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Paperback The Pagan Family: Handing the Old Ways Down Book

ISBN: 0875422101

ISBN13: 9780875422107

The Pagan Family: Handing the Old Ways Down

A welcome guide in the homes of the growing numbers of Pagan parents. Pagans who wish to celebrate their religion as a family will find a wealth of tips and ideas for activities that teach children about Paganism -- as well as ritual guidelines for birthdays, seasonal celebrations, coming of age, weddings, divorce, death and births. Maintain your children's interest in Paganism with rituals that speak to them.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The best family pagan book out there!

This is absolutely the best book for raising children in pagan traditions there is!!! It is non-denomination specific, but is highly spiritual. The content is superb - not fluffy, as I've found some pagan family type books to be. There is a stronger spiritual component to this book than any other on the market. It includes at least one very kid-friendly ritual for each Sabbat. These rituals are not the type you'd come across in a Circle; there's no circle casting, direction-calling, Charges made etc. The simplicity of these rituals is striking; they are beautiful and poignant and perfect for adapting into the family tradition (especially if you have little ones). They are simply brilliant and elegant. It also includes rituals for the Full, Dark and New Moons, which are equally as beautiful, as well as Rite of Passage, Hand-fasting and Passing Over rituals. It includes a wealth of information on the daily inclusion of spirituality into our homes - from daily prayers to the morning, meal prayers, nighttime prayers, to ways of honouring household spirits and guardians (indeed, a ritual for calling one) and how to add a spiritual/pagan element to the celebration of birthdays. It also includes teaching activities for children. It is a shame that this gem of a book is out of print. But I urge you, it is well worth getting. I've looked through all the pagan parenting books on the market and have no hestitation on recommending this as the best one out there!

Celebrations for the WHOLE FAMILY! Wonderful book!!

This was the first book I ever bought on Paganism and I still think it's the best I have. Even though I was just curious when I bought it and had never even seriously considered a pagan lifestyle. I found it to be a beautifully written book and I loved it's message. Thus, I become hooked on paganism. It has allowed me to celebrate pagan ways with my family and friends in a beautiful and down to earth way. None of the humbo jumbo rituals as in some books I've read. I really like the way the book addresses not only important events in the pagan year but important events in the life of a family such as births, deaths, marriages, coming of age, and more. In fact, my husband and I took many ideas from this book and incorporated them into our wedding. Our Christian guests didn't even realize they were at a pagan wedding and many commented that it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever been to (a real compliment to true pagan beliefs and values). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Mr. Serith keeps writing more wonderful books.


I was looking for a religion to raise my children in. I was attracted to Paganism, but I held off because I couldn't find any family-oriented material. When I found this book, I knew my search was over. Thank you Mr. Serith!

A fantastic book for a Pagan Family

This is an amazingly thorough book on how to have a complete family tradition of pagan worship. I could recommend it to any pagan parent or anyone thinking to become one. Mr Serith seems very knowledgeable on his subject matter, and has an easy to read style. I have a borrowed copy of this book and I truly hope I can get one of my own. It is worth every cent of it's price and then some. Buy it, you'll never regret it.....

Gather the kiddies....

There aren't many books designed with the entire Pagan family in mind. However, of those out there..this is the best! The rituals are absolutely beautiful and they allow the children to take a big part in them (and have fun)! I highly recommend this book for all families with at least one person following a Pagan path!
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