the book, Cathy strikes out at Corrine, trying to ruin her mother's life any way she can. At the height of her revenge, Cathy steals her mother's husband away from her, becomes pregnant by him with her second son (Bart Jr), and publicly announces her imprisonment in Foxworth Hall."Petals on the Wind" is the second book in the Dollanganger series, preceded by "Flowers in the Attic" and followed by "If There Be Thorns", "Seeds of Yesterday", and "Garden of Shadows".This was the first V. C. Andrews book I ever read and is still my favorite. If no other Dollanganger books had followed this one, I would have been satisfied with the series. As far as I'm concerned, "Flowers in the Attic" and "Petals on the Wind" are the only two books worth reading in the Dollanganger series. Although the other three all have their significance to the Foxworth-Dollanganger storyline, I was only interested in the lives of Cathy, Chris, and Carrie; no other characters captured my interest very much. Also, for being a sequel, "Petals on the Wind" is very successful and true. The effects of their imprisonment in the attic are life-long scars: Carrie's dwarfism; Chris's desire for Cathy; Cathy's bitterness. If you've read "Flowers in the Attic", "Petals on the Wind" is a must-read. It's the aftermath of the children's stay in the attic and how they choose to forget or remember what happened.


The second book in the thrilling Flowers in the Attic saga. After years of torture and suffering in the Attic of Foxworth Hall Cathy, Chris, and Carrie are finally free (!), but the twisted story doesn't end there. After a long trip they are forced to go to a doctor when Carrie becomes violently ill. This is where they meet Dr. Paul Sheffeild who soon takes them into his home when he hears their unfortunate story. Cathy continues to persue her dream of becoming a prima ballerina and winds in and out of various relationships. After her dancing partner and lover, Julian, dies she goes to Barthomelow Winslow to have him get money from Julian's life insurance. After a few run-ons she decides to move next to him and make him fall in love with her as she gets revenge on her mother. (finally) One word for this book : WOW! It was very exiting. I couldn't put it down. If you want to see what happens to the Dollanger family and want to see Cathy give some serious payback to their selfish mother read this book! If you like horror, romance, and a dash of suspence rolled up in one, go for V.C. Andrews. But be sure to read Flowers in the Attic before this one or you may be left in the dark. Then you may move on to the next book,If There be Thorns, which only gets crazier!


he leido toda la serie y aunque no es el mejor de todos se podria decir que es bastante bueno, es muy diferente a la historia de flores en el atico, este es casi todo lo contrario en el primero todo era muy inocente y en este todo se torna erotismo y traicion, en donde todo les ocurre algo increible e interesante cosas que jamas pense que les iba a ocurrir es una historia inpredesible, nunca se sabe si la va a pasar esto o aquello pero en realidad es muy buena pero le doy 4 estrellas porque no es el mejor libro que e ledo y no lo puedo comparar con otros mucho mejores

The Christmas Climax at Foxworth Hall

I never dreamed V.C. Andrews could write another book as wonderfully eerie as Audrina's disfunctional family, but Cathy in Petals on the Wind is so real! Although she feels a need for such revenge, I loved the Christmas Climax at Foxworth Hall when her mother is confronted and even Bart Winslow sides with Cathy! I feel that Bart was the dark, handsome man Cathy always dreamed of...I didn't like her marriage to Julian at all...and thought it inappropriate for her to marry her guardian, Paul. In the end, I'm glad it seems that she and Chris and her two sons, Jory and Bart will lead a normal life of happiness. I felt Cathy's revenge on the invalid grandmother was a bit gruesome and harsh, but the book is the most exciting one I've ever read... full of unexpected outcomes!
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